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World Of Kung Fu New and Old Events System

Submitted: 10 years ago (06.20.2009) | Views: 2,751

Here is the list of events u get in Liuhe at Town Crier (908,542) every day :

Mondays - The Grand Feast:
Quest Help the Town Crier find ingredients for the Grand Feast. Partake and receive special buffs, experience and cash. 7:30pm to 8:30pm .

Monday Find the Torch :

1 Player can get the quest from Kungfu Campaign Flack <Liuhe,853,672>, quest gives clue: Look for the torch.
2 Player can loot torch from Ghoul in the archeology quest.
3 Player who gets the event quest needs to get archeology quest from Zhou Xing <Liuhe,756,282>.
4 Player who has not "Find the Torch" quest cannot loot event torch from Ghoul.
5 If player has not met Ghoul in archeology quest, you should get a new quest from Zhou Xing.
6 The quest will be completed after player takes the event torch to Kungfu Campaign Flack.

Tuesdays - The Ancient Scores:
Quest Find the ancient musical score and a suitable instrument to play. A very rewarding experience! 7:30pm to 8:30pm .

Tuesday Find the Ribands :

Collect 50 ribands(50 ribands should have same color)
Choose a ribands collecting quest suitable to your Lv:

Lv20-Lv34 Red ribands from Shelin Maiden
Lv35-Lv49 Blue ribands from Crab tiger
Lv50-Lv64 Green ribands from Moon Glimmer
Lv65-Lv79 Black ribands from Sandlurker
Over Lv80 Yellow ribands from Jing Nie

Wednesdays - The Lord of War:
Mission Find mineral splinters that can be used for weapon and armor forging. Prizes include rare, highly refined weapons and armor. 7:30pm to 8:30pm .

Wednesday The Letters :

Collect 50 envelopes(50 envelopes should have same color)

Lv20-Lv34 Red envelopes from Priestess Mantuo in Stone Forest
Lv35-Lv49 Blue envelopes from Nine Screeches in Xitang Rainforest
Lv50-Lv64 Green envelopes from Marble Warrior in Liuli Pool
Lv65-Lv79 Black envelopes from Judgement in Dragon Maze
Over Lv80 Yellow envelopes from Shadow Assassin in Mangrove

Thursdays - Brainstorm:
Activity Test your knowledge of the Olympic Games in this ?Trivial Pursuit? type game. Rewards are based on the number of correct answers. 7:30pm to 8:30pm .

Thursday: Clear the Way :

Kill certain monsters in order. Quest will be failed if time is out.

Lv20-Lv34 Kill 10 Giant Chromatic Spiders & 10 Shelin Matrons in order in Shi Fang Maze
Lv35-Lv49 Kill 10 Crab Tiger Chiefs & 10 Razor Bianfus in roder in Chaozhi Sewer
Lv50-Lv64 Kill 10 Sun Glimmer Kings & 10 Moon Glimmer Kings in order in Liuli Pool
Lv65-Lv79 Kill 10 Blaze Habis & 10 Titantic Sandstalkers in order in Hot Spring
Over Lv80 Kill 10 Snow Bird Lords & 10 Elder Jing Nies in order in Mangrove

Fridays - Endless Hell:
Mission Sometimes major achievements require major sacrifice. Gather up your courage, team up with other players, and fight different bosses from the game for major rewards. 7:30pm to 8:30pm .

Friday Prevent Hidden Trouble :
Enter the instance which is suitable to your level, kill the certain monster.

Lv20-Lv34 Kill Mijing Messenger in Ancient Pagoda of Mijing
Lv35-Lv49 Kill Ta Yun the Fox in Beast Valley
Lv50-Lv64 Kill Wang Xi the Moon Blade in Huanyue Woods
Lv65-Lv79 Kill Nanmin Lihuo in Lihun Gully
Over Lv80 Kill Wan ZongJue the Suzerain of Stone Fort

Saturday/Sunday - The King of Kung Fu:
Arena Combat Test your Kung Fu skills against bosses and other players. Prizes include special high level weaponry. 8:00pm to 9:00pm .

Saturday: Kungfu Brainstorm
Totally 50 questions, player gains two points for each correct answer. Full mark will be 100, the reward player will get is decided by the score:

0-59 No reward
60-79 Colored rings, 5 for each color
80-99 Colored rings, 10 for each color
100 Colored rings, 15 for each color

Saturday Legendary School

Sunday: Kungfu Challenge
Player can accept this quest by giving Kungfu Campaign Flack five colored rings(one for each color).

Player will get a Kungfu Campaign Summon Whistle after submitting required items.

Player can use Kungfu Campaign Summon Whistle to summon one of three event bosses. (Random)

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