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Guide To Become Ultimate Sniper

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A beginners guide to become the Ultimate Sinper.


The "sniper" is the soldier Developed specifically for long-distance attack by the gunplay that has in its kit.\r\nThis\r\n is not to say you can not affront close combat as this varies from the \r\nplayer\'s ability, however a personal opinon using the sniper kit for \r\nclose combat is against the kit itself and the performance of this.\r\n"What you see is not the same you see your enemy"\r\nMuch\r\n of the performance of the game depends on the graphics of this and the \r\nsniper even more as the line between being killed as a ghost murderer is\r\n measured in pixels\r\n\r\nDEMO 1 (viewing distance charts and minimize)\r\nFirst\r\n we see that when playing with low graphics settings and a minimum \r\nviewing distance notice the contrast between the floor and the player \r\nincreases (ground shine)\r\nAnd the range of vision is reduced drastically.\r\n\r\nDEMO2 (graphics to a minimum and maximum viewing distance)\r\nBy\r\n playing with this setup we noticed (on most maps in other even more) \r\nthat the effect curtains generates approximately 300 mts.\r\n\r\nDEMO 3 (graphic maximum viewing distance and middle)\r\nThe\r\n first thing noticed is that the floor is darker than we implied that \r\nthe contrast between the player and the ground has been reduced making \r\nit more difficult to see everything because the colors fit the landscape\r\n itself.\r\n\r\nDEMO 4 (graphics to maximum and the minimum viewing distance)\r\nWe\r\n noticed that the curtain effect is generated at 300 meters or so (on \r\nmost maps in other even more) but instead can not see anything through \r\nit or if any single large objects such as tanks and some vehicles.\r\n\r\nDEMO 5 (distance vision and graphics to the max)\r\nWe\r\n note that the effect curtains convertidoen ah fog effect and the effect\r\n of curtain is now 500 to 600 meters (in most of the maps in other even \r\nmore or less away) and easy to estimate your range.\r\n\r\nDEMO 6 (graphics to medium and maximum viewing distance)\r\nWith\r\n this configuration, the human targets are only visible to 300 meters \r\n(in most of the maps in other even more or less distance)\r\n\r\nDEMO 7 (all configurations that includes the maximum aspect ratio)\r\nhuman\r\n bodies disappear from the 400 meters approximately shooting human \r\ntargets even at this distance is possible only on certain maps and \r\ncertain positions on the map. An example of the map "Strike of Karkand" \r\neffect curtain is approximately 100 meters one way to get the effect of \r\n"curtain" for example Sharqi Peninsula map all you have to do is put us \r\nin a position where the curtain effect cut the crane in half revealing \r\npotential snipers are on this giving us the first shot.\r\n\r\n"You\'re positioned to kill or be killed"\r\nMuch\r\n of what affects your K / D is the position from which you choose to \r\nshoot and that all positions have pros and cons, but what should worry \r\neven more as a sniper is your background (scenery around you) should \r\nalways have something behind of yours to help you mix up your \r\nsilhouette. some positions favored to sniper like building roofs, \r\nhilltops and towers but these positions are excellent targets because \r\nthey find high ground in turn does not provide much "background" as your\r\n character has a high contrast with the the sky and is easy to locate. \r\nHilltops can be very dangerous because the geometry of these in the \r\ndistance are not consistent, another thing to consider even more to have\r\n a "background" and that even so a good sniper is able to find you\r\nIs\r\n the space between you and your target and it gives you 2 things: one is\r\n that your opponent makes it more difficult to find and second that if \r\nyou find it more difficult to connect the shot. In most of the things \r\nevery time you shoot someone with a sniper rifle that comes back with a \r\nsniper kit to try to hunt you to avoid this always is best moved out \r\nthis increases your chances to survive and avoid being discovered. bases\r\n of trees and shrubs are an example of items you can use to "hide" your \r\nfigure but beware not all shrubs are drawn even in the highest graphics \r\nsettings large shrubs that has a trunk in the middle are excellent cover\r\n for shots long distance because if they are drawn.\r\nGrass coverage may only be used for close range shots.\r\nIf\r\n possible you should try to see in advance where and foliage area that \r\nchoose to shoot this gives us a view of what you see your enemy but be \r\ncareful though not visible can still be found (fired red) .\r\nSniper\'s \r\ngreatest enemy is the enemy commander, a good commander uses the scanner\r\n option and "paint" those points which are remote from the main battle \r\nthat even with your best defense is to change positions frequently (on a\r\n personal opinion usually change place during each recharge)\r\n\r\nSNIPER TACTICS how to use your kit\r\n"Every weapon has a use"\r\nThis part of the guide will show you how to get the maximum performance of other weapons that make up the sniper kit.\r\n\r\nStarting with the claymore anti-personnel mine;\r\nAlthough\r\n the range of action of this weapon is short you should be careful where\r\n you place it because it is always fatal its range of activities from 10\r\n to 5 meters radius.\r\nThere are 2 ways to use this great weapon, if it\r\n want to increase your killings will be placed offensively defending \r\nflags and near the corners which are difficult to see.\r\nIf you are \r\ngoing to do is shoot from a fixed position the best thing to do is put \r\ndefensively so that you can save your life, above doors and wall \r\nstairways are a great example of how to place but always you should pay \r\nattention when it triggered claymore that means it\'s time to find \r\nanother position.\r\n\r\nGrenades are lots of fun and that they can get a lot of\r\nkills\r\n with just one. holding the right click a bar appears at the bottom \r\nright of the screen that is an indicator of force that throws the \r\ngrenade that is better than simply pressing the left mouse button as the\r\n distance that is thrown is higher, and if you throw jumps when the \r\ndistance is even greater there are many ways to get all the "juice" this\r\n weapon is only a matter of practice.\r\n\r\nThe knife however takes a \r\nlittle more even though the attack is very short you should pay \r\nattention because this happens shortly after you press the button this \r\nis because the game should draw your arm moving on the screen knowing \r\nthis is only a matter to practice with and advance your moves with it. \r\non personal opinion when you change position or move for the battlefield\r\n is better with the knife in his hand with the gun. One of the great \r\nembarrassments of a sniper is to get a stab in the back it shows that do\r\n not pay attention to the sound of approaching footsteps while aiming "a\r\n knife in the back means you do not pay attention to your surroundings."\r\n\r\nThe\r\n pistol is not accurate to say, and the damage it produces is small even\r\n when directly connected several shots in close combat you can spend \r\nseveral clips "ammunition clip" to knock out a single enemy but if \r\nyou\'re patient you can learn to shoot distant targets, one of the best \r\nways to capitalize on the gun is servile support your sniper rifle when \r\nthe shot to the head fail you can finish off with the gun that is faster\r\n than waiting for your sniper rifle , always good to have all your guns \r\nloaded and ready you never know who you\'ll encounter on the next corner\r\n\r\nsurprising YOUR ENEMY\r\n"are ready to Pwnd your enemy?"\r\nThis part of the guide is only the rifle itself.\r\n\r\nThere is much to talk about when deciding what is the best rifle, since none is better than another\r\nAs everyone else has its pros and cons so depending on what you want your role in the game is the rifle that you will choose.\r\n\r\nIf\r\n you plan on running with your squad, you\'ll be in several situations of\r\n close combat so the SVD (sniper rifle mec) and type 88 (chinesse rifle)\r\n are your best bet these rifles as the possibility of killing many \r\nenemies in a small amount of time also gives you the opportunity to kill\r\n on the second trip if you failed the shot to the head which are \r\nimportant in close combat the only disadvantage is that you can call it \r\nas well is that the damage generated by these low so you need at least 3\r\n or 4 shots to kill an enemy but as with all snipers rifles they kill \r\nwith a headshot\r\n\r\nIf you play on maps with vechiculos then your \r\nbest option is the M95 sniper rifle this powerful 50-caliber rifle has a\r\n special ability to shoot through bulletproof glass planes and \r\nhelicopters. If you see a plane or helicopter smoking and burning Shoot!\r\n This powerful rifle will give the last damage and so giving you credit \r\nfor 2 deaths, but all sniper rifles hurts aircraft vehicles you must \r\njust be the last to hit and get credit for the killings\r\nBut if you \r\nprefer the long-range shooting in M42 (marine sniper rifle) or type 88 \r\n(chinesse sniper rifle) are your best choice if only the first ever \r\nkilled in the second shot being a bolt action rifle as to type 88 in a \r\nsemi-automatic type need at least 3 or 4 shots, but as already mentioned\r\n both they kill from one shot to the head. what makes these rifles shot \r\nbetter for longer than the M95 (Barret sniper rifle) is that the lines \r\nof sight (crosshairs) are thinner facilitate these shots. What makes you\r\n you\'re ready to pwnd your enemy.\r\n\r\nAs we all know the bullets in \r\nthe game (BF2) follow a trajectory would an example to take the bullets \r\nfrom the tank to the first 150 to 200 meters this deviation caused by \r\nthe trajectory is minimal deference "where your aiming for is where the \r\nbullet hits" although the game does not have a way to show you the \r\ntrajectory the bullet this fall should be calculated by simple estimate \r\nbased on the center point sights (crosshair). So taking that, by \r\ndefinition, if you are shooting a target that is for example 300 meters \r\npointing directly at the head the gravity will make the bullet fall at \r\nhis feet or hitting the floor and thus missing the shot to achieve this \r\nkind of should point shooting several pixels above your head to get the \r\nshot to the head as mentioned above the definition of life or death is \r\nmeasured in pixels.\r\n\r\nMoving targets are targets even more \r\ndifficult to achieve but not impossible this is achieved by calculating \r\nthe distance at which they are and look forward a little to get the \r\ndeath bunny hoppers are even more complicated one way to kill them is to\r\n estimate where is where is hit the ground everything else is simply \r\nshoot a little before it hits the floor.\r\nswim targets do not require \r\nmany reflections they are considered as stationary targets in comparison\r\n to targets that are running across the screen.\r\n\r\nADVANCED SNIPER TACTICS\r\n"Killing what you can not see"\r\nThe simple fact you can not see something does not mean you can not hit\r\nJust\r\n having some estimation and lots of luck you can get the target one \r\nexample of this would be at fixed positions such as antiaircraft \r\npositions where you know your target will not move you just have to \r\npoint to where the head is is assumed that these and have a lot of luck.\r\n\r\n"Shooting the red"\r\nIf\r\n you put your sights on your enemy\'s name will appear in red after about\r\n 2 seconds this in turn is located in the center of the character (the \r\nbelly button of this) which almost always give us a shot in the chest. \r\nKnowing this we can give invisible targets that are found within the \r\n"fog effect".\r\nAnother advantage is that not always give the position \r\nof enemies that are behind defenses or covered with the ground itself \r\n(we might say that if the enemy is behind metal plates defenses as some \r\nof them on the map are transferable but the damage is less)\r\n\r\n"The distant silhouette"\r\nIn\r\n some maps and in certain angles (as explained above) can be seen behind\r\n the "fog effect" as we move forward is showing the silhouette of the \r\nbuildings there this also applies to human obejtos (many servers to kill\r\n in this way is considered to cheat or even worse a hacker which does \r\nnot recommend doing this abuse "as happened to me more than 1 time)\r\n\r\n•\r\n They noticed that once the distance you can see the light that fires \r\nthe weapon of your target when fired, this is a good way to find an \r\nenemy and as the light is very close to the head to get a headshot is \r\nalmost always viable\r\n\r\n• There are certain skills you must possess in order to kill enemy snipers;\r\n\r\n- You must be fast\r\n- You must be precise\r\n- And most importantly you must anticipate what the enemy\'s movements\r\n\r\nChecking\r\n we can say that anyone can get many deaths infantry killing the real \r\ntest comes when you kill a sniper and over again without getting caught \r\nso you know if a sniper is a clever or dumb\r\nThe fool will always try to shoot from the same position.\r\nTo decipher this we just have a quick look at the map and evaluate your options\r\n"Where will attempt to find you" like previous cases much depends on luck.\r\n\r\nThe\r\n smart instead always find another place with a better angle poscion to \r\ntry to find you why it\'s always good to change positions (at least every\r\n recharge is what I do).\r\nA good way to implement this is at least 3 \r\npositions shooting fences between them as well to rotate positions and \r\navoid detection\r\n\r\nNow knowing and learned all this you might be accused of using aimbot or some kind of hacker\r\n\r\nconsider this as a badge of honor because you have good skills.

Guise by - SkySnip3z-NRNS-

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