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by aletrifon aletrifon
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Submitted: 7 years ago (08.27.2008) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 15,110


StealthLite is an SRO Bot that has a free and a pro version. The pro version has more features than free, including loop function.


1. Start the NuConnector, selection of the NuConnector is your own preference [whatever works best on your computer!].
2. Start StealthexLite.exe [You don't need to patch the media.pk2 file!], You need .Net Framework 2.0 at least for run it.
3. Search for sro_client.exe, then put your login and password of the official forum [] and press the start button.
If you are able to test the bot, Silkroad will be started.
4. When Silkroad has launched, put in your Silkroad account information and login into Silkroad. You can use the login help for the
login with you wish.
5. When you are logged in, press F8, setup the functions available, refer to StealthLite 4 Dummies
for a more detailed description and functionality help. Once you have completed the setup phase, press F9 to initiate the bot's autotraining.

Functions list:
Due to this being StealthLite, we have limited the functions, here is a list of the available functions.

1. 5 Skills, 4 Buffs and Imbue.
2. Go to training area with load and save scripts with options avaliable:

- spawn attack pet
- buffs on the way
- autodefence on the way
- pickup pet can grab only the gold on the way

3. Character and Pet auto-potting with Char emergency vigor poting.
4. Character and Pet pick-up control.
5. Autotraining with all options.
6. Party control.
7. Items merge. [Not from/to pet/char].
8. Friend list control (this list is created from your silkroad list!!!)
9. Block chat spammers (this list can be saved for the silkroad use after a new connect)
10. quick login help with a little logic
11. autostart nuConnector

F8 - Show/hide the bot.
F9 - Start and Stop autotraining.

Top Status Bar:

- Mobkills [right click], start/stop autotraining.
- Minimize [left click], minimize and maximize the client [Setup the size of the minimized client under the 'General Tab'.
- Hide [left click], show/hide the client.
- Hide [right click], show/hide the bot.
- Script [left click], record new script for start and stop.
- Script [right click], run/stop the script.
- Quit - [left click], Quits out of the bot and Silkroad Online.

If you get an exception, you need to get into the StealthBot folder > 'Test' and obtain the text files: stealthexerror.log.
This you have to post Sly2 per PM (!!!) so we can update the bot and debug it.
Note: You need Framework 2.0/3.5 to use the bot.

The bot doesn't need any SRO_Loaders either, it patches: noDC, Zoom, Nude, Swear filter, NuConnector IP Change.

A reminder also: the bot is not bug free. So, please, use at your own risk!
Use a new account to avoid ban.

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