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Perfect World News

PW Revo Bot now has in-game chat!

Posted 11 years ago

Revo Bot's Ingame Chat for Perfect World

Perfect World's number 1 bot, the Revo Bot, now has an ingame chat so you can talk to other users of Revo Bot while botting with the ingame GUI. This is undetectable.

Credits go to ntKid for the new features.

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Looking for Perfect World Scams

Posted 11 years ago

GameXploits now features a Perfect World Scams category so we are looking for great Perfect World scams submissions.

If you know any scams for Perfect World, please submit them for rewards.

The Perfect World Scams area is use for everyone.

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Perfect World Open Beta Begins

Posted 11 years ago

Earlier this week, we announced that the open beta for Perfect World International will begin on September 2nd, 2008. This means that anyone and everyone can come and play PWI without a beta key.

All Closed Beta character data will be wiped on September 2nd at 10am. At 2pm, we will be reopening the servers and beginning our Open Beta. At this point, all character data will be permanent and there will be no more character wipes.

We look forward to the launch of our Open Beta and hope that you will choose to particiapte in the ultimate free to play online experience.

It's free, what do you have to lose?

Review Contest
Ends on September 15th

Now that the Closed Beta of "Perfect World International™" is winding down to its endwe would love to have you, the members of our devoted and dedicated community, help spread word of the upcoming Open Beta launch by sharing your gameplay experiences with the world. The five members who write the highest quality reviews and post them to as many outlets as possible will be rewarded with phat loot in the form of gift certificates!

You can find more details about the contest here.

Boss Breakout Event
September 6th

The Saturday after launch, something sinister approaches. The bosses that normally inhabit the dungeons of Perfect World International will be found around the world in random locations. It will be up to the players to combat this evil and subdue the adventurous bosses and send them back to their dungeons.

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Get Naked in Perfect World

Posted 11 years ago

Perfect World Nude Mod

JustFairy came across a cool patch for Perfect World called the Nude Mod and just had to share it with the community!

I think all patches that undress ingame characters are hillarious, especially when you come to the realisation that some person has spent their time on such a creation.

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