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Custom 12Sky2 Music & Sounds

Submitted: 10 years ago (10.02.2010)

Add Custom Music & sounds to 12sky2 TuT
First thing if you don't want to do a little work then don't do this.

Tools you will need.

1. Download opencodecs_0.84.17359.exe plug in codecs for Windows Media Player

2. Download Mp3.Wma.Ogg Converter V.7.1.2

3. Open Windows Explorer and press ALT key then click tolls then click Folder Options. Now select the view tab scroll down till you see Don't show Known File Extension un check this box.

4. Install the Codecs Plug in and the Converter

OK now your ready to start.

1. Open your Aeria Games 12 Sky 2 Folder you will see a folder named G03_CDATA.

2. Open G03_CDATA, now we only want two of these folders. 1. is D06_GSOUND ( stands for Game Sounds or sound effects ) 2. is D10_WORLDBGM ( stands for World Back Ground Music )

3. Note the file extensions within the folders of D06_GSOUND they are all .ISN and within D10_WORLDBGM they are all .BGM you will need this when we replace the files.

Now I will give you a TUT on how do make these custom to your liking.

1. We will start in the D10_WORLDBGM folder select the Z000.BGM Files right click and copy to your desktop. Now right click it again and select rename. We dont want to change the Z000 we just want to change the .BGM. Change it to .OGG and when the error window pops up just press OK.

2. Now you can open it in Windows Media Player you will hear that it is the Intro Music when you first start the game and you are at the Server Selection Screen.

3. Now to make it custom, open the Converter you installed, click add and select any .mp3 song that you like. Now click next. Two things to do first change the Output Directory to your Desktop and change the presets to CD Quality, now we want to change it To OGG so select OGG and then click Convert.

4. Now you should have a Z000.OGG file on your desktop. Right click it and select rename, now we want to change it back to Z000.BGM the original file name. Now copy and paste it back to the D10_WORLDBGM folder where we got it from and overwrite the old one.

5. Now run 12 Sky 2 and when you get to the server screen you will hear your song instead of the boring old Back Ground Music. Good Job.

These steps apply to all the files in these two folders with the exeption that you would change the D06_GSOUND files back to .ISN not .BGM. What makes this possible is that all the files are OGG Vorbis Audio Files and 12 Sky 2 tries to encrypt these files so we can't modifie them.

Well enjoy making 12 Sky 2 play your music instead of theres and the benifit is you wont eat up CPU and Physical Memory playing a player in the background while playing 12 Sky 2.

D09_WSOUND Folder contians the World Sounds like birds and water falls and so on really dont need to change any of these.

D06_GSOUND Files. Important: These files are .ogg but you need to modify them differently then the D10_WORLDBGM files.
For this you will need audacity-win-unicode-1.3.12.exe once installed open the file you want to add .wav .mp3 whatever it is in Audacity set project rate (Hz) in the lower left corner to 44100 now you will see the single sound file in the window we need to add a second channel to this so click edit and select duplicate. Now click file and select export to where you can find it before you save it change the file save as to Vorbis Ogg file. Now save it change it to the file name you want to replace ( example N030001002.ISN ) Make sure the name is exact then copy and paste to the folder it was in and overwrite the old one. Load 12Sky2 and do what needs to be done to make the sound play and you will hear your new sound. Enjoy.

P.S Once the Codecs is installed you no longer have to change the file extension to play it in windows media player just select play it any way when it ask you if you want windows to try and play it for you.

If you like please Press Thank You.

My WebSite http://afterburns.webs.com

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