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World of Kung Fu Meridian Guide

world of kung fu meridian guide, legend of kung fu | Submitted: 11 years ago (05.20.2009) | Views: 1,806


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What Is Meridian System?
Meridian system is a newly developed game feature of World of Kung Fu that can magnificently enhance your character's attributes. Besides, it improves the power of Self-Made Kung Fu and increases the amount of your Kung Fu Degree.

How To Activate The Meridian Nodes?
Open the Meridian System interface by pressing T as its hotkey, or click "Meridian" button in Create Kungfu Interface, you will find the requirements to activate all the Meridian nodes. When you have met all the requirements, you can activate the relating Meridian nodes.

Which Meridian Nodes Do I Need To Activate?
Except Ren and Du, all the other Meridian Nodes need enough Kung Fu Degrees to activate. The attributes that can be enhanced when the Meridian Nodes are activated:

Meridian Nodes Attributes

Ren Increases Kung Fu Degree

Du Increases Kung Fu Degree

Chong Increases Defense

Dai Self-Made Kung Fu Number +1

Palm Tai Yin Increases Dodge

Palm Shao Yin Decreases Self-Made Kung Fu MP Consumption

Palm Tai Yang Increases Maximum MP

Palm Shao Yang Decreases Self-Made Kung Fu Casting and Cool Down Time
Foot Tai Yin Increases Self-Made Kung Fu Range

Foot Shao Yin Increases Maximum HP

Foot Tai Yang Increases Internal Damage

Foot Shao Yang Increases Attack

Yin Qiao Increases Damage

Yang Qiao Increases Vital Attack

YinYang Ignore gender limitation

Surpass Heightens Self-made Kungfu level Cap

How to activate Meridians?
Press hotkey T, or click "Meridian" button in Create Kungfu Interface.

Mouse over a certain meridian to see its detailed description about attributes and requirement etc..

You have to be at least level 20 to activate your first meridian. And you can only activate them in order from the upper to the lower. For example, you can only activate "Foot Tai Yin" after your "Palm Tai Yin" has been activated and upgraded to Degree 10/10.

Click on the meridian you want to activate and it will cost experience of your current level. If there's not enough experience for upgrade your meridian, you can choose to deduct your left exp. or cancel the operation. Be noticed that when experience of your current level is used up (meanwhile 0.00% left), you will not be able to activate meridians any more, which means, it will not make your character level down.
If your experience is enough to upgrade meridian, its attribute will be reinforced, and if the attribute is related to your self-made kungfu, your kungfu will be reinforced as well.

Tips:Each Meridian has its requirement of being activated. It can only be activated when its attribute is related to your Self-made Kungfu.
You have to be at least level 20 to activate your first meridian (Ren and Du). You can only activate other meridians in order from the upper to the lower, and the lower one will not be able to activate until its upper one has been upgraded to full degree.
You will have a chance to get a hidden Kungfu when each meridian is upgraded to the top! The possibility is getting higher as your Kungfu Degree get higher.
When Surpass (the last meridian) is activated and upgraded to the top, you will gain peerless power!

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