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LOL BackDoor (RP Hack)_2014

Recive 10k RP by LOL BackDoor hack! | Submitted: 5 years ago (09.26.2014) | Thanks: 29 | Views: 10,133

What's this?
LOL BackDoor is an RP hack for League of Legends you
just need to create a new account with that and level up it
to level 10 (at level 3 you will recive 400 RP, buy some XP boost
with it and level up faster! don't worry about RP you will recive 10,000 RP after level 10 :)
*You can gift you'r recived RP to you'r main account and you'r main account never can be ban!

How to use this?
Step1. Press "Create Account" button and create new account with LOL BackDoor
Step2. Press "Connect" and wait for the light flashing
Step3. Now open LOL and play for level up to level 10, when you hit level 10 the light becomes green and you will recive you'r 10k RP
Step4. Don't close the program while you are playing and save you'r progress when you want to quit (just press Save/Eexit button)
Step5. Next time you just need to run the LOL BackDoor.exe, press "Connect" button and open the League of Legends.exe then continuo playing and level up...

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LOL BackDoor (RP Hack)_2014
LOL BackDoor (RP Hack)_2014

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