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Roidripper 2.1.0 Offical!

eve online mining bot free | Submitted: 10 years ago (07.01.2010)


This is a very popular and free eve online mining macro bot, with ocr :)


<div id="exploit_inst">
The following is a step-by-step tutorial on installing RoidRipper. It
will guide you through the setup process from beginning to end. As you
become more familiar with RoidRipper, you will learn to use some of the
advanced features. This guide only covers the basics, and is directed
more at users who are getting RoidRipper running for the first time.

Setup Mining Ship

Before running RoidRipper, make sure you take care of the following
1.    Mining Ship - Log into EVE Online and get yourself into a
mining ship. It can be any ship, but a mining barge is recommended
because of its optimal efficiency. Make sure that only mining
lasers/turrets are equipped on your ship; no guns. For defense, you can
also equip a shield booster. You can equip hardeners also, but only do
so if you are 'cap stable'.
2.    Combat Drones - RoidRipper uses
combat drones for defense. If your character can use combat drones, drag
them into your ship's drone bay. Make sure there are no mining drones
in your ship's drone bay.
3.    Mining Crystals - If your mining
turrets use mining crystals, make sure you have a stockpile of crystals
present in your station's inventory. RoidRipper will be equipping these
throughout the day (up to 15 in one mining day).
4.    Solar System -
Travel to a solar system that has a high security level and lots of
asteroid belts. Systems between 0.9 and 1.0 security are ideal as you
will not have to fight any NPC Pirates. You will need a shield booster
and mining drones for self-defense in systems between 0.6 and 0.8. In
systems from 0.0 to 0.5, you are susceptible to being destroyed by other
players. It is recommended that you stick to a solar system with
security level between 0.9 and 1.0.
5.    Copy Settings - You will
need to grab some numbers from your ship so that you can later enter
them into RoidRipper. Here are the numbers you will need:
o    a)
Mining lasers: - how many mining lasers/turrets on your ship?
o    b)
Max # of bookmarks (inc. station): - how many asteroid belts in this
system? - ...and then add 1 to this number to include station
o    c)
Mining amount ore laser (m^3): - how much ore (m3) does one of your
laser/turret mine in a cycle?
o    d) Laser activation time/duration
(sec): - how long is one cycle of your mining laser/turret?
o    d)
Laser optimal range (m): - what is the maximum mining range of your
o    e) Your targeting skill lvl: - what is your
character's skill level for Electronics > Targeting?
o    f)
Asteroids to mine: - count one per laser/turret on your ship.
 Dock at Station - Choose a station, then dock at it. This station will
act as your mining headquarters. Once you are are docked, log out of the
game, and close EVE Online.

Setup RoidRipper
1.    Run - RoidRipper2.exe.
 Settings > General (tab):
o    a) Directory - click the [...]
button and find the CCP\EVE folder on your system.
o    b) Username
and Password - It is recommended that you type in your login details. It
will allow the macro to automatically log itself in between downtimes
and disconnects. But if you don't trust RoidRipper yet, you can always
check 'Manual Login'. This means that when running RoidRipper, it will
open the EVE Online client, and then wait for you to login. After you
type in your login details, you will click [Pause] on your keyboard, and
RoidRipper will continune.
o    c) Miner Setup - Input all the
values you collected in Preparation > 5. Copy Settings. As well,
Maximal Approach Distance -- if this is set to 30000, it means that if
the next asteroid is more than 30km away from your ship, the ship will
instead warp to the next asteroid belt bookmark. You will want this to
be 20000 to 30000. Remember, if your mining turrets have a range of
15km, then 20000 means your ship only has to approach an asteroid for
5km to be within mining range.
o    d) What to mine - Select the
asteroids to mine. If you want to use mining crystals, you can only mine
one type of asteroid. If you are using mining crystals, check both
'Refit Cry' and 'Reload Cry'.
3.    Settings > Fighter Module
o    a) In 'Active Tank' mode, select 'Shield' or 'Armor'
depending on which repairer you're using. And select RepPos: Low-1.
 b) Activate repaier module at... - You will want something like 97 to
99%. This is when your repairer will be switched on. Usually, if you're
being attacked, it's because someone is suicide ganking you. So you want
to get the repairer on as soon as possible.
o    c) Emergency
warpout at shield/armor... - You will probably want 50%.
o    d)
Fight Drones - How many drones can you use at once?
o    e) Drone
Control Distance - 15000 is default. Based on your drone skills.
 f) Active Resist Modules - If you're using Hardeners, you can select
the amount here, and then set each up individually. Make sure that if
using hardeners, you are 'cap stable'.
4.    Settings > Traveling
o    a) Check on both 'Enable traveling function' and 'Create
belt bookmarks if abscent'. This will create necessary station and
'200km asteroid belt' bookmarks so RoidRipper can mine efficiently. What
is a '200km bookmark?' It's a bookmark 200km from the asteroids in a
belt. After undocking, your ship will warp to this bookmark first.
Because your shiparrives 200km from the nearest asteroid, you can then
warp again to an asteroid. This means that your ship will always arrive
within 0m of the first asteroid, preventing your ship from having to
approach an out-of-range asteroid at a measly 70m/s. This is the fastest
way to mine.
o    b) Check 'Skip mining stage, travel and create
5.    Create dat files - You will now need to generate a
'dat file'. In RoidRipper, select Back Up > Create dat files.

*** TIP *** To take control of your computer at any time, click
[Pause] on your keyboard. You will notice the RoidRipper icon, in the
System Tray, will now appear red. This indicates that RoidRipper has
been paused. When RoidRipper is paused, you can do what you need without
interrupting the macro. To continue, click [Pause] again. You will
notice the RoidRipper icon, in System Tray, is now green. This indicates
that the macro is once again running.
o    a) A message box will
appear; you will select 'Accept Eula' button.
o    b) EVE Online will
open. Scroll down to the bottom of the Eve EULA, and select 'Accept'
(if that is what you want to do, right? I'm not forcing you here. Don't
say that I made you accept it! The choice is yours.)
o    c) If you
have accepted the EULA, you will now see the EVE Online login screen.
DON'T DO ANYTHING, just wait. In a few seconds, RoidRipper will kick in
and start setting up your game client for macro mining. When it is
finished, it will close the EVE Client on its own, and you will see a
tooltip message that says "pc.dat file has been created". That is your
indicator that this step was successful.
6.    Start mining for the
first time - Click the button.
o    a) EVE Online will open. If you
have manual login, enter your details now, and then unpause RoidRipper.
 b) RoidRipper will now log into your character select screen. If your
mining character isn't selected, pause RoidRipper by pressing the
[Pause] button on your keyboard. Select the character so that its avatar
appears in the large square; but don't enter the game, just stay on the
character select screen. And unpause RoidRipper by clicking [Pause]
o    c) RoidRipper will now run through a complete setup of
the interface: both in station, and in space. It should take about 10 to
15 minutes. There is only one point where you have to participate.
There will be a moment when your ship is undocked from station,
RoidRipper will ask you to move your shield/armor booster to Low-1 (the
bottom row, first slot). It says to move your shield/armor hardeners to
Low-3, Low-4, Low-5, Low-6, Low-7, and Low-8. It says do not have any
items in the Medium-slots. When that moment arrives, RoidRipper will be
paused for two minutes so that you can move the items. Or if you are
already complete, hit [CTRL] on your keyboard to make RoidRipper
continue with setup.
o    d) After setting up your interface
correctly, RoidRipper will restart EVE Online so that it can save the
interface positions. If you have 'Manual Login' turned on, once again,
you will have to enter your username and password.
o    e) After
restarting, RoidRipper will undock from station and create station and
'200km asteroid belt' bookmarks. For this process, I recommend you Pause
RoidRipper while your ship is still in station. And 'Leave Ship' so
that you are in a pod. The reason is that a pod, with its radius of 0,
is the quickest ship for warping back and forth. This makes it the
fastest ship for plotting your '200km asteroid belt' bookmarks. The
plotting bookmarks step takes considerable time. If you have 19 asteroid
belts in the system, you are looking at a maximum setup time of 19 x 7
minutes (about 2 hours). The good news is that you only have to create
the bookmarks once. For the rest of the month, you can go straight to
o    f) When the last bookmark has been created, the ship
will warp to station, dock, and close EVE Online. RoidRipper will close.
At this point, you will want to log into EVE and get back into your
mining ship, then close EVE Online.
7.    Run - RoidRipper2.exe.
 Settings > Traveling (tab):
o    Uncheck both 'Enable traveling
funciton' and 'Skip mining stage, travel and create bookmarks.'
 Settings > Custom (tab):
o    a) Log off time (24h format) - This
is where you will set the time that RoidRipper should log off, and take
a break from mining, so that it isn't playing 23 hours a day. If you
are mining 23 hours a day, 30 days a month, you may be noticed,
reported, and possibly banned. But by restricting your mining to
sessions of 12 to 16 hours a day, you can increase your chances at
safety. Log off time uses 24 hour format. You specify the hour at which
it should take a break, and then specify the number of minutes it should
wait before logging back in. So for example: 18H 05M, stay logged off
for 360 Min. This tells RoidRipper to log off at 6:05PM, and then to
stay logged off for 6 hours. At 12:05AM, RoidRipper will log itself back
in and continue mining.
10.    Click [Continue Mining] to save your
latest changes.
11.    Setup complete.


Whenever you want to mine:
1.    Run - RoidRipper2.exe.
 Click [Continue Mining].
3.    ...Profit!

(all from website)


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