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Forums and Username Changing

11 years ago WEBSITE
As recorded in the changelog, you can now change your username by spending points on the username point charger in the point shop and then change it in your account settings. We've also opened a beta version of the forums. There's 3 starting forums. Game forums are going to come later. This is an ..
Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Game and Categories Added

11 years ago DIABLO 3
Diablo 3 has now been added to GameXploits. In the new Diablo 3 Cheats section, the initial categories added for this game are: Diablo 3 Exploits Diablo 3 Bots Diablo 3 Hacks Diablo 3 Guides Since the Diablo 3 section is new, we are in need of content for this game, so plea..

Keeping Up-To-Date With Website Updates

11 years ago WEBSITE
To coincide with the roll-out of heavy updates for the site, there's now a changelog where you can keep track of updates relevant to you as a user. The changelog can be found here.
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Giveaway

11 years ago GUILD WARS 2
Here's a news article from IGN: I've got another great opportunity for you all -- this time, it's Guild Wars 2 beta access! As some of you may have heard, the  Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 2 will begin on Friday, June 8th and will run until Sunday, June 10th. And here's where I come in t..

Website Temporarily Back Online

11 years ago WEBSITE
The website is temporarily back online after being taken offline for some neccessary backend updates in preparation for major changes on GameXploits. The website will be online until the 22nd of May when it will be taken offline again for updates to proceed. Here are the planned updates: F..
Defense of the Ancients 2

Game of the Week #2 - DOTA 2

Last weeks Perfect World winner will be posted here shortly, need to go over submitted content. This weeks game of the week is DOTA 2 happy hunting! Larik

Game of the Week! Week 1: Perfect World

11 years ago WEBSITE
Each week I will be hosting up a Game of the Week! What does this mean for you? 1. Each chosen game - will be open to all of its categories(hacks/exploits/guides ect..) 2. Each verified element I will go over personaly and review it. 3. If it checks out, you get 50 points! So please tell me her..

Website Issues

12 years ago WEBSITE
Hi guys, sorry for the recent downtime we've had over the past few days. We've been struggling with some server issues and there may still be some dotted around the place that we haven't noticed yet. If you do find any glitches please report it to either Ookami_amaterasu or Icecube and we will try o..

Payment Issues Resolved

12 years ago WEBSITE
Exploiters, The website payment method has been resolved. :) You now will be able to get premium & post market place listings. Regards, Larik

Payment Issues & Upcoming Changes

12 years ago WEBSITE
Exploiters!, Runes of Magic a long time game of game of GX has been removed. An issue was caused with this game, and the gamexploits payment system (paypal). Since the issue users have not been able to post in the market place or get premium access. So I would like to say here and now we are very s..