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Aion SZ US and EU

Most used Aion bot at the moment | Submitted: 10 years ago (10.08.2009) | Thanks: 3 | Views: 20,632


All the gold farmers are using the Aion SZ Bot.


Check it out at


- Leveling from 1-20 in a day
- Ability to generate 1mil kinah a day with a level 30+ character
- Auto completion of class change quest level 9, stigma quest level 20, and abyss quest level 25
- Intelligent AI, runs back to spot after death
- Recalls and sells loot
- PVP setup, it pvps for you too
- And much much more

How It Works:

You setup a game account, activate it

Hit verify and then start, the bot will launch aion

Once your in the game login to your character hit home key it will open up the bot window

Setup your range settings,skill settings and hunting settings
hit start

From then on its happy botting


Q: Aion SZ shows up in chinese characters

A:  The problem has been solved since the new 1.07 version was launched. The bot display language is base on the language of your operating system. If you’re using windows XP and above it shouldnt be an issue anymore

Q: Aion SZ will not auto run the game

A:  Aion SZ runs the game through the registry. Thus, if you have just copied and paste Aion from a friend it will not function. You gotta install it into your system for it to perform accordingly.

Q: Aion SZ won’t work after the game updates

A: This issue will always occur when Aion receives a new patch, It takes an average of 4 - 6 hours for the technicians to update the bot. Customer are advised to be patience and allow time for the technicians to adapt Aion SZ for the new patch. Once Aion SZ has been updated, customers are required to click the auto update button on the top right corner of the program to get the appropriate version of Aion SZ for the new patch before continuing botting activities.

Q: Is it safe to use Aion SZ, will my account get banned?

A: This is a tricky question. I cannot guarantee anything; I personally use it since i do not have much time to actually play the game. I have left it overnight a gazillion times. Having said that, leaving it overnight is your own decision and you have to take the risk. All i can say is that as long as you are in front of the computer and monitoring it. It is pretty much safe, Ncsoft has certain criteria’s to meet before banning an account for botting, if your in front of the computer, you are able to stop the bot and reply to them you don't have anything to be worried about.

Q: I cant see my skills list

A: just got a question by a customer, to solve this issue just restart your pc. For mac users, the home button links Aion SZ to the game, thus you wont be able to see the skill list until you link Aion SZ to the game. Hit fn+left key its the home button for mac computers. That should solve your missing skill list issues.

Q: I cant seem to find the servers for EU

A: Apparently the designers did not input the server list for EU. Not to fear you do not need to select a server in order to use Aion SZ, once verify is complete you can just click start and manually log in to your character and the game.

Q: Will tunneling work with Aion SZ

A: Yes it will

Q: What operating system will it run on?

A: Xp and above, however there seems to be an issue with the bot running on windows 7 64bit i would not recommend anyone using windows 7 64bit to buy it, unless you have another OS. I am currently troubleshooting with a customer in resolving his windows 7 64bit with Aion SZ

Does this still work?
Please login to verify Aion SZ US and EU