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Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Giveaway

Posted 11 years ago

Here's a news article from IGN:

I've got another great opportunity for you all -- this time, it's Guild Wars 2 beta access! As some of you may have heard, the  Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 2 will begin on Friday, June 8th and will run until Sunday, June 10th.

And here's where I come in to help: I have a ton of early Guild Wars 2 beta keys to give away. So, this is what I'll do:

Beginning this afternoon at 3:00pm PST, I will update this blog every hour with a very large batch of beta keys for you all to grab, and will conclude tonight at 5:00pm PST. Tomorrow, I will run more codes during the 3-5pm PST window.

Sound good? Here's the info to sign up once you grab a code:

Grab a code and input it on this site:

If you already have an ArenaNet account (Guild Wars 1, previous beta tests, etc.), hit "Yes" and log in. If you do not, hit "No" and create a new account.

Once you’ve completed the beta key registration process, you can expect an email prior to the event detailing how to download the client.

That's all there is to it! Stay tuned for the first batch of codes dropping at 3:00pm PST. See you then!

4th Dec 2023 | Category: Guild Wars 2 by Larik Larik | Permalink | Views: 42368