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[Liber Canis Mortui] Share them and multispawn.

Submitted: 1 year ago (10.22.2020)

Well i think there was a post about the multiple Liber somewhere.

Well, while doing this i noticed a few crazy things.

Well let us start on how to do this.

The how to
1. Spawn the liber
2. Sell the liber.
3. buy back the liber.
4. spawn a second liber. etc etc etc forever.

Now the fun stuff.

Give others your pets ( more than 1 way )
First way. ( the way i did it )
1. Your friend puts on a new puzzle ring
2. You and your friend go in to the same NPC and stay there
3. you do the liber spawn a bunch of times
4. now run away and your friend has some new pets

Second Way
1. Have a bunch of libers in an act ( different from the one you spawn in when you join the game )
2. Have a friend leave, then rejoin the game.
3. Your friend should have a mirror amount of dogs as you.

Third way
1. IN any act you or a friend has a bunch of libers.
2. You stand next to the WP
3. Your friend ports away to another place. ( if he has the dogs, if not turn the situation around )
4. All dogs just transferred to you/or your friend.

A little more.

If everyone leaves an act. The dogs will wait for a new master

This might have other uses in the future. but i have not explored them yet.
Here is some images

Does this still work?
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