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New Account Bypass Country Block

Submitted: 11 years ago (02.07.2009) | Views: 2,519


This is a guide on how to make a new 2Moons account if your not from the Usa or Canada using 'Yourfreedom' as proxy.


Step 1: Register for yourfreedom.

Go here and register for yourfreedom Your Freedom: User registration

Step 2: Download yourfreedom.

You can download yourfreedom from the download In the side panel

Step 3: Install yourfreedom.

Should be no problem here, just install it somewhere on your pc.

Step 4: Selecting a yourfreedom server.

This is maybe the tricky part. How to select an American yourfreedom server.

First go to configure.

Then go to wizard:

Then just press next until you get to this screen:
Make sure you select a server with country code US. If u u don\'t do this, it will not work of course.

Just press next and your done!

Step 5 Making sure your browser uses yourfreedom.

Go to applications in the main yourfreedom window and check the right check boxes. I advise to use a browser other then the one you are using to view this guide. for example if you normally use Firefox to surf check internet explorer, or not, its your call :)

After that restart the browser your gonna use for registering.

Step 6 Starting the connection

Now press start connection in the main screen. There maybe some pop ups in the program saying that u cant use it for P2P programs, just ignore those and press OK.

If everything worked out right, the little door picture in the program should now be open, like on this screen shot.

Step 7 Check if the browser uses yourfreedom

Go to connection options in your browser, I will show how it should look like in Firefox.

after that go to to check if your browser is using yourfreedom. The ip from the website should be the same as the ip of yourfreedom.

Step 8: Register!!

Now point your browser to the 2Moons site of acclaim and press register!!
2Moons - Free Fantasy MMORPG

Note: You can also use this program to tunnel 2Moons through a firewall, if you want to play at school/college If they have blocked the way.

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