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Skill guide Build

Submitted: 11 years ago (07.09.2009)

Optional items:
Defensive weapon (HS,DB or LB)
Renesance Sutra
Reduction Sutra

Levels 0-10:
Pick the offensive weapon. These are going be hard levels since your pill usage is going be limited, unless you get lucky, and you can't kill mini bosses or AoE. Just try to level up.

Stat Points: For first 3 levels put all Str. Then go 3 Str: 2 Vit
Skill Build: Get your running skill, don't level it up. Get five-star point, then level your multi-attack. Do all quests.

Level 11-19:
These levels should be easier, now you should see a type of monster which will stick out from the rest, and are insanely stronger. These are mini-bosses, they give around 10-14% per kill. You should kill these.Do all quests.

Stat Points: Continue with the 3 Str: 2 Vit, and somewhere in between pump in 6 Vit extra. (to make up for first 3 lvls)
Skill Build: If you got lucky you'll have lots of money and be able to buy pills to recharge your chi. Continue to max your multi-attack.

Levels 20-29:
Congratz your almost ready for your lvl 30 skills. They should cost around 20-150k(dragon skills), now continue your build, Do all quests.

Stat Build: 3 Str: 2 Vit again
Skill Build: Your multi skill should be maxed out, start leveing your buff.

Level 30-39:
CONGRATZ! You should now get your lvl 30 skills as soon as you can. Get the level 30 multi skill. And use a reduction sutra to erase the level 1 skill. Now level the level 30 skill up to level 22, and buy only (M) chi pills, they both take up to 252 chi. So if your tight on money, this is perfect. Start trying to find you R45 weapon. Do all quests, if you want to, skip the battle quests.

Stat Build: 3 Str: 2 Vit, you should b able to tank bosses fairly easily by now.
Skill Build: Get your multi lvl 22, then continue to max your buff.

Level 40-49:
Yay! Your first rare wep. you should try to spend your money on enchanting it to 60%, this will help greatly.

Stat Build: Same old Same old.
Skill Build: If you have lots of money and can afford L chi pills, max your level 30 multi. If not keep it at level 22, and max your buff, then start maxing your clan buff.

Level 50-59:
Don't buy the r55 wep. unless you have extra money, and you have all your pills.

Stat Build: Same
Skill Build: Max your lvl 30 multi now, then your weapon buff, then finally max your clan buff. After this max your stunning move.

Level 60-69:
Get the r65 weapon, try to upgrade it to 60%, sell your r45 one. By now you should have a good feel of the mini-bosses and wars. You should start getting (M) HP elixers, and when you have 500 chi and money get L chi PILLS.

Stat Build: 3 Str : 2 Vit
Skill Build: Max out your stun resistance, and if you got extra points get the jump skill, dont level it though. After, max out your 1-hit damage increasing skill.

Level 70-79:

Two choices for this path, one use a renesance sutra (clears all skills) and get the defense skills. Then you can AoE with your build, and the M hp elixers will make this easy. Or stick with your offesive weapon. Suggest you kill the highest possible MOB, because it gives more exp and takes less time to kill. The bosses should only give a low 2-5% per kill now. Killing 5 weak mobs that give 1% is faster. Unless you want better drops.

Stat Build : 3 Str: 2 Vit
Skill Build: You should just max out every skill at the trainer except you chi recovery (keep at 1), your hp/chi chi helpers. The rest max out, (except the other offensive skills.) If your going to AoE, max your AoE skill.

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