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eve, macro, miner, hauler, route runner, skill trainer, trade rout runner | Submitted: 11 years ago (09.07.2009)


They have created a program that out does any other program available for macro-mining in EVE online. GhostSuite has set a new 'benchmark' with their innovative program base and mods that are available to be purchased to build the macro you want. Don't do any mining? No Problem. Their mods allow you to activate only those features that you want to use. Like Trade Route running, or Mission salvaging and even a Belt Ratter.
What they have created is what every other macro will be compared to for a long, long time. They have gone above and beyond every other macro out there in every aspect that you can imagine. You can customize the programs mods in such a way, that you'll have a program that does anything you want it to, without paying for those that you don't want or need. Just want to rat belts and pick-up your loot and salvage. You can buy just that mod. Now, instead of having to search for different programs that do the mundane task like salvaging a mission, you can buy only the mods that you want at the same place.
You can't beat the support or service either. They have a full-time customer service provider -via- ventrilo, that's on-line 12-16 hours a day, 5 days a week. Video files for watching how to set it up, and a forum that's second to none in getting help from it's ever growing member.

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