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Gemcutting Guide For Non-Gemcutters

Submitted: 7 years ago (08.30.2008) | Views: 1,860

Crafted gear at it's upper levels will grant you three slots to customize to your hearts content. On cruising the gem database it's easy for the non-Gemcutter and even other Gemcutter's to get confused with what works, what doesn't, and where to exactly put what gem.

I'm going to break it down into easy steps:

1. Get cash, and get a lot of it; those in your 20's-30's there is currently a good market for rough leather, which drops
off of leathery type mob's your level. Currently it is going for about 1.5s a pop. 40-50's silk is your best friend; the
market is at almost 5s a shot. After 60's it is difficult, but the AVG mob's drop isn't too bad, you're on your own from

2. After getting cash, pick out your weakest crap pieces of armor and check it out what the cost is to replace them
with crafted gear is. Leveling in AoC comes pretty fast, so I wouldn't sink 20g into making a good lvl 50 set, but a few
pieces can be fun if you want to dip your feet in. After you've decided which piece or pieces you want to have
crafted, and then talk to a crafter in your guild or someone you know.

3. You now got your crafted piece and those empty holes are staring at you. What gem to put...


Cabochon or Oblique = These are the good ones, they will fit in any armor, ring, cloak, necklace slot; of
course they are the most pricey.

Trillion or Rhombic = These go in ONE handed slots on weapons. They have their use but it's limited.

Teardrop or Oval = These go in TWO handed slots on weapons. They have nice big numbers, but remember
there isn't a lot craftable two handed stuff out there.

This stuff is subject to change of course - currently a guy can "twink" a low set of armor with high end gems - Funcom
tried to stop this and it turned out they buggered up more than they can handle and promptly reversed it. It's on
their radar though.

A good challenge for us as a guild would be to twink a tank with crazy resists. There's around 36 slots to play with
and some of the immune gems at 1.2% can generate over 40% resists in either physical or magical. That's a lot.

Gem Types:

Class 1 Gems (Black):

Provides bonuses to: Unholy and Poison Damage, Hiding, and Holy Immunity.

Tier 1 - Obsidian
Tier 2 - Onyx
Tier 3 - Jet
Tier 4 - Black Jasper
Tier 5 - Nightstar
Tier 6 - Black Diamond

Class 2 Gems (Blue):

Provides bonuses to: Cold Damage, Mana Modifiers, Intelligence, Wisdom, Attribute Taps from spells, Fire Immunity,
and Magic Evasion.

Tier 1 - Azurite
Tier 2 - Lapis Lazuli
Tier 3 - Turquoise
Tier 4 - Aquamarine
Tier 5 - Sapphire
Tier 6 - Star Sapphire

Class 3 Gems (Green):

Provides bonuses to: Ranged Weapon, General Physical, and Dagger Damage, Dexterity, Fatality Chance, Off-Hand
Chance, Stamina Modifiers, and Evasion.

Tier 1 - Chrysoprase
Tier 2 - Malachite
Tier 3 - Peridot
Tier 4 - Sphene
Tier 5 - Jade
Tier 6 - Emerald

Class 4 Gems (Orange):

Provides bonuses to: Fire Damage, and Cold Immunity.

Tier 1 - Carnelian
Tier 2 - Tiger Eye
Tier 3 - Chalcedony
Tier 4 - Sunstone
Tier 5 - Fire Agate
Tier 6 - Padpaasahsa

Class 5 Gems (Violet):

Provides bonuses to: Hate Generation, and Magic Invulnerabilities.

Tier 1 - Rose Quartz
Tier 2 - Iolite
Tier 3 - Amethyst
Tier 4 - Duskstone
Tier 5 - Royal Azel
Tier 6 - Tyrian Sapphire

Class 6 Gems (Red):

Provides Bonuses to: Melee Weapon Damage, Health Modifiers, Strength, and Melee Invulnerabilities.

Tier 1 - Spinel
Tier 2 - Jasper
Tier 3 - Garnet
Tier 4 - Blood Opal
Tier 5 - Ruby
Tier 6 - Star Ruby

Class 7 Gems (White):

Provides bonuses to: Electrical Damage, Perception, and Electrical Invulnerability.

Tier 1 - Quartz
Tier 2 - Zircon
Tier 3 - Moonstone
Tier 4 - Achronite
Tier 5 - White Opal
Tier 6 - Diamond

Class 8 Gems (Yellow):

Provides Bonuses to: Holy and General Spell Damage, Casting Concentration, Unholy and Poison Invulnerability,
and Hate Reduction.

Tier 1 - Citrine
Tier 2 - Chrysoberyl
Tier 3 - Sagenite
Tier 4 - Topaz
Tier 5 - Heliodor
Tier 6 - Golden Beryl

Gemcutting Kit required:

Tier 1 (40) - Novice's
Tier 2 (50) - Apprentice's
Tier 3 (60) - Adept's
Tier 4 (70) - Artisan's
Tier 5 (75) - Expert's
Tier 6 (75/75+/80) - Master's

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