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Mines of Moria

Submitted: 12 years ago (08.30.2008)

Unlock the Mines of Moria is a Turbine promotion site for the Lord of the Rings Online expansion Mines of Moria.

Much like LotRO, the promo site is deed driven. There are five stars to unlock with each star requiring one or three deeds in order to unlock it. Once you unlock a star, you get access to a promo teaser of some sort. Turbine developers have hinted that there will be an in-game reward for unlocking all five stars but I have yet to see anything even remotely more detailed than that.

Mousing over an unlockable star will either tell you the name of the star if you have unlocked it or your deed progress toward unlocking that star (i.e. 1 of 3 deeds).

All stars are not yet available.

1. Introduction
2. First Star: Registration
3. Second Star: King Under the Mountain
4. Third Star: (presumably) Swig & Toss?
5. Fourth Star: (presumably) Elventy-Seven Morsels?
6. ?
7. ?

First Star: Registration

Registration will unlock the top center star.

The only step to unlock this star is to register at the promotion site. Registration is also necessary to unlock any of the stars. No registration, no stars for you.

King Under the Mountain was released on 3-31-2008.

This mini-game will unlock the star to the left of the registration star.

Game Play
King Under the Mountain is a Risk type game where you have a number of units (expressed as 8-sided dice) in each territory you hold. You can either play a single-player version or join a multi-player version. In either case, there will be six total players in the game (human and/or computer controlled).

Victory goes to the player with the most territories after 15 rounds of play or to the last player standing if all other opponents have been eliminated. Note that when it says there is 1 round remaining that you are on the last round.

Game play is simple - you select a territory to attack from then select an adjacent territory to attack to. The dice in each territory are rolled and victory goes to the high roller with ties going to the attacker. If you win, all the opponents dice in the territory you attack are eliminated and all but one of your dice from the territory you attacked from are moved in. If you lose then all but one die in the territory you attacked from are eliminated.

After each round reinforcements are added to all players. Reinforcements are randomly added to border territories (i.e. territories with an adjacent opponent territory). The number of units you get for reinforcement is determined by counting the number of territories you control and dividing by 2, rounding up. The territory "The Great Hall" is worth two territories for counting purposes.

The maximum army size is 8 dice.


Source: Dev Post

There are three deeds to unlock the King Under the Mountain Star: War Monger, Durin's Crown and High Roller. Acquiring any of these deeds will probably take multiple games to accomplish. Deeds can be completed in either single player or multiplayer mode.

Note: if you quit a game in which you have not been eliminated, you will not get credit towards any deeds for that game.

is earned by conquering 100 territories.

Durin's Crown
is earned by winning 3 games. The victories do not need to be consecutive nor do they need to be clean sweeps of the map. Just have more territories at the end of the game and you get credit:

High Roller
is earned by making 20 rolls that total to 30 or more. Only rolls made while attacking count towards this total. Obviously you want to attack with a full stack of 8 dice for the best chance at this. The easiest way to get this deed is to play a multiplayer game with a friend(s): the two (or however many) clear the extra computer players as quickly as possible then get stacks of 8 dice and march through each others territories while keeping the map roughly equally divided thus allowing for the maximum attempts to get a 40+ roll in a game.

After each game a panel will either advise you to play again to unlock more deeds (whether you have them all or not) or will notify you of a deed you earned. You will, ideally, also recived an e-mail telling you that you have earned a deed though the e-mail will not tell you which deed.

Star Rewards

1st Star Reward: Complete Registration
Clicking on the top center star will play a promotion trailer for the Mines of Moria expansion.

Second Star Reward: Complete all 3 deeds @ King Under the Mountain
Poster sized image (1600x1200 or 1920x1200) of the entrance to the Mines of Moria

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