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Aika Ktz (US Bot) v1.08 Released

Posted 10 years ago
  • Fixed part of users had the xtrap issue.
  • Integrated attack skill tab and assist skill tab.
  • Integrated Party tab and Alarm tab.

Skill setting instruction:

  1. Skill release time: the "All status" option has been canceled, and the skill will be used under "all status" by default. This is quite different from old versions.
  2. 2. First skill and preferential skill among the attack skills: tick the box to select the skill. A skill can be set as either the first skill or the preferential skill. There can be only one first skill or preferential skill, which is the same with old versions, so are the functions of the skills.
  3. Target HP/MP identification(%): used to identify monster's HP and MP value when bot attacks; It's also used to identify the teamate's HP/MP when bot buffs him. When buffing the player itself, bot just ignores this setting.
  4. Self HP,MP identification(%): to identify HP/MP of the player itself when a skill is released.
  5. Skill release condition where there are xx targets (which are the same) within the range of skill:
    A. As for the attack skill, bot can auto identify how many monsters there are within the skill range.

    B. When buffing the teammates, bot can identify the number of players within skill range, excluding the player itself but others more than just the teamates are counted.
    C. When buffing itself, bot will neglect the condition.
  6. The condition to release skills when bot or its target (e.g. team member) gets attacked by xx monsters at the same time:
    A. If attack skill or self buff skill is selected, bot can identify the quantity of monsters attacking the player itself.
    B. When buffing the teammates, bot can identify the number of monsters attacking the teammates.

    Description of symbols in front of skill names:
    F indicates the skill is set as First Skill
    P means the skill is set as Preferential Skill
    ! prompts the user that it might be necessary to set the target's HP/MP value for the skill.

    All the value is 0 by default in the entire settings. And when the value is 0, the program will auto ignore The option.

Regarding the healing skill, it cannot be released even if it's added to the assist skill list, because HP value checking for player isn't set.

Although "!" might be prompted for some skills, you may just neglect it on condition that you've set the skill correctly. This symbol of "!" here merely aims at attracting user's attention.

The condition can be modified as "<" or ">" by means of the buttons in front of HP/MP option.

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