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How to get out of the pink bubble in EOTS, WoW Exploits, World of Warcraft Exploits
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How to get out of the pink bubble in EOTS

Submitted: 9 years ago (07.01.2010) | Views: 2,541


This is how you get out of the pink bubble in EOTS!


<span style="font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Helvetica; color: #f00ca0;"><div><font size="3"><font face="Trebuchet MS">Eye of the Storm Exploit</font></font><font face="Trebuchet MS">
<font size="2">Updated & Still Working As Of : May 03, 2010
Speedr of Ac-Web</font></font></div><font face="Trebuchet MS">

<font size="2"><font size="3">Goal of Exploit Guide</font>

To Enter The Battleground, Eye of the Storm, On Both Retail or Private Servers, Being The Bad Ass That Busts Out Early, Starting The Game Before Everyone Else. Cheap? Sure. Secure Win? Most Definitely.

<font size="3">Requires</font>

A Specific Mount Type.
The Desire To Win / Finish Your Daily / Beast Up On Call To Arms For Your Team.

<font size="3">Step By Step Instructions</font>

<font size="3">Step 1</font> : Acquiring the right set of paws for the job. You cannot just use any old mount. The exact type of Mount that you will be using, is going to be anything apart of the 'Bear Mount Family'.

<font size="3">Step 2</font> : Queue for Eye of the Storm! Enter the Battle.

<font size="3">Step 3</font> : Quickly, to get ahead of the game, summon your mount that you'll be using for the win.

<font size="3">Step 4</font> : Smooth Criminal Status. Creep toward the center of the island that your currently standing on, 'Waiting' like everyone else to get out when the time limit is done. Once at the center of the platform, isle, island, ect. hold your 'W' Key, as if to go forward and keep holding it, continually moving you and your bear forward, though remember! Be somewhat at an angle when moving against the barrier.

<font size="3">Step 5</font> : You'll start to notice your bear is trying to climb something, while at the same time, he's actually creeping through the bubble. At this point, you'll notice your practically already through. Next step? Jump. Now, most mounts would just run into a bubble.. But not you! Your now up one step, almost like a flight of stairs. Now again, Jump! You'll again notice, it's like going up a flight of stairs. Now keep jumping, until you suddenly like others, can't get out.

<font size="3">Step 6</font> : FORWARD! That's it. You've now ran right through the bubble. 

Now working? Remember! You must move toward the barrier, as well as when jumping, at an angle. Also, remember to be in the center! Not on a side, ect.

Screenshots & A Slight Demonstration Video Will Be Posted Soon.

In addition, as you can see at the top, if this exploit is fixed at all, I'll post about it as soon as possible.</font></font></span>

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