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Twelve Sky Game Information

Twelve Sky is a 3D martial arts online game where players can realize their dream of mastering martial arts. The hell like world of 12 sky is called Jianghu where life and death, blood and romance coexist and the strong prey of the weak.

Twelve sky has an oriental fantasy plot with full 3D oriental background and characters with naturally displayed kung fu moves and three types of attacks upper part attack, middle part attack and lower part attack.

There are three factions the good, the evil and the devil. Twelve Sky Characters have four basic attributes: dexterity determines hits and escapes, Strength which determines attack power, vitality determines health points and defense, and inner force determines inner force points and attack power.
Twelve Sky quests types: assassination, people search, treasure hunting, mail delivery and killing players of the opposite faction

Twelve Sky Battle System
Twelve Sky features a battle system both solo players and party players. Hitting your opponent with one of the 3 attacks will result in different death animations. Monsters are a bit easier to defeat in Twelve Sky than in most other MMORPG games.

The battle system is based on the mastery of various martial art skills. Players earn Skill points after attaining a new level which can be used to learn new moves or master the ones they already have have. Not all skills are combat based. for example Ninja's must learn to leap from rooftop to rooftop to avoid detection, or cross chasms to reach advanced areas.

There are three martial arts factions (also sometimes referred to as "clans" or "races") in Twelve Sky, namely the Guanyin, the Fujin, and the Jinong. These factions are constantly in conflict. A player must choose among the three factions when creating a new character so he or she can participate in bloody RvR battles against other factions. Since the game is centered on battles among the factions, you cannot create a character of different faction unless you erase all of your existing characters of the opposing faction first!

Guanyin - The Guanyin is a well balanced clan. Noble in heart, they are often underestimated by those who think they do not have the will to be devastating fighters. However, they're the most well balanced fighters when compared to the other factions. Proficient in all weapons, the Guanyin are just as well suited with a blade as they are with using their fists.

Fujin- The Fujin is the master of the double-edged swords. While they have the lowest defense, health, and chi when compared to other factions, they can wear the most powerful armor. They are also the fastest among the three factions, making them very desirable.

Jinong - The Jinong is by far the strongest of all the factions. Their damage increases dramatically according to strength, and the difference becomes huge as they level up. In terms of stats alone, they are the most powerful characters! While mighty as the ox, the Jinong is slow of foot when it comes to running. To supplement this drawback, the Jinong actually have a special form of martial arts that increases their speed.
Servers Include Devotion Serenity Vengeance

Sacred Animal System: Pets provide benefits to players.

Mini Games: Explore various mini games such as the Nangi Track and Hexahedron.