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All About GameXploits

GameXploits is the fastest growing source (according to Google's benchmarks) for Game Exploits, mainly MMORPG Cheats such as glitches, hacks, and bots along with free guides.

There are no official cheats for online games, however there are glitches in the games that can be taken advantage of and exploited. There are also tools such as bots that can take away the grind of leveling and completely automate the often boring and tedious sides of MMO games.

GameXploits Features

  • Unique game sections
  • Content categories
  • Detailed input and pages for content
  • Unique Points System that encourages quality user participation
  • Content screenshots (and preview thumbnail on their listings)
  • Content discussions (looks and feels like a forum, but for each exploit, bot, hack, etc)
  • Private Messages
  • Friends list
  • Shoutbox to communicate with other members and welcome new ones!
  • Latest exploit news
  • Open content - Ability to see what you get before joining!
  • RSS so you can syndicate the latest exploits in your browser/feed provider
  • Personalised profiles
  • Favorite game feature so you can view your favorite game's latest exploits
  • Verification system - know that content is working with the user verifications. A tick will appear in the listings.
  • Rating system - know if content is good or not!
  • Website link - go to the developers website for a program.
  • Marketplace - so you can trade accounts, items, and more.

Unique System - Not just a forum!

The exploit industry has been growing rapidly alongside the evolution of MMO games which are now a large genre in the gaming world, however, up until now, there has been no solid website with a unique system to accomodate the industry. It is most common for exploit websites to be simple (most often free) ready-to-install forums which install a subscription system to start charging per forum. GameXploits isn't just another exploit website.

Easily Find WORKING Content

The main goal of GameXploits is for it to be a straight forward, dedicated, and accessible website for MMO exploits so you can find content easy, without any hitches, and know whether it is working with our unique verification system.

Why is GameXploits contribution based?

The reason is simple; to keep the exploits slightly covered and underground so they are not immediately pried upon by the game companies and unwanted parties, but also to assure we have the best content and great members.

Stay and Chill out - Not just an exploits website!

That's right, GameXploits also features some cool social features which can be used for free. This includes the shoutbox (kind of like a chat room) so you can talk to other members and welcome new members, add friends to your friends list, private message members, etc, etc!