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World Of Kung Fu Novice Card Guide

Submitted: 10 years ago (06.20.2009) | Views: 3,042

As the number of new players keeps increasing in World of Kung Fu, we put the novice guidance as our first task. Thus, we have concentrated much of our effort in Novice Card reactivating and the code system rebuilding.

Now, the Novice Card system has been reactivated and sufficient codes will be available for the new comers of World of Kung Fu. When a player creates a World of Kung Fu account, he will get three Novice Cards.

Below, I will give the whole procedure of getting help from the Novice Card as a new player.

1. Firstly, I think World of Kung Fu looks good and I decide to have a try to play it. Then I open the main page, and click "Join Now" to create an account. Choose sign up for free and I get this page:

2. Enter in the information and "Create" my account. Wait for some seconds, there comes the account information page:

3. The highlighted part of the picture above is what we will do next. Yes, activate the Novice Card I get for free!

Did you see the 3 lines of code? Click the "Pick" button, the code will be entered automatically in the slots. Then Click "Submit".

4. Now I have used one of my Novice Card codes. Then how to deliver the reward to my character? The browser will return to the account logging page again. Log in my account and choose Reward Packages.

5. The highlighted part of the picture above is what we will do next. Yes, activate the Novice Card I get for free!

Finally the items in the Novice Card will be generated in the chosen character's inventory. They are quite useful to help a new player to get start.

By the way, please note:
1. Only new players who register account can get three Novice Card codes.
2. Every character can accept only one Novice Card reward package.

Hope you all enjoy yourselves and help more new players in the game!

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