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NCsoft sued for Patent Infringement

Posted 12 years ago

Worlds.com an online world technology developer, has filed a complaint against MMO publisher NCsoft, claiming the firm has infringed on a patent (that Worlds.com) created in a number of its online games.

The patent in question, filed in August of 2000 and issued in February of 2007, is a concept for a "highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system."

Worlds.com's suit (.pdf) seeks the standard compensation for damages and a court order restricting NCsoft from further infringement.

If this claim is entirely true, then all of NCsofts MMORPG's would be in the firing line.

8th May 2021 | Category: Lineage 2 by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 2313