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D2R Bot Configuration interface

This tool for jieguan take over bot makes botting now a breeze to setup | Submitted: 2 years ago (06.18.2022)


LUA can make bots more advanced, customizable and difficult to setup. This takes the confusion out of setup.


If you had ever used bots such as kolbot that require a config file to be edited with anything from notepad to notepad++ but being able to visually set your bot settings takes out the chance of having any errors be it a typo or a case sensitivity mistake.

Sometimes people will think they enabled their bosses from setting The "Baal = false" to "Baal=TRUE" such lack of attention to detail would result in failure to run script and the user wondering why they are getting a config script error asking them to enable a script to run. While it should have simply been "= true" that cost of time not only takes a toll on the client that is taking their time to set it for each of their champions but if they resort to having to contact support and also everyone's time gets wasted.

The logical choice to make it easy to setup without sacrificing the advanced customization was developing the JIEGUAN Config Editor now available for download and existing clients can get a key to login with (it uses a separate key than the jieguan login key) so that way auto updates on class config files are auto updated to the user and making sure they're always running the latest config version and have the latest features. So while making it easy to setup was the primary focus of the jieguan take over bot config editor for diablo 2 resurrected there is much more this tool will be offering, soon it will have the ability to let the user select which markets they want to auto post their loot into and it'll automatically create their listings for them and take out the tedious work of selling items.

You'll be glad you have it now with all the new features being added to this d2r bot it can get very confusing even for some foreign users who may not understand the commentary within the configuration files. Also some are still left wondering what a simple feature may mean as just to name a few that are simplified further in the interface such as fast pick & range may be referring to, looting quickly after each enemy kill and the range to pick up those items specified in the pick it nip file is also preset selections made for you to choose from early game to mid and late so you will find your shako being sold if you don't specify you do not mind it being imperfect. As with the recent banwave of mapassist maphack users have shown, don't download open source hacks for d2r and think it's safer than paid hacks that actually have a real warden tripwire system in place to prevent the user from running their bot for d2r right into a ban trap. Some developers may not understand the simple concept that a banned customer will not be a return customer.

With the latest release of jieguan featuring new classes and with smart combat AI styles you will not find yourself getting banned unless you opt for the lite version to farm a small amount of bosses very fast and all day long for weeks on end. This is not logical and will surely cause you to get flagged. Jieguan bot for d2r can navigate while there is loading screens and so you will find it killing act 1 boss andariel before the loading screen has finished making you question if she really was slain. Your loot log will let you know for sure of the quick gotten gains you've got in under a minute but with such great power comes great responsibility.

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D2R Bot Configuration interface

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