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Twelve Sky 2 News

Twelve Sky 2 Bots Section 'Contribution'

Posted 11 years ago

The Twelve Sky 2 Bots section is now contribution-only after usedhard1987 put forward the suggestion to protect their AC-Tool macro bot work from unwanted prying eyes, mainly the game company.

As with other contribution categories, to gain access you must contribute by either submitting content for that category (and getting it verified as working and useful) or paying, what we'd like to name, a 'donation'.

Category: Twelve Sky 2 | By IceCube IceCube | Permalink | Views: 6983 | 9 Comments

New Twelve Sky 2 Cheats Area Opened

Posted 11 years ago

We are happy to announce the introduction of 12Sky 2 on GameXploits. This section is a currently free section, but may be subject to change in the future.

GameXploits is now looking for 12Sky2 Cheats such as 12Sky2 Exploits, Bots, Hacks, and Guides.

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