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Automatic Aion Bot v.2.9.3 by hazetheone!

A Bot which you can customize with your prefernces Now Availible in updated VER! | Submitted: 10 years ago (01.05.2010) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 24,598


The Automatic Aion Bot v.2.9.3 by hazetheone does everything for you!
Even Better in v.3.0.1!!


Hello everyone...

I tried to translate the description of plany123's Bot. My skills aren't as good as they should be. However...

I hope you'll understand

Update to v1_rc2.3

• Turning should be completely removed

• Developer debug messages removed

• LootBug fixed (i hoe so -.-)

• F6 as NotStopp hotkey

• info button at advanced included

Update to v1_rc2

• AutoRelease via mouse if you die

• sensitivity reduced of movement - should minimize turning

Update to new v1_rc1 FIXED

• Antistucking and LowSwitch should work correctly

ADD: AntiStucking

ADD: Random Jumper

ADD: Low Switch Mob Attack

AutoAion - Release Version 1

"Bot Status" - Tab shows you...

• ...what the bot has accomplished before

• ...what the bot is doing in this moment

• long he is playing and how much time is remaining til shutdown

At the top is a status log which lists up all important events. It
contains counter and timer, eg. how long he still needs for a LvLUP;
how much EXP he has earned and how many adversaries he has killed.

Among is the shutdown timer. You can specify there how long the bot is
'allowed' to play - you have to enter the time in MINUTES. If its
playing time is executet, he automatically logs off from the game or
goes AFK (adjustable).

At the moment it is possible to start the bot in two differend modes. Combat mode, and Traveler Mode.

• Combat Mode --> Searching & Killing Enemies & Moving from Waypoint to Waypoint

• Travel Mode --> Only cheking Waypoints only one time by running
from waypoint to waypoint. He will defend himself if there is an
pre-emptive monster...

Perfect for testing waypoints for the Combat mode once or automatically overcome long distances.

The start button is inactive as long as you create a profile and has
not loaded the waypoints! Is this done the button will turn active.
After pressing the button "Run Bot" he will start after 3s. It can be
interrupted by the F5 key.

"WayPoints" - Tab

To create a waypoint-file you have to enter a name first, eg.
"Belu_30_Keep". After this press the 'Create WP-List" Button. Now you
can add waypoints either pushing the "Add WayPoint" button or the plus
key upon your NumPad.

Between the single waypoints should be no obstacles. They should have a minimum distance of 5m and a maximum distance of 100m.

If you set an incorrect waypoint, you can remove the latest waypoint
with the "Delete last WP" button or the minus key upon your NumPad.

After creating the waypoint list they are automatically loaded.

If you restart the bot you have to load the Waypoint list again. This
can be done with the "Load WP-List"- and "Load GhostWP-List" button.

Waypoints are points he always run over. When your character dies you
will release at the obilisk where are you binded. Then the bot uses the
GWP come back to your farmspot. Combat Waypoints and GhostWayPoints
will be created in the same way and then you must load the waypoints
into the appropiate slots.

"Attack-Config" - Tab

The combat-system is oriented to the HealthPoints of the adversary.

Adversary over 88% press 4 / - / 3 / 3. If the adversary didn't reach
88% while this KeySet is active it will start over until he reaches the
questioned precentage.

Adversary over 60% press 2. If the adversary didn't reach 60% while
this KeySet is active it will start over until he reaches the
questioned precentage.

...and so on.

The last selected HP fiel MUST end with 0 (!!!) and the attack-keys must be seperated with a semicolon in the "KeySet".

• Pre-Cast --> executed before the fight starts; You have to enter
the cooldown (in seconds) and the casttime in milliseconds. An instant
cast should be declared with a castime of 800ms an the cooldown as in
the ingame tooltip.

• Post-Cast --> executed after the fight ...

• EM-Cast --> It is your guarantee against dying. The EM Cast will
cancel all your casts/actions, when you drop under your entered HP
value and uses the pots or healing spells on your key. Also use a
casstime of 800ms here.

• Loot --> There you have to enter the Key, where your button "Pick Up Item" lies on.

• Reg --> There you have to enter the Key, where your button "Toggle
Rest" lies on. It is really neccessary that you enter a HP percentage,
where the bot starts regging.

Press the "Save" button after each time you have changed your settings.

You can also load other profiles. Simply select another from the drop-down-box and press on "Load".

Never put keys into the "KeySet" without a instant where the cooldown
time is too long. It can always be resisted, dodged or something like

Don't panic if any chainskill wouldn't be triggered. Simply place the key several times, eg.: 5;5;5;5;3;3;2;5;5;5;5;6;....

"Advanced" - Tab

In the "Advanced" Settings you can choose how the bot will behave in general.

I hope you like it!


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