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PWI Refine Hack

Perfect World International Refine Hack youtube tutorial | Submitted: 8 months ago (08.04.2013) | Views: 1,172


NOTE: This is for Perfect World International Server, other server may not work.


After almost 2 years using this this tool, and get some money(game money aka useless money) from refine services. Now i try to make real money by realese my Refine Hack.
You can get this tool for $500 (ofc after you try it). If you think this is free or cheap, then go to hell.
Before you decide to buy this tool, you can try it by downloading the trial version.
The trial version of this tool have some limitation, you can only refine to +5 for 3 gears only with trial version.
The full version, can only be use for 1 char, its mean you buy for 1 char and 1 computer, if you want to use for other char, you still have to pay it for other char(i will not let you buy and resell this tool, everyone know the reason why).
The payment system are pesonal, i try to avoid feral copy of this tool, i hope you guys understand.
If you wish to buy, send me an email, ill call you after i recive your mail (the price may change during negotiation).

How To Use:
1. Download the trial version, extract to wherever you want.
2. Open Perfect World International client, make sure you are ready near Elder before you open the tool. (it work only if you are using Elder as refine provider, not work for other NPC like Teritory Officer, or special NPC like Aged Deity, only use Elder.).
3. Open "Refine Hack.exe". type your character and click hook.
4. Now you are ready to refine. just make sure to press {CTRL} key during refining.
5. After you done refining, dont equip refined gear yet, close the tool and pass the gear to your alt(or relog if the gear not treadable), after you do that, you can equip the gear.

Full Version
Price $500

Trial Version
Price Free
Limitation Maximum +5 on 3 gears

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PWI Refine Hack Video

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