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Your chance for drop items

Submitted: 11 years ago (03.10.2009) | Thanks: 2


When you drop something you have some determinated chance to do it.



This value indicated in your characteristics improves your capacity with “dropper” of the items at the end of the combat. You have 100 points of prospection when you begin (120 for Enutrof) and you can improve it by equipping you with items with no-claims bonus in prospection. Moreover, the chance also enables you to improve this characteristic (+1 point in prospection all 10 points of chance).


Each small beast that you pourfendez has a number limited of resources on it. This number is not indexed on the bestiary of the official site, but generally, it is a relatively logical value (for example, Tofu has one nozzle, Bouftou with 2 horns, etc…). Therefore, even while typing to 8 on Tofu, the group will be able to divide one nozzle.
It is thus necessary to attack groups of many monsters to make “fall” more resources by combat.

Rate of drop

This percentage is that mentioned on the bestiary of the official site. While combining with the prospection of the “droppor”, one obtains the percentage of chance that it has droper this resource.

% of drop = % of item X % prospection of the droppor

The percentage of prospection of the droppor equal to his prospection is divided by 100. Thus, to 100 of prospection, the value indicated is to be taken such as it is (for example 30%) to 200 of prospection, this value is multiplied by 2 (here, 60%), etc
It is necessary to be well equipped in prospection to be likely more to collect item rare.


The division between member of the team which drop is relatively simple: it is that which has the highest threshold of prospection which is been useful in first. That of the team which has the lowest prospection will be able dropper however something if his/her young friends were not useful themselves before him (for lack of “statistical chance”).
It is necessary to be best equipped in prospection to have to be the been useful first.

Thresholds of prospection

Apart from the rate of drop, each resource has a threshold of prospection which starts the possibility of sound drop or not. For example, if one item has a threshold of drop of 200, the sum of the prospections of the members of the team which fights to it (S) monster (S) in question will have to exceed 200 in prospection to return this drop possible.
It is necessary to be numerous or to have much in very rare prospection to collect some items.

You will find below the thresholds of prospection generally noted for some resources.


Threshold of PP

Amber of Abra sinks 100
Amulet of royal Bouftou 200
Chops of Ouginak 200
Strips 100
Gilded bamboo 500
Gold corn 100
Bwak 100
Chart with the treasure of the minor sinks 100
Cawotte 100
Luidegît mushroom 100
Champo 200
Euphoric hemp 200
Key keep bwork 200
Key of the Bouftou keep 100
Key of the keep Blacksmith 100
Key of the keep Skeleton 100
Traumatisé coconut 100
Cocoon of worms with silk 100
Heart of torch 100
Heart of Ouginak 100
Shells of dragoeuf 100
Royal leather of bouftou 100
Tooth of crocodaille 100
Polished diamond [Ouginak] 100
Scale crcodaille 100
Bark of Bulbuisson 500
Polished emerald 300
Pack hook nipple 200
Pack of Kanigrou 100
Pack mulou 400
Pack prespic 200
Pack wild boar of the plains 100
Break into leaf of fourbasse 100
Sheets of kokoko 200
Silk wire 200
Resistant wire 100
Cake of leeks 100
Fleur of blop 100
Force of Crocoburio 200
Blasting 100
Fragment of bone 200
Pointed stone fragment 200
Bluish frosts 100
Frozen strawberry 100
Royal jellies 100
Green frosts 100
Ivory [milk Pig] 100
Traumatized Koko 100
Kole 400
Kraignosse 100
Tease of Bouftou Royal 100
Release 200
Shroud 100
Deliver of Bwork Mage 200
Control 100
Red Metaria 200
Megapierre of the craquelor 100
Strange ore 600
Eye of the kanigrou 100
Ears of grandpa wabbit 100
Ears of kanigrou 100
Ears of wolf 100
Ears of wabbit 100
Os surprised of the chafer infantryman 200
Magic wicker 400
Wicker Sinks 700
Legs of magic Arakne 300
Skin Goblin 100
Skin of green larva magic 100
Skin of trukikol 200
Petal of blop 200
Pierre of dopeul 100
Precious stone 100
Hair darits 200
Pommel of sword 200
Wild boar tail of the plains 100
Polished ruby 100
Potato bag sinks 100
Leather saddle 200
Flint 100
Slipway of chafer lancer 100
Slipway of porkass 100
Sporme of champchamp 100
Testicle of Mulou 100
Fabric crimson 200
Fabric sinks 100
Tongues wabbit 100
Tuft of grey hair 100
Slice nodkoko 100
Magic section of tronknyde 400
Dead Trukikol 600
Wave of panic 100
Internal organ of scorbute 200

Good luck droping items.

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