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MMOBro v1 Beta has been recommended

MMOBro v1 Beta

Submitted: 10 years ago (10.18.2009) | Thanks: 13 | Views: 106,513


mmoBro release free aion bot.


mmoBro is a free bot for the NCSoft game "Aion Online".
Thanks for choosing mmoBro!

* It doesn't require Aion to be the active window.
* It is written in C# so you'll need .Net 3.5 sp1
* Aion version

mmoBro apparently got on someones nerves at NCSoft and they added it to a process watch list. At the time of this post this process watching only happens if you are reported ingame by another player. To beat this simply open Launcher and mmoBro will be launched with a random name or a name of your choosing.

System OS:
Windows XP x86, x64
Windows Vista x86, x64
Windows 7 x86, x64

Aion Clients
US Client
EU Client
RU Client [none due to bug]

Default Mode (no class file):
Put a macro with your skills for pulling and fighting in slot 1
Example Macro:
Bot Set at:

slot 1 macro:
/delay 5
/Skill Ferocious Strike I
/delay 2
/Skill Rage I
/delay 2
/Skill Weakening Severe Blow I
/delay 2
/Skill Shield Defense I
/delay 5
/Skill Ferocious Strike I
/delay 2
/Skill Robust Blow I
/delay 18

Class Files:
Simply pick the class file you wish to use in the right top corner. Or create your own with class creator.
For detailed instructions >> CLICK HERE <<

Default Key Bindings:
Loot = KEY_6 [6]
Rest = KEY_COMMA [,]
Target = KEY_TAB [Tab]
Rotate [View opposite angle] = KEY_MBUTTON [middle mouse button]
Attack = KEY_1 [1]

Known issues discussed >> HERE <<
Having a problem: Read the FAQ

Release Notes:
* Added Aion v1.9.0.1 support
* Completely changed the Voodoo structure to allow for all games and to allow for process selection (multi-boxing).

* Removed Loot timing issue
* added target timing option to advanced options
* fixed something else.

* Resolved Steal Kills Bug

* Re-added intelligent looting.
* Launcher asks to update now.
* minor bug fixes.

* Fixed MaxMP and MP switch up.

* Updated for aion v1.5.1.14
* Smart Loot closing removed until offset discovered.

* Made Entity List immediate, this helps with player detection. (Because i love you guys)

* Resolved EntityList issue that was causing multiple issues
* Began work on gathering mode

* Fixed issues with memory reading that were causing random errors
* Fixed issue with immediate lockup if mmoBro wasn't running
* New ads found but this isn't a code change.

* Fixed multiple major bugs
* Resolved multiple crashes
* Added better loot functioning (detecting loot window open but no loot taken)
* Added Ad (donators will soon lose this ad and not be forced to on close)
* other minor changes

* Automatically gathers information
* Resting verifies that it is in fact sitting
* Added Class/State for player
* Added Class/State/Type for target

* Fixed more issues with stopping/starting bot
* Fixed more issues with stability
* Alt / Ctrl / Shift working
* Automatic Updates returned to Launcher
* Other stability fixes

* Fixed crash on stop/start
* Other minor bug fixes

* Fixed crash on 'stop botting'
* Fixed crash on closing.
* Fixed Foreground mode (maybe)

* works with aion v1.5.11.0

v1.3.4.2 codename "Stone Werewolf"
* Fixed Divide by zero caused during looting.
* Minor fixes
* Removed class creator v2 code (reduced size by half)
* Added party and entity list code (none running)

v1.3.4.1 codename "Stone Werewolf"
* Changed Stuck detection
* Changed key method back to original
* Changed target time to fix minor issue
* Changed rotate time to 500ms - 1500ms
* Launcher just renames, no more auto-updates until i move to the better internet.

v1.3.4.0 codename "Stone Werewolf"
* Change to loot timing.
* Change to distance detection.
* Added auto-update.
* Re-organized folder layout.
* Launcher has the option to launch with a specific name.
* Small size because you only have launcher use it.
* Other minor fixes

v1.3.3.5 codename "Lightning Werewolf"
* Possible fix for 255 error from visual thread
* better error notes from visual thread.
* Updated stuck detection to be smarter

v1.3.3.4 codename "Lightning Werewolf"
* Changed AutoDetectSkillUse a little
* Changed Loot to use old method and a little bit of the new method.
* Fixed some errors with logging
* Fixed issues with NCLauncher.exe (it works again).

v1.3.3.3 codename "Lightning Werewolf"
* Fixed instant crash
* Fixed target not being read properly
* Wait before rest also waits after loot.

v1.3.3.2 codename "Lightning Werewolf"
* Changed memory reading which resolved invalid cast on launch error.
* Bot functions refactored, hopefully bug free.
* Changed class folder to "Classes" as opposed to "mmoBro Classes"
* Changed name.dat to name.ini and removed encryption, changed to xml.
* To rename mmoBro to chrome.exe simply run NCLauncher then close the randomly named window, now open name.ini and change the string to chrome.exe. rename the randomly named .exe to chrome.exe.
* Working entity list unimplemented until further testing can be done.
* Various other bug fixes

v1.3.3.1 codename "Lightning Werewolf"
* Added random target timing during rotation (for better monster finding possible)
* Fixed issue with loot not being 10 second and 2 second exit times.

v1.3.3.0 codename "Lightning Werewolf"
* Tinkered with looting timers.
* Resolved issue with attacking level 1 monsters during resting.
* Resolved issue with log stating wrong numbers on stuck detection
* Resolved issue with rest after not finding monster number being wrong
* Added better Steal kill detection
* Added Return to Home Key
* Added Return to Home on loot being full
* Added more detailed error logging when crashing on start
* Minor other changes

v1.3.2.2 codename "Hans Werewolf"
* Fixed Disabled configuration setting.

v1.3.2.1 codename "Hans Werewolf"
* Fixed Advanced Options issue.

v1.3.2 codename "Hans Werewolf"
* Resolved "Wait before Rest" not displaying loading
* Resolved attacking level 1 monsters because they were considered "aggro".
* Resolved crash after death.
* Resolved Player name not showing properly.
* Added name changed auto-close
* Added "Use normal attack when mob has less than [Enter Value] health"
* Added Attack Key to Key Config
* Added "Wait [Enter Value] seconds before restarting attack if no damage is being done."
* Added "Wait [Enter Value] seconds before quitting attack if no damage is being done."
* Added "Use Heals During Followup Skills" checkbox
* Added "Number of times to look for mob before resting: [Enter Value]"
* Resolved other minor bugs.

v1.3.1 codename "Logan Werewolf"
* Added Slots and Max Slots to main Tab
* Added tool tips to all items on config page.
* Loot now stops looting once cube is full.
* Smart Loot added loots for 2 seconds even if cube is full to try to get kinah.
* Added wait before rest, this is for aggro fighters, before sitting it will look for aggro for 1/2 a second.
* Removed Statistics since it was crashing on people.
* Bot doesn't pressed esc when targetting isn't a good monster for certain things...

v1.3.0.3 codename "Spiritual Werewolf"
*Added support for russian client running under x86
- NCSoft added a rootkit, this bypasses it
- Take 3 [hopefully resolved]

v1.3.0.2 codename "Spiritual Werewolf"
*Added support for russian client running under x86
- NCSoft added a rootkit, this bypasses it

v1.3.0.1 codename "spiritual werewolf"
*Heal skills fix
*Key presses switched back to the old method that was more stable
*Added Key checking
-Only sends key presses in background mode when you the user isn't pressing or holding Shift/Alt/Ctrl... be warned this means that if you hold down shift for 20 minutes the bot will be sitting there for 20 minutes crying...

v1.3 codename "Werewolf"
*Launch using NCLauncher
*Statistics (by drin)
*Adding key bindings to set key editing form.
*More threads for information gathering.
*Comment all code
*Distance Checking
*Stuck detection
*Loot detection instant
*Looting is faster
*Aggro detection during resting is quick quick quick
*Better aggro detection
*Auto file renaming and process renaming for detection protection.

v1.2.4.22 FINAL
*Fixed for v1.5.1.7 Aion
*Added command line argument for renaming (still need to rename file manually)
-n [name]
-name [name]
these are the available command line arguments.

v1.2.4.21 FINAL
* Fixed target name

v1.2.4.20 FINAL
* Fixed closing issue
* Complete Rebuild

v1.2.4.19 RC Master
* Possible fix for skills out of sync (order).
* Possible fix for "value" minimum maximum issue
* Fix for logging (log goes backwards now, no scrolling, cpu usage dropped.)
* Updated for Aion v1.5.1.4

v1.2.4.18 RC Master
* Fixed Foreground issue, stops bot before setting topmost.

v1.2.4.17 RC Master
* Profiles are now re-usable again.
* Fixed class creator issues.
- No remove arrow
- Followup skill arrows appearing under special case

v1.2.4.16 RC Gold
* Fixed some logging issues that were confusing some people

v1.2.4.15 RC
* Fixed issue with profiles loading

v1.2.4.14 beta
* Fixed minor heal skill issue in class creator

v1.2.4.13 beta
* Fixed minor followup skill issue in class creator

v1.2.4.12 beta
* Reduced size of mmoBro to 304KB (unzipped) from 1.34 MB
- Issue with icon size
* Minor profile bug

v1.2.4.11 beta
* Fixed class creator issues
* File > Close works now
* File > Minimize works now
* Fixed issues with monster alive and selected
* Added 1.5 second delay before looting.
* Profiles are now "intelligent", delete your old profile.

v1.2.4.10 beta
* Fixed various issues in class creator.
* Refractor and code cleanup (10 nanoseconds per skill gained!)
* Fixed crash on start
* Fixed error for bot running forever on crash on start
* Added Waypoint config to the profiles
* Minor other fixes

v1.2.4.9 beta
* Fixed Loot issue due to no pause.
* Fixed Issue with class creator when clicked edit with no class selected.
* Added ignore if rest type option
* Class creator allows followup skills
* Added Death Detection
* Added Close aion on death option
* Added Profiles done (just 1 for now but adding them will come soon)

v1.2.4.8 beta
* Fixed Stop issue, will now actually stop! (hopefully!)
* Added XP bar
* Added current distance from target
* Minor other changes
* Bugs discussed > here

v1.2.4.7 beta
* Fixed issue with rotation due to new option
* Fixed issue with background/foreground option not coming back to available after bot stopped

v1.2.4.6 beta
* Fixed threading issue
* Fixed Table continually adding class info issue
* Added number of fails before rotate

v1.2.4.5 beta
* Fixed during combat heals and mana regen issue with waiting without casting
* Added Class key config display
- For all those users getting class files from others, under Key Config when a class is loaded a table is loaded with the skill names, and keys for each skill this should make it more clean to those of you who don't know the key bar setup.
* Moved class creator to the menu, and added edit
* Moved select class to the top to allow global event usage
* Added Skill DP support
* Minor bug fixes

v. beta
* Minor bug fixes

v1.2.4.3 beta
* Fixed cast time issue
- If a skill doesn't cast right simply change it to false in class creator where it says "UseAutoDetectSkill" beta
* Fixed key config not loading (text not changing)
* Re-added background mode
* Added Ctrl, Shift, Alt to background mode (un-tested) beta
* Fixed looting issue

1.2.4 beta
* Fixed certain named monsters not being able to be attacked.
* Added Foreground keyboard mode
* Temporarily removed background keyboard mode.
* Ctrl, shift, Alt offsets work.
* Shift hotbar for each skill available.
* Minor Bug fixes

1.2.3 beta
* Added auto cast time detection
* Added better aggro detection
* Fixed key sending (should solve looting)
* Added radius
-Your starting point is gathered at bot start and then the radius is from that point.
* Fixed minor bugs
* Known bugs are discussed > mmoBro • View topic - Known v1.2.3 Issues

1.2.2 beta
* fixed stop issue
* fixed key config display changing keys wrong
* minor bug fixes beta
* fixed issue with running
* fixed issue with mob not losing hp
* fixed minor issues beta
* fixed issue with targeting self
* fixed issue with switching monsters mid-combat
* likely to of broken monster not losing hp (verify)
* fixed heal during combat for mana and hp

1.2.1 beta
* Fixed timers for skill usage
* Added possible solution for mob detection during resting (please verify)
* Added Support for all skill types, before attack, buff, during attack, during attack heal, ect
* Fixed looting slightly (waits to loot for 10 seconds before saying forget it)
* Fixed never standing after resting (check this)
* Fixed issue for users with more than 8GB of RAM
* Rotates and deselects target if it fails to attack for 30 seconds
* Minor Bug Fixes
* Minor Bug Creation (gotcha give myself something to do)

v1.2 alpha
* Complete refactoring
* Class creator done and "functional"

v1.1.12 beta
* Logging
* Permanent fix for mob switching.
* Updated for Aion update.
* Class Creator 35% complete.

v1.1.11 beta
* Temporary fix for switching mobs mid-combat. [before it would stop attacking after 60 seconds, i didn't realize it took longer for anyone to kill a mob]
- If mob is unhurt for 20 seconds restart attacking.
- If mob is unhurt for 60 seconds quit and move on.
* Key settings available but not completed don't plan on it working 100%
* Class creator started but unavailable.

v1.1.10 beta
* Major resting bug with issue of logic...resting should be resolved.

v1.1.9 beta
* Another minor resting bug (100% failure)

v1.1.8 beta
* resolved minor rest issue

v1.1.7 beta
* Fixed resting to watch both HP and MP.

v1.1.6 beta:
* added rotation as [.] period
* fixed stealing kills bug

v1.1.5 beta:
* fixed button sending (find mob and attack and looting)

v1.1.4 beta:
* Made it prettier

v1.1.3 beta:
* Resolved stopping issue
* Added UI features
* Resolved Instant Crash

v1.1 beta:
* Graphics added

v1 beta:
* Initial release

In Russian: Thanks to dredik
Инструкция по запуску бота mmoBro v1.3.4.5.

Скачиваем архив. Распаковываем в любую папку. Запускаем Launcher.exe.

Нажимаем кнопку Launch.

Перед нами появляется окно бота.

Profile - оставляем без изменений

Class – выбор макроса для исполнения ботом. Об этом подробнее в Class Creator.

Начнем настройку со второй закладки Key Config.

Loot key – клавиша лута

Rest key – клавиша отдыха

Target Key – клавиша смены цели (не меняем, пусть будет TAB)

Rotate Key – клавиша разворота (не меняем пусть будет скроллболл на мышке)

Attack Key – клавиша атаки (не меняем)

Return to town key – клавиша возврата в город (не пользуемся)

Далее справа мы видим два варианта Foreground и Background – выбираем Foreground (окно AION будет главным, это требуется для разворотов)

Ниже мы видим список клавиш которые используются нашим героем. О них подробнее будем разговаривать в теме про Class Creator.

Переходим к следующей закладке Config.

Steal kills – выкл. Разрешает атаковать мобов с неполным ХП

Use Standart attack when target hp% - выключаем

Loot – вкл

Smart loot – вкл. Позволяет забирать лут даже если из за лагов с перового раза не забрал

Return To Town When Loot Full – выкл

Ignore level <= - это поле определяет уровень мобов ниже которого мы мобов не атакуем (как и собственно уровень указанный в поле)

Ignore level >= - это поле определяет уровень мобов выше которого мы мобов не атакуем (как и собственно уровень указанный в поле)

Далее Rest. Это поле настраивает когда и при каких показателях мы отдыхаем.

Rest to full - отдых до полного хп и мп (вкл)

Rest if HP < - отдых после боя если хп ниже указанных процентов

Rest if MP < - отдых после боя если мп ниже указанных процентов

Wait before rest - если вкл то ждет после смерти цели ½ секунды агра другого противника прежде чем сесть отдыхать, удобно в случаях когда вы качаетесь среди агрессивных мобов

Override After Combat Heals/Regen if Rest – выкл. Игнорирует скиллы лечения и манны регена если Вы собираетесь сесть отдыхать

Number of times to look for mob before rotating – сколько раз нажать TAB прежде чем развернуться

Number of times to look for mob before resting – количество нажатий TAB при неудачном поиске цели после которого бот будет отдыхать

Close Aion on Death - если вы мерты клиент AION автоматически закрывается

Use Heals During Followup Skills – использует лечение в бою в первую очередь, даже вместо комбо

Следующая закладка Adv. Config

Seconds before restarting attack if no damage is being done – время в сек. после которого бот сменит цель если не смог нанести урон цели

Seconds before quitting attack if no damage is being done – время в сек. после которого бот перестанет атаковать если не смог нанести урон цели

Следующая закладка Paths.

Пока что тут работает только одна настройка

Attack radius Around Starting Point – в каком радиусе от места старта бота цели будут атакованы

Закладка Log. Тут Вы видите все что происходит с ботом.

Главная закладка Main. Тут вы видите о Вас и Вашей цели и тут находиться кнопка СТАРТ.

MMOBro v1 Beta Screenshots

MMOBro v1 Beta

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