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Guide For Working Vac,Wall Hack, Speed Hack & Auto Pots

Submitted: 10 years ago (04.29.2009) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 6,836

When 2 moons releases the new update you must uninstall the game completely, delete the c/programfiles/acclaim folder, then reinstall the game. Then let it run to log in screen then close the game. Then install the hacks.

How to Reduce your chance of crashing.

1) Make sure you're at the location you want to vac at.
2) While doing dungeons leave the vac part off. (Never crashed while doing this, can even renter without crash.)
3) If using map hack, and/or speed hack then make sure yo have done the correct steps.
4) Turn game graphics to low, also close background programs. 2moons will crash if system resources get to low.
5) If changing mob size, speed, agro radius, etc... make sure they aren't to high for you pc. Maybe try turning some stats down.


1) Why is it everytime I get to the server select screen, the game crashes after 30 seconds have passed.
Fix: Make sure you have moved the correct files to where they need to be located. Also, make sure you have not turned on the hacks. (Checked off the little boxes.)

2)When I click launch it says access denied. (Cheat Engine same issue.)
Fix: Run program as administrator.

3)Whenever i activate the launcher for Gameguard Killer v1.2a (in the unpacked Dekaron_Dekaron which is in the c:\programfiles\acclaim\2moons\bin) it says: "can't find file to inject."
Fix: If all files are place correctly reboot your pc. Will correct the issue.

4)The code needs a [ENABLE] and a [DISABLE] section if you want to add it to a table.
Fix: Make sure you copy and paste the codes correctly. If you miss a line it will give you a error.

Q and A

Q: Will Gameguard Killer work on other games or versions or 2moons.
A: Probably not, might also get you banned.

Q: Does this work on other version of 2moons.
A: Yes and no. Details: you need to get a gameguard killer for the version you are playing, then need to get correct address for the cheats on the version you are playing.

Make sure before even unpacking the hack that 2moons is updated to the latest version and not just installed off of the installer. This includes the gameguard files. So after you install the game, run it once untill you get to the log in screen then install the hacks.

Side note: The lower the graphic settings are set to the less crashes you will get. This means lower the graphics and try to have nothing else running that is not needed.

First off you need to download this. Ok added new link to the new file. Link now for forum members only. Since coded link can be viewed by guest.

Save this into a folder on your desktop. I will refer to the folder as VIP. [Found as desktop\vip]

Now once that's done downloading, extract the files into the desktop\VIP folder. You sould now have desktop\Vip\newnoname231pack folder, witch has: unpacked_4.6.17.rar, CheatEngine54.exe, GameGuard_killer_.rar.
Now extract Gameguard killer v1.2 into the desktop\VIP folder.
Create a new folder in the desktop\VIP folder and call it Copies.
Now go to c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons and copy the launcher.exe Paste the copy in desktop\Vip\copies folder. Now go to c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons\bin and copy the gameguard folder. Paster it in the desktop\Vip\copies Folder.

Now take the GameGuard folder in the desktop\VIP\newnoname231pack\Gameguard_killer folder and replace the c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons\bin one with it.
Also move the unpacked_dekeron.exe,you need to extract it from the .rar file found in desktop\VIP\newnoname231pack\upacked_4.6.17.rar file, into c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons\bin

Now go back to c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons and use the deasktop\VIP\newnoname231pack\gameguard_killer launcher.exe (the one with the rocket ship image) and replace the c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons one with it. Now right click it and

select send to... then desktop.

Now run the cheatengine54.exe found in desktop\Vip\newnoname231pack. Let it install. Dont bother with tutorial or ct file check.

Importent Not for vista users, run all the programs from here on as admin.

Now all you need is to add the codes to the Cheat Engine. So to do this launch the launcher.exe on the desktop. Press the ... button. Now make usre your at c\programfiles\acclaim\2moons\bin then double click the unpacked_dekeron.exe
Now launch the game. DO NOT LOG IN.

Now open Cheat Engine. Click the computer screen symble in the top left hand corner. Now look for unpacked_dekeron.exe (Will only work if you are at the server select screen not before or after, so do not log in)
Once you have found click on it and press ok. (some users may not find the unpacked_dekeron.exe, instead they will have to select the windows list and look for 2moons, there will only be 1 if you have to use this method.) Notice, when selecting the unpacker_dekeron.exe process in cheat engine if a error pops up just click cancel until it goes away. Then continue on as normal.

***Programing the codes**** Now select the Memory view option. In the new pop up go to Tools and select Auto assemble. Now select Template and then Code Injection.

Insert the code: 00459D8D
Now delete anything in the new screen and paste this.


jmp newmem

//DwExploreRange eax
mov [eax+08],00000020//DwSight eax+08
mov [eax+04],00000020//DwPersuitRange eax+04
//DwAvoidRange eax+0C
//mov [eax+10],00000064//DwExploreStandDelay eax+10
//mov [eax+14],00000064//DwExploreMoveDelay eax+14
//mov [eax+18],00000064//DwStandDelay eax+18
//mov [eax+1C],00000064//DwMoveDelay eax+1C
//DwFollowMyMasterRange eax+20
//DwStopMasterNear eax+24
//DwWarpMyMasterRange eax+28
mov [eax+2C],00000064//DwCallTeamPossibelHP eax+2C
mov [eax+30],00000020//DwCallTeamCount eax+30
mov [eax+34],00000000//DwBlockNFirstAttack eax+34//mov [eax+38],00000020//dwCallTeamCell byte[eax+38]
//dwFollowTarget eax+3C
//mov [eax+40],00000000//DwUnderAttackAggro eax+40
//mov [eax+44],00000000//DwMeleeAttackRangeInAggro eax+44
//mov [eax+48],00000000//DwRangeAttackRangeInAggro eax+48
//DwSightInAggro eax+4C
//DwDefeatAggro eax+50
mov [eax+54],00000000//DwBlockedAggro eax+54
mov [eax+58],00000000//DwSlideAggro eax+58
mov [eax+5C],00000000//DwHealAggro eax+5C
//DwMasterUnderAttackAggro eax+50
//DwMasterDefeatAggro eax+54
//DwMasterBlockingAggro eax+58
//DwMasterSlideAggro eax+5C
//DwCOmplusionUnderAttackAggro eax+60
//dwMaxSummonsMonsterCount eax+64
//dwReSummonsMonsterTick eax+68
//dwMaxSummonsMonsterRange eax+6C
//dwSummonsStartPcCountPatternType eax+70

mov edx,[eax+1c]
mov [ecx+20],edx

mov edx,10 // number spawn
mov [eax+8c],edx

mov edx,64 // time delay spawn
mov [eax+90],edx

mov edx,30 // # follow monster
mov [eax+3C],edx

//mov [ecx+20],edx // # follow my master
jmp returnhere

mov edx,[eax+1c]
mov [ecx+20],edx

push 60
push 00a9f448
call 00889d18
mov edi,00000094
mov eax,edi
call 00886430
mov [ebp-18],esp
mov esi,esp
mov [esi],edi
push esi
call dword ptr [00a2519c]
mov ecx,[esi+10]
mov [00c154a8],ecx
mov eax,[esi+04]
mov [00c154b4],eax
mov edx,[esi+08]
mov [00c154b8],edx
mov esi,[esi+0c]
and esi,00007fff
mov [00c154ac],esi
cmp ecx,02
or esi,00008000
mov [00c154ac],esi

shl eax,08
add eax,edx
mov [00c154b0],eax
xor esi,esi
push esi
mov edi,[00a251b0]
call edi
cmp word ptr [eax],5a4d
jne 00883afd
mov ecx,[eax+3c]
add ecx,eax

Then select file and Add to current cheat table. Now at the bottom of cheat engine it is now there.

Here is what you can do to reduce the mobs distance.
In your Vac code find this:

//mov [eax+18],00000064//DwStandDelay eax+18
//mov [eax+1C],00000064//DwMoveDelay eax+1C

Change it to:

mov [eax+18],000001F4//DwStandDelay eax+18
mov [eax+1C],000001F4//DwMoveDelay eax+1C

Take note. 00000064 is hex number = 100 (Decimal) where 000001F4 = 500 (Decimal). If it make you crash a lots, try increase it to 00000320 (Hex). "

To edit the amount of monsters that will follow you find the line

mov edx,30 // # follow monsterp

and change the 30 to anything between 0 and 99. Remember the more monsters higher chance of DC.

And to edit distance mob charges at you from find the line

mov [eax+08],00000020//DwSight eax+08

Now you can change the 00000020 to 00000010, or Or

change mov [eax+08],00000020//DwSight eax+08


//mov [eax+08],00000020//DwSight eax+08

This will also help reduce crashes.

For anyone who wants to test max summon spawn add this to the code

mov edx,999 // number boss spawn
mov dword ptr [eax+8c],edx

mov edx,01 // time delay between spawn
mov dword ptr [eax+90],edx

And for Non agro
Insert the code: 0053DB4A
Now delete anything in the new screen and paste this.


jmp newmem


movzx eax,word ptr [esi+00000154]

//mov eax,01
//mov word ptr [esi+00000156],ax
mov [esi+00000070], 41400000 // speed mob
//40c00000 = 6 lv 1 (to replace the above blue color)
//40400000 = 12 lv 2 (to replace the above blue color)
//41c00000 = 24 lv 3 (to replace the above blue color)
mov byte ptr [esi+00000174],00 // malee attack range = 0
mov byte ptr [esi+00000244],00 // magic attack range = 0
mov [esi+00000240],0000000 //other attack range = 0
mov [esi+0000023c],0000000 //other attack range = 0
mov [esi+00000238],0000000 //other attack range = 0
mov eax,03
mov word ptr [esi+00000154],ax

jmp returnhere


movzx eax,word ptr [esi+00000154]

Then select file and Add to current cheat table. Now at the bottom of cheat engine it is now there.

To help reduce crashes you can change the speed of how fast the mob runs. Find the code

mov [esi+00000070], 41400000 // speed of the mob

Now you can change 41400000 back to the default 40900000, or
to any of these:
40c00000 = 6 lv 1
40400000 = 12 lv 2
41c00000 = 24 lv 3

Now if you dont want to have to reprogram the hacks all the time select the save option(little disk), call it what ever you want.

Once it's saved you need to close everything.

*** Open for use, same process everytime. ***
Use the launcher.exe on your desktop. Press the ... and select unpacked_dekeron.exe from \programfiles\acclaim\2moons\bin
Do not launch, first open the Cheat Engine. Once it's open then launch the game. When you get to the loging screen go back to the cheat engine. Click the computer screen symble in the top left hand corner. Now look for

unpacked_dekeron.exe Once you have found click on it and press ok. (some users may not find the unpacked_dekeron.exe, instead they will have to select the windows list and look for 2moons, there will only be 1 if you have to use this


Now go back to the game and log in. Once loged into server go back to the cheat engine. If you choose to save the programed hacks click the folder then select noname231vac.CT. If not program the hacks as mentioned above. Now all you have

to do is click the hacks and make sure they are checked off. If they are then your hacks are now working.

update 1.1 Auto Pots

Auto pots now available for use.

Simply use the potion once using F1/f2 or whatever Key you set them to. Then it turns them into auto pots. <--- Thanks to CrystalMaiden for informing me on this is how to activate it.

insert code: 0052D83F


jmp newmem

cmp dword ptr [eax+08],01 // checking for HP pot?
jne check_mana
mov dword ptr[eax+08],11 // change to auto pot
mov dword ptr[eax+10],11
cmp dword ptr [eax+08],02 // checking for MP pot?
jne finished_check
mov dword ptr[eax+08],12 // change to auto pot
mov dword ptr[eax+10],12
cmp dword ptr [eax+08],13
je 0052dd2a

jmp returnhere


cmp dword ptr [eax+08],13
je 0052dd2a

Due to 2moons update on the map packs I believe that there is now way to get a map hack as a injectable code. There are other methods that do work but due to the map coding changing every time someone loads the map it is impossible to my knowledge to get cheat engine to search for the code with a injected code. Even with multiple offsets cheat engine can not determine the map code without a proper search for it, witch needs to be done manually. So until further notice please refer to: This

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