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[Release] Nyerkbot

It'll get you to 50, and then some! | Submitted: 9 years ago (07.02.2010) | Thanks: 2 | Views: 8,412

How it works:

Reads Aion game information from memory.
Sends keystrokes and mouse clicks to interact with the game client, just like you do when you're playing.

Robust Skills System
The skills system has been designed to be as customizable as possible. Whereas simple bots may allow a static number of skills with limited customization, the Nyerkbot skills system allows you to specify exactly how you want to use your skills.

Priority List defines the 'priority', or general order in which your skills are used
Conditions allow you to set specific conditions that must be met in order for a skill to be used. (see picture of condition editor)
Chain Skills are easily configured

Waypoint pathing system

Hunting Waypoints allow your character to navigate an area, grinding monsters.
Recovery waypoints allow your character to navigate from the Obelisk to your Hunting route area, in the event you die.
Quest waypoints are used to navigate to a quest NPC. They are used in conjunction with the Quest Repeater system to automate repeatable quests, such as platinum coin quests.

Waypoint Editor Interface is nice and slim

Nothing too advanced, but it gets the job done. You can right click on the radar to customize many aspects of the radar, including colors, what is displayed, and so on. You can click to remove waypoints as well!

Chat Logging
Nyerkbot can read the Aion chat.log file in real time to support enhanced functionality, such as:

Whisper detection (can log out after # amount of PM's, etc)
Detection of other relevant chat - log events

Minimalist Interface
The main interface of NyerkBot is nice and small (resizable of course), and displays the bare essentials:

Console text - the skills the bot is using, and other information.
Chat text - chat logging events are shown here.
Debug text - shows the debug text information in real time.

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