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Dragon Raja for Dummies

Submitted: 11 years ago (09.09.2008) | Views: 8,447


General guide for new players who are seeking to start-up in Dragon Raja.


Okay, so you have heard of Dragon Raja, where to download it though? www.newraja.com

Well now if you have an account and Dragon Raja installed you are a minute away from enjoying some game-play. Start the updater, it might update so give it some time. Once done you will usually have to restart client, if not then it will ask you if in a box if you want Windows Version, or Full Screen, this depends on your settings(16bit or 32 bit) Well once you make your choice Dragon Raja will finally run and a Screen with Dragon Raja in it appears. A few seconds later you will get a log in screen input your username and password and hit enter or click log in. It will take you to a screen with 4 blocks, that means you can make 4 different characters per account, please select a box and click create a new character. It will ask you several questions and then will ask you what class you wish your character to start as.

Here is a small guide collected so far on classes

Warrior- High HP, high defense, low damage. Rarely see them leveling solo, always with a party. It is also recommended that they get stone armor to level 3, so they are hit less often. They act as tanks later on in game, so they are needed in a party same as a mage is. They are 1 of the two keys for a party. Now skill for warriors is your choice since all sides are good but best would be double hit/ty's gift.

Archer- Mid HP, low defense, mid to high damage. Usually seen in parties, can solo but its better in parties. They act as damage dealers later on in game, so they are needed in a party, but wont deal as much damage as mages. Skills needed are CP recover, and Multi shot anything else is your choice.

Thief- Mid HP, low defense but higher then archers because of shield, mid to high damage. Usually seen in parties, can solo however and do nicely. They act as damage dealers later on in game, they are same as archers. Skills needed, CP recovery and Iceblast anything else is your choice.

Priest- Low to Mid HP, low defense but have buffs that let priest go unharmed 100%(Piercing still pierces this magic), low to high attack. They act as the support for parties, usually in parties for ress/pray/SFD. They are great to have in parties later on. Well no skills here but it is better if you get orison way up.

Mages- Low to mid HP, low defense but have buffs that lower damage dramatically stil harmed w/ piercing. They act as the major damage dealers, they hit hard. They are one of the two keys for a party. Recomended that you level up magery high up.

Well once you choose you must remember your character is not very strong as a level 1. You will mostlikely go to the training map. Please choose the weapon your class is. For warrior well go with your preference. Go a little south east, and make your way out of the gates, and into training pits.
There are gonna be some dummies for you to hit, if your an archer stick to the Long range dummies, if your a 1 handed sword stick to Close-Combat dummie, if your javalin, 2h weapon, or staff stick to mid combat dummie. After a few minutes of training you will eventually hit level 5, once this happens I recommend you kill cows which can be found everywhere around thye training zone. After slaying many cows/lambs you should have reached level 8, now you have two options stay and level up more at training dummies OR go to mainland(for mainland go to Options and press Move to The Village button. Lets say you go to main land you will need to level so head from the spawn point to the west, until you hit a crossroad then go down. South you will find slimes kill them and try not to die. If you get injured alot I recommend you get some potions. Well around level 12-13 you wil need to step up to the next monster Zombies. So head east of slimes!

NOTE for priests and mages: Spells can be found at Astrologers house this is south of zombies.

Once in zombies level up in there until level 20 or so just to be safe that you will be okay in skeletons. Now for skeletons you will need to head to town pick up some potions and head north. You will eventually hit a opening in the wall like a gate w/ out a door. This marks the spawn point for Sedless. Sedless is a PK allowed zone. If in town you might have seen someone pking and they gained NK, this lets them be killed and drop items sometimes. Well in sedless NK does not exist, so if you are pked or if you pk you will not be punished with NK. Well once in skeletons I recommend getting about level 28-30(you can level in skeletons more if you want). And then head on to Orcs, 1 of your party members should know where it is. Once at orcs level up from 30- all the way to 45 or so. Once there lycans are your favorite friends, massive EXP and nice pit. There are only two pits in Lycans if full avoid problems and head back to orcs. After you hit level 50 you will start seeing orcs/lycans to be horrible exp this is when you hit Muginas. They hit hard and move semi-fast. So be careful here! Bring an experienced/strong party. Once you hit from 50-55 you can go to trolls. 55-60 hit stone gollems. 60-70 Bakus are Light Dungeon (LD)

Well now for economic guide!
* Save your cash! from level 1-40 you will be gianing levels like crazy so having cash for next weapon/armopr is a smart idea!
* Collect Combat Skills specially if your a warrior/thief/archer! These allow for characters to gain skills (somewhat like magic for warriors/theifs/archers)
* Collect Signets, there are two Red and Blue collect both if possible.
* Always pick up things because later on potions become expensive so make some you have 100k-200k at all times for potions.
* If you are planning to job, get a GOOD macro! Macros for jobbing ARE legal! yes legal. So are macros for tactics (Like training dummies) Macros for leveling or hacks are ILLEGAL if caught (usually are) you will be banned!

Jobbing can bring you in tremendous wealth! But will not bring you levels/strength. I recommend you have two accounts if you are to job so 1 account goes afk the other you play. This allows you to maximize profits/fun. Please do NOT abuse account making. Do not make many jobbers you will get in trouble. If you make many jobbers use 1 only then take turns on which 1 afks in a day.

This is a pk at your own risk! If you pk you will have bad reputation not to mention those you killed will want revenge. Its best not to pk but if you must try and not be rude to people who whisper you why you did it. Either stay quiet or get in trouble. If you want to pk wait for War or go to PK arena! war/arena are best left for high levels tho.


Macro can be found at official dragon raja forum in www.dragonraja.com. This is for jobs only. Butchering is not yet made.

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