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Forging Guide

Submitted: 12 years ago (10.10.2008)


Guide about forging. The known and unknown secrets about forging. Very helpful.


Armor and weapons bring their owner not only powerful attack and defense capabilities, but also reputation and honor! Every weapon or piece of forged armor records its owner’s heroic deeds. The WoKF Forging system is an excellent way for players to improve their weapons and armor.

Key Facts about the Forging System


Four attributes can be increased through forging: Hit Points, Magic Points, Attack and Defense. Different equipment has different forgeable attributes. For weapons, helmets, and cuffs, attack and defense attributes can be increased by forging. For chest armor, leg armor, and boots, Hit Points and Magic Points can be increased by forging.

Bonus Levels Achieved by Forging:

Armor and Weapons will increase by 1 level after each successful forging. Each time an item is forged, the forging bonus will increase one level. The forging bonus will be +2, +3, and so on up to 20.

Success and Failure:

Forging is not without risk. If the forging is successful, the armor or weapon’s attribute will be increased. Otherwise, the armor or weapon will vanish.


Armor and weapons are likely to shine after forging. Depending on the forging level, the color of the shine will be different.

No shine: +1 to +3

White: +4 to +6

Blue: +7 to +9

Green: +10 to +12

Orange: +13 to +15

Red: +16 to +18

Purple: +19

Black: +20


Certain charms are available that can help ease the forging process.

The Craftsman’s Charm increases your chance of success while forging.

The Advanced Craftsman’s Charm will improve the odds of a successful forge even more than the Craftsman’s Charm.

The Forging Safety Charm will prevent an item from vanishing after an unsuccessful forging attempt.

Process: First go to either "Forging Voucher Smith" or "Smith Zang Hou". After that, select the option "Forge" put in the equipment you want to forge and the smith will tell you what materials/vouchers you need.

At the Smith Zang Hou you need materials to forge while at the Forging Voucher Smith you need forging vouchers. You need to have the materials listed in your inventory and equipment you want to forge in the forging box.

For example: You want to forge a level 1 weapon. You put in the weapon and when you have the materials in your inventory just choose what bonus you want to have and click one of the buttons.

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