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Kill Macro

Point, Click, Dead with no EULA infringement | Submitted: 10 years ago (10.16.2009) | Views: 13,770


This is a macro you can run with a free program that interacts with the aion game when it is set to "full-screen windowed mode". Keep in mind that screen resolutions vary and graphics cards display colors differently, therefore, this is not plug and play. Some calibratin is required.


I will be describing the Bot Macro I have been working on, however, this is a simple Macro with no memory writing and no autonavagation.  you will need the current version of the ACTool program from here:
Aion Kill Bot Macro
This bot is usefull in pvp and most sustained boss fights.
What does it do?
Currently I have it set up to cycle through your combat sequence as fast as possible, effectively utilizing the delays and overlapping keying, I have the current example I am using and the core macro you can work on building your own from.
How do I use this Macro?
Its as easy as 1 2 3... just start the macro, select a target and watch it die.
How do I calibrate the Macro?
When first building your macro go to the starting area, use the target dummy as your target and work out the timing, overlap and key mixing. A macro that has alot of delays in it is slow and not effective in real life PvPvE so keep that in mind and work on overlapping and key mixing as much as possible.
Some Simple Steps
Set the Mouse Position for the detection of a target. Screen resolutions are not the same and colors may appear different on each computer so do not skip these steps and run it.

this is and example of where ON YOUR TARGET you should select and test. Just target any npc, get your mouse locatin and run the macro under test mode with color test to get the proper color for the location. Edit the macro and go to the next step.
Set the Mouse Positin for each skill that will be detected. I reccomend using base skills that chain. Also, I reccomend using this with buffs that have the same CD as they do duration so you dont end up casting the buff over and over again waisting your manna. Some buffs need to be left out of the loop and manually clicked as needed to optimize the effectiveness of this macro.

Find the Mouse Position of the first Skill and all subsequent skills you want to detect, edit the locations so the X varies but the Y is the same.
I used this to maintain maximum DPS on a Boss raid as we downed the Guardian General of the Eastern Seil Fortress on the Fergion server... the first fortress ever downed and our max level toon was 39.

I have attached my sin kill macro so you can see what I am currently using. It is as effective I can get it till I level up some more. I will come back to post my lvl 50 kill macro for my sin when I am done getting it tuned in. 

Updated macro so it does not attempt to continue to attack a dead target.

Kill Macro Screenshots

Kill Macro

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