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Website Temporarily Back Online

Posted 12 years ago

The website is temporarily back online after being taken offline for some neccessary backend updates in preparation for major changes on GameXploits. The website will be online until the 22nd of May when it will be taken offline again for updates to proceed.

Here are the planned updates:

  • Forum system (finally!)
  • Changes to the points and verification systems
  • Messaging system updates
  • Further backend changes
  • Updated designs for various sections including exploit pages and user profiles
  • Introduction of social media
  • Add new games
  • Improvements to the friends system

Here's what's just been changed with the initial down time:

  • Heavy backend changes, especially with URL handling
  • New WYSIWYG editor as the old one was bugged
  • Breadcrumbs on the top bar
  • Implementation of FB icon to our Facebook page and a Twitter icon
  • Footer update

So what's going to be unavailable until updating is complete?

  1. The marketplace
  2. Content discussions
  3. Private messages sent box
  4. Submissions
22nd Jun 2024 | Category: Website by IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 39427