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NOFap Bot

Submitted: 10 years ago (10.15.2009) | Thanks: 2 | Views: 15,430


v0.25.1b - Update for game version

v0.25b - Fixed add handling issues, added XP and time to level info, other misc

v0.24.1b - Fixed ignore mob problem

v0.24b - Fixed potting issue.

v0.23b - Finally tracked down kill-stealing bug, other logic updates.

v0.22b - Fixed the periodic crash problem, and the resting while looting problem. Seems stable so far.

v0.2.1b - Fixed several bugs, included external config file

v0.2b - Complete redesign, too much to list

v0.1.44b - Fixed the "Incompatible Version" error

v0.1.43b - Fixed the instant crashes (no more need to change region settings)

v0.1.42b - Added support for Windows Vista x64 and Windows 7 x64. XP x64 support is coming very soon

v0.1.30b - Added config options and fixed a few misc bugs

v0.1.2b - Fixed resting for non-healers, added a "Healer" checkbox

What does it do

- Searches for mobs, attacks until dead
- Heals when health gets low
- Rests when mana/energy get low
- Skip targets that it cannot attack successfully
- Ignores level 1 mobs (little creatures)
- Loots all corpses
- Autounstuck*

(*The unstuck feature really sucks right now, but it works for the
most part. It's just something temporary until I get waypoints working.)

What's coming:
- Buffs
- Waypoints
- Global hotkeys
- More attack buttons
- Custom keybinds
- Gathering
- Run in background (minimizing Aion possible)
- Corpse retrieval
- Whisper responses
- MoreDetection

Seeing as it acts like a keyboard, and doesn't write any memory
(outside if its address space), it isn't detectable until they
specifically scan for it (meaning it doesn't throw any flags). If
people like this and use it, I may just package it in a root kit (like
Glider's shadow driver).

I hope you enjoy it.

How to use:

1 - Pull attack
2 - Attack2
3 - Attack3
4 - Attack 4
"Alt + 1" - Heal
"Alt + 3" - Health Pot
7 - Loot
9 - Rest
"Alt + =" - Buff1
"Alt + -" - Buff2
"Alt + 0" - Buff3
W - Forward
E - Turn around

Optional Movement:

Q - Autorun
E - Reverse View
Note: Make sure after clicking "On", that you make Aion the foreground window.

Video: Aion Bot - Novi's Fully Automated Player (Nofap) on Vimeo

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Credits for NOFap Bot

Novi (Novus Destructus)