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Wu-Tang RTD-Chapter3[NEW]

Submitted: 6 years ago (07.17.2009) | Views: 31,835

The Myth of Ghost

Part I.
You will receive a windgram to return to Wu Tang Shan. It’s signed ‘Three Birds’. You need actually to go see Xu Sanzhao in Bayiun Village in WTS.

Part II.
Talk to her to hear. She will act all mysterious and will agree to say more if you kill bears for her. You need to bring her 10 bear skins.

Part III.
Go for Brown Bears only. Bring her the bear skins and listen to another part of the complicated love story, then talk to the Taoist who also spawned there and back and forth between the two for a while.

Part IV.
When they are done, go to Wu Tang Shan and talk to Cuifeng to finish the quest and get some reward.
A Hero is Always a Hero

Part I.
Go back to Jinan. Talk to Constable Jiang Shibai of Nianjing Village, who’ll just send you to the tavern girl again.

Part II.
After talking to her, the Taoist will spawn, talk to him too, then go look for a Mysterious Woman outside the village, right south of the gate.

Part III.
She will give you a relic (supposedly the weapon used by Nocturnal Sorceress, if you remember her) and disappear, ending the quest.
The Identity of the Ghost

Part I.
Talk to Cuifeng, then to Caiyun (the girl selling clan clothes) who will send you to Severing Sword – you find him outside the clan’s gates.

Part II.
Go to the Village to talk to the old man, who will send you to Hefei to look for the beggar Thousand Eyes, Thousand Hands (next to the wandering peddler).

Part III.
The beggar tells you to go to Zhengzhou, at Twin Dragons to find Severing Sword who will get mad and leave, ending the quest.
The Miracle Medicine of the Hwa-San Clan

Go to Jinan, to the tavern girl in Nanjiang again, who will inform you about a duel taking place at the entrance to the valley of hell between Severing Sword and a rival. Go kill the quest mob you’ll find among the Blind Demon Scouts – Blind Sword Demon Sabul.
Return to Nanchiang to meet Severing Sword again, who has been poisoned. He will send you to Hefei.
Meet the beggar Thousand Eyes, Thousand Hands. Who will give you letters for the Doctors in Wuan (Zhengzhou) and Tiantan (Jinan)

The Treasure of Death Valley

Go to Wuan first, talk to the Doctor at the Clinic, then go to Twin Dragons to meet Female Monk Yizheng.
Hidden Face Devil is Dream Faced Buddha in CoF. You need to do a CoF run. Up to six people in the party can do it for the quest at the same time, as there will be 6 pots spawning between the entrances to the loot rooms after you defeat the second form of Meng Mian and you only need to break one. Yizheng will have given you three purple passes. Return to her once you have done the CoF run to end the quest.
The Death Valley of Hell

Go to the Doctor of Tiantan in Jinan. He will give you three VoH passes (purple). Do a VoH run. After defeating the second form of Mei San-He (called Brutal with No Mercy in the quest), six chests will spawn in about the same place as the pots for the previous quest. Again, six people can do this at the same time.

Return with the medicine to the Doctor in Tiantan, who will tell you what to do next. First, go to Wu Tang Shan to give one of the medicines to Caiyun.

Take the second medicine to Severing Sword in Nanjiang in Jinan, then return to Wu Tang Shan and talk to Caiyun again. She will send you to Master Tanxiang who will reward you with a new clan relic and a new epi, ending the quest.

Some People’s Whereabouts

You receive a windgram message from Xu Sanzhao in the village in Wu Tang Shan. Go talk to him. He will send you to Bloody Plains. Talk to the Keeper in the White Safety to end this quest.

Stormy Arrow

Talk to the Keeper of Bloody Plains in White Safety, then head to the Cave of the Conqueror. The “clue” you need for the quest you will find by defeating the mob called Deadly Swing Mae Sung, among the Shadow Blades of Secret Flower (the last stretch of them before the Shao mobs begin).

Go to the entrance to CC to talk to the Taoist and he will send you to kill another mob, Stormy Arrow. You will find them among the Secret Meditation of Shaolin mobs, before the long descending corridor.

Kill him, return to the Taoist at the entrance and he will send you to the second floor of CC to look for an NPC. You will find him right after you pass through the doors to CC2.

He will send you to Hefei to the General Goods Merchant to retrieve a piece of meat for him. Return with it to the beggar in CC2

He will then ask you to retrieve a medicine bottle from the Earthen Soldiers. Just pass through the doors back to CC1 and kill Infantry mobs until you get the drop. Take it to the beggar who will send you back to the entrance to the Taoist.

Go back to Wu Tang Shan to Xu Sanzhao in the Village to end the quest.


Blooming after One Thousand Days

Shaolin Pole - GB10 (?)

You will receive a windgram message sending you to the Cave of the Conqueror to look for some missing Wu Tang members.

Go to CC4 and right after you descend the stairs you find the quest NPC. (the ‘tnx a lot ) in the screen shot goes to ghhztt whom I asked to step aside to take the screenie, so… tnx)

The mob you must kill is to the right, among the Merciless Spears of the Brotherhood, after the first and before the second trap. Return to the Shaolin NPC, who will send you to the Keeper in the White Safety Zone to end the quest.

The Battle over small things

Talk to the Keeper in the White Safety Zone. He will tell you to descend to CC3 to look for the missing Wu Tang members. Find the first one in CC3, among the Elite infantry mobs. As you come from the Glaivemen, enter at the fourth 'door' from the corridor (2 & 3 leading deeper inside towards the CC4 entry). Tnx ZaTaliban for telling me where those NPCs were in CC.

Go towards CC4 and right before the entrance find the second brother.

Enter CC4 and find the body of the third brother at the foot of the stairs. After interacting with it, talk to the surviving brother who spawned there.

Go inform the other brother in the room with the Elite Infantry (the first one you talked to in the quest).

He will send you to Wu Tang Shan to talk with Xuanxuan, Truist of Wu Tang to end the quest.

after you find those people you get a wind gram, to go talk to the old man (master Tiaxing)

he tells you ... then you go talk to the girl cuifeng she asks you about the 3 monks stading next to her, and you talk to them for a few time. (back and forth)

monks are not showing but they are there =), there should be a few quests here to tlak to one of the monks in the pond of clarity, it is all in the same map just expand and you will see.

after that go speak with master Xuanxuan, i think he tells you to go talk to the guard in BP again. as the monks are going back into CC again.

you finish a quest there and re start a new one with the guard, where he tells you to go to CC3 looking for the monks.

go to CC3 where you saw that 1st Wu tang, in the 4th room with the elite mobs.
he tells you to go to the 2nd wu tang the one near the 4th floor entrance.

in Turn he tells you go go talk to a Wu-tang in CC4 near the Spear man, just past that trap (bodyguards side)

once you are done with him i think his mission is to kill a beggar in there, just keep walking towards the other side (where there is wu tang evil warriors (there should be a few quest mobs there between the HB and WT mobs. (look for the beggar)

I guess kill the mob and talk to that guy again. complete mission and go back to wu tang Base.

You either get a wind gram of just a continuation of the quest, but go back to Wu tang base and talk to a monk near cuifeng

going back to WU tang you will see the same monk; your buddy =) he tells you some more stuff and gives you a drawing.

talk to cuifeng again she will give you another one i think.

Talk to XuanXuan he will laugh and finish his quest turn around and you should see a ? question mark near a tree I think that is another NPC but couldn't tell.

Talk to the character and you finish this quest with Xuanxuan again.

and then complete the entire quest RTD by talkting to the old and again, you masteries will be reset and your chi also.
and do be eager to spend all your mastery points in the basic mastery look on took for new tabs there is a ton of new masteries to add you precious little points. =)

P.S. oh and i almost forgot as you are completing these quests you keep getting this items with are a whole new set of wu tang vest including a 4 pockets shirt and pants with tons of add on to it (like 180 def, 1/1000 ve back 10% speed ...etc...

*********** ^,,^ Thx alot ^,,^ *********
[not]=İs my guide-- not copy and paste

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Wu-Tang RTD-Chapter3[NEW]
Wu-Tang RTD-Chapter3[NEW]
Wu-Tang RTD-Chapter3[NEW]

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