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Deadfront Timer

Lets you know when Deadfront is on. | Submitted: 10 years ago (08.14.2010) | Views: 3,412


Just choose which server you play on Siz or Helion and it will update the settings to the proper Deadfront times.


Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone has posted something similar, I know there was an outdated one a while back but if someone has posted a new one my apologies.

Anyways I don't know about all of you, but I know I constantly get asked In-game "when is df?"

So I have made a little program which tells you how long til the next DF and all DF times.

Link: Deadfront Timer

All you have to do is run the program and then select your server.

Tested on Windows XP SP3.

Please reply any Vista or Win7 user if it is working for you.

Welcome to send tou friends.

Just don't take credit, we spent many hours programming it.

- 2MoonsExpertZ

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