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AFK Gold farming on T6 (barbs only) - 0 DPS needed, D3 Exploits, Diablo 3 Exploits
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by Leodem45
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AFK Gold farming on T6 (barbs only) - 0 DPS needed

Submitted: 3 years ago (10.22.2020)

AFK Gold farming on T6 (barbs only) - 0 DPS needed

This is my first post on this forum. I have read through most of the threads in this forum but couldn't see anything about this method.
I would like to share a somewhat self-found method for AFK gold farming. This Method doesnt give any legs or XP, but is meant for gold only.
I found this method while doing rat-caller afk farming.

What you will need is:
A barb
Lots of life/life regen/armor/all resist.
Macro program

imgur: the simple image sharer

Legendaries which may be useful for this method:
Goldskin(for more gold)
Spaulders of zakara(to protect the items getting red)
Rogars Huge Stone (for lfe regen)
A shield

Skills needed:
(Third picture on the link)
You actually dont need the 4 "action bar" skills, but you can choose to have Ignore pain and War Cry - invigorate if you can't survive. You may also choose other defensive skills by your choice.

Put your paragon points into Vit - Crit chance - Life regen/Armor - Gold find/Life on hit
Here is my stats with just defensive items:
(Second picture on the link)

What you need to do is find a place with lots of mobs which does melee-attack only. Im usually doing this one of the caves on the cemetery of the forsaken, which is full of skeletons. Here is a picture on action:
(First picture on the link)
I didn't lure alot to take a fast screenshot, I am not doing this anymore as I dont need gold atm.

When you are on that place. hold down the WW Skill, and set up a macro for pressing the Threathening shout skill. This skill does he trick. Are you afraid dieying? There is nothing to worry about. your WW keeps you alive . With this method, you can earn 1-3 mill Gold per hour depending on Gold find, amount of mobs, macro efficiency etc.

This is a good method for getting gold while youre asleep. 10-30M gold when you wake up .
I hope you enjoy this. This can't be fixed unless they nerf the grim harvest skill for barb

I had to put all screenshots in 1 link because of restrictions on the thread.
If you have any suggestions for this method to do it more efficient, just post it away Also I would like to know your toughts about this method. Questions are welcome.

Does this still work?
Please login to verify AFK Gold farming on T6 (barbs only) - 0 DPS needed