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Quest Guide

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The 16 general quests for items and fame.


Quest 1: Meatball (Two Brothers Quest) 10 Fame
Go to Hegemonia and speak to the first brother (Nycolwyffe, 32,522) and get the awake potion. Then go find the second brother in a ruined building (147,439) talk to him and give him the awake potion. Listen to his story then receive a meatball. Take the meatball back to the first brother.

Quest 2: Beer and Beef Steak 10 Fame
Go to Hegemonia and find the guy standing next to a tree (85, 534). Make sure you have Beef Steak and a Beer to give him. He will tell you a story and then give you fame.

Quest 3: Beryl and Amethyst 20 Fame
Go to West Glade with 2 Beryls and 3 or 4 Amethysts
As you get into West Glade you will see a wizzy (362, 31) standing next to the small house talk to him to receive 10 fame for Amethyst, and 10 Fame for Beryls. The number of Amethysts seems to vary, he will tell you he wants to make a matched set, so be sure to take a couple of extras.

Quest 4. Peasants favor 1 Silver Ring
You must be Level 41+. Do a Barantan peasant a favor. Find Isaac at 237,113 to start the quest. Go to Western Wanen and kill yellow flashing Yetis. Bring the peasant 20 pieces of Yetis fur. Receive a silver ring

Quest 5. Peasants favor 2 Sardonyx + Revival potion
You must be Level 41+. Do a Barantan peasant another favor. Go to Western Wanen and kill yellow flashing Metis. Bring the peasant 40 pieces Meti’s Skin. (Metis have a red bow on their heads)

Quest 6: Lindas Quest 15 Fame
Need to be level 51+. Theres an NPC in knight's armor around the middle of Hedgemonia. He will tell you to talk to the Blacksmith (71, 249) behind a house. Talk to the Blacksmith, he wants you to find his wife, Linda, in West Glade. When you get to West Glade there is no one named Linda, but you can talk to Lindas daughter inside one of the buildings. She will say her mom is sleeping and needs the &Awake potion; can to wake up. Go back the Blacksmith.

Quest 7: The Vampire Quest (Lindas Quest Part 2) 50 Fame + Dragon Fear Necklace
After you complete Lindas Quest, if keep talking to the Blacksmith he asks you to go kill Vampires in the Underground Dungeon, to get the awake potion. The underground dungeon is top left corner of Hedgemonia. If you go up there watch out for the Dragon, Sandworms, and Undead Trees. This quest is level 51+, but you will need to be higher (70-80+) to get it done, or else take some very strong people with you. If you kill the Vampire, it will drop the medicine, which you can give it to the Blacksmith.

Quest 8: Quest of True Friendship 10 Fame
Must be level 51+. Find the NPC Cook Pole at 225,100. He wants to send food to his friend Neal, a jewel digger. (91, 39). Take the food in his place. He gives you pizza to take to his friend in the North West corner of Northern Wanen. After you deliver the pizza, the friend gives you a topaz to give to the NPC in the cookery house.

Quest 9. The Piola brothers ??
Meet five brothers of the Piola family. They live scattered in Wanen, and if you can meet all of them, they will give you a gift. Hint: Number 2, Kitiara, is at 241, 79 in Northern Wanen.

Quest 10. Potion of oblivion ??
Must be level 51+. Rantham (287,111) is worried about his son, who cannot forget his lover, who got married and went far away. Bring his son a potion of oblivion.

Quest 11. Book of Enrich Book of Enrich
You must be above level 40+. Do Acastre (239,511) a favor, and bring him some Seal Stones.
Go talk to an old man at the Southern part of Northern Wanen near a frozen tree. Then go to South part of Eastern Wanen to kill some zerked Hobbits.. If you are lucky they will drop a guard stone. When you get 5 go and exchange them for 1 Book of Erich Romh. For 2 books you can do a Quest, to reset your combat skills - but get 3 so you can do the dual quest later.

Quest 12.Reset your combat skills Combat Skill Reset
Forget all of the combat skills that you learned incorrectly, and re-learn the ones you want. Near the lake in Northern Wanen ice find the standing knight NPC, Satan (474,72). Give him 2 Books of Erich Rromh, 2 Sadonyxs and 2 Leaf of Blessed.

Quest 13. Barls Friend ??
Level 60+. A friend of Barl was killed by a lava. Kill the lava and bring back the face of Barl’s friend.

Quest 14: Orc Heart / Ring Quest *currently disabled* Rings
This quest is getting a unique ring. Find a magician according to NPC instruction in the village quad. The magician in or outside village will give the details of the quest. The quest starts with getting an Orcs heart by killing Orcs. The heart is the key to find a secret place magician guides. There are Trolls when you arrive. A player gets unique rings by killing Trolls. Not all Trolls give rings, only some.

Quest 15: Retired Heroes Quest
To start this quest, listen the retired heroes story and get a qualification for the item, twilight breath, through the first rank of colossus. Get ladder point 5000 first and then if you have a conversation with the NPC of the colossus arena, you will get a Champion Trophy. Now it is time to take a journey to find a retired hero and twilight breath. In order to become dual class, you must have a minimum level, of fame points and/or ladder points, items, and complete a quest. You can get the dual class 1~4 level if you have either fame or ladder points, plus required items. However, to become a level 5, Dragon Slayer (lvl 150), you need both fame and ladder points so that you have to consider it in advance. You get ladder points from competing in the colossus arena.

Quest 16. Dual Class Item Extreme Stone and Star Pendant
Must be level 105+. Do a favor for the wizard Magnasyu, and he will make the extreme stone for you. Meet magnachu in Sermenith dungeon on the second floor. Give him 5 sadonyxs, 10 Leaves of Blessed, Star Pendant and 200 fame. Have at least 1200 fame, give up 200 fame and get an Extreme stone. May need to do this quest twice - receiving hamburger (!) the first time. (See Anne at 270, 57 I think Magnasyu is now called Anne)

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