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L2Walker Update

Posted 12 years ago

We have recently added the latest L2Walker Bypasses. We have 2 current methods so far using L2Net and TCPTunnel. These are great to bypass the mandatory monthly charges to use L2Walker.

More information on the Lineage 2 Bots page.

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NCsoft sued for Patent Infringement

Posted 12 years ago

Worlds.com an online world technology developer, has filed a complaint against MMO publisher NCsoft, claiming the firm has infringed on a patent (that Worlds.com) created in a number of its online games.

The patent in question, filed in August of 2000 and issued in February of 2007, is a concept for a "highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system."

Worlds.com's suit (.pdf) seeks the standard compensation for damages and a court order restricting NCsoft from further infringement.

If this claim is entirely true, then all of NCsofts MMORPG's would be in the firing line.

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NCsoft: Korean Government to outlaw bots

Posted 12 years ago

Since the recent plight of the popular Lineage 2 bot L2Walker developers website, more information has surfaced.

In South Korea, bots prevention has been extended from civil level to government level.

On December 3, 2008 (Seoul Time), the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of South Korea held the "Symposium on the Second Mid- and Long-term Plan on Game Industry Rejuvenization" in Seoul. Ryu In-Chun, Minster of South Korea Culture and Tourism Ministry and the entrepreneurs present stated to take a strong stance against bots.

At the symposium, Ryu In-Chun said that bot is a type of product which infringes the copyright of others, and the South Korean government will formulate relevant laws and policies to prevent bots. He also said the government is making an amendment to Game Law. Once it is approved, people can tackle the problem by legal means. In addition, he said if enterprises put forward any good methods to eliminate bots, the government will respond proactively.


NCsoft CEO Kim Taek Jin commented that technically, bots can be rooted out, but because there have been no relevant laws available, bots prevention has not given satisfactory results. Kim Taek Jin said the amendment will definite help create a bot-free gaming environment.

The amendment which is still to be approved by the National Assembly of South Korea, stipulates that any person who creates or sells bots will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than one year and in addition, be fined less than 10 million won (approximately USD 10,000). NCsoft and other game companies are planning to use laws to fight against bot-selling companies.

Botters can see this several ways:

1. Oh goodie bots are going to be free and underground
2. Oh my God it's the end of the world - my favorite bot sellers in jail!
3. This is great, perhaps normal and competitive gameplay will prosper again!

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Korean Government vs L2Walker

Posted 12 years ago

L2Walker site as of 12/12/08Botting has become such a popular trend in Lineage 2 that the domestic Government of Lineage 2 creator NCSoft is persuing bot developers by law. It was done once before with the popular Lineage 1 bot LinMate and now they're persuing the Chinese L2Walker developers.

L2Walker is a popular bot application that was developed by Chinese programmers.

The main L2Walker website was taken down and replaced with a message that read "For some reason we will close the website for a while"

The reason it has been confirmed is because the Korean Government is pressing for the termination of L2Walker.

However, L2Walker English spokesperson confirmed that L2Walker WILL continue but more underground.

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Extensive L2Walker Guide

Posted 12 years ago

An extensive L2Walker guide has been added to the L2Walker bot page.

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