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Not Working!
Working 2 months ago
by alien6 alien6
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Fixing OracleBot (Easy)

PW BOT, FIXING ORACLE BOT | Submitted: 9 years ago (07.21.2010) | Thanks: 13 | Views: 25,473


I Will help here how to fix the Oracle Bot, is very easy and you will need use only the GameXploit to do the process.


First... please only do the verification if you already tested if work or no...
Second... if that is already working do "Thanks" for me, ntKid (who created the bot) and Basicbuy (who created the CryChange)

Very ppl are saying that the Oracle Bot is not working anymore, and that is correct...
but, the bot work like a dream, only has a change of the names of PW...
a ppl told that the PH server now have a name in chinese...
it's the same for BR server, the last name was with Element Client and now is Perfect World.

So, how i can do to bot work?

Is very easy, you basically will need change the name of your window of the PW.

How to change the name of my PW?
you will need download that archive, is very easy... and without problems, listen... im not puting anything for you download... im only saying the metod to do, all Gratz for the ppl of GameXploits.

Using the CryChange...

open your OracleBot, but no Login with your account...
Go to CryChange and put the name of your PW window and change for Element Client
ex: here in BRserver, is Perfect World.... i will put Perfect World and change (new title) to Element Client.

When you do that you will see that the name of the window of your PW will automatically be changed to  ---> ntKid - Oracle[BOT]

So the bar of conf is already working for your change and do what you need, the bot will work like a dream without problems.

Remember... you will need put the name of the pw window and change for Element Client.

in the case of PH server, i don't know who the guys will put the names in chinese and i don't know if the name is with simbols or words. but, if it cost a many of time to do, please put here in GameXploit the metod to change the chinese name for Element Client.

All will need do the same process when go log in the PW, but, very fast, right? :D

Sorry for the arcaic English (nobody taught me, i'm auto didatic)

If all is working fine, no forget to verify here and if you like send thanks for me...
no forget to do the same in Oracle Bot (verify and Thanks for ntKid)
too for the CryChange (verify and Thanks for Basicbuy)

: )

Does this still work?
Please login to verify Fixing OracleBot (Easy)

Credits for Fixing OracleBot (Easy)

thallesagg (that lost very hours/days searching, hehe)