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Market Guide

Submitted: 12 years ago (08.30.2008)

The market in EVE-Online is accessible while the player is docked at a station. Once you have gathered your ore from mining, gotten some loot from pirates, manufactured a ship, you can now either buy it or sell it at the market.

To gain access to the market screen you much first be docked at a space station. After this, select the market icon from the group of eight large icons on the right-hand menubar; is the fourth from the left first row. The first thing to note on the now dropped market screen is the 'Market Range' section. What the range settings do is quite simply set how far off to go to get items to display
in the market window. By default the range is set to the station you are in at the moment. Other settings include the solar system, the constellation, and the entire region you are in. The search will not go beyond the region. By expanding or contracting the region display you get to see what the supply and demand for items are at other places than the one you are currently in.

Below the region settings you will see the item category menus that include: items, ship equipment, minerals, trade goods, skills, blueprints, and vouchers as well as the sub-categories that belong to each of these. Once you have made your choice as to the category you wish to see the item information belonging to it will be displayed in the left-hand area of the market window along with their descriptions, area prices, supply/demand information, as well as options to access the advanced market information (covered in the next section).

To buy an item it first needs to be instock at the station you are currently at; if it is then you click on the buy icon in the market listings and it is yours. However if the item in question is not available locally or within your set market range then you place what is called a 'buy order'. What this imeans is that you basically put out a wanted sign stating the item you are looking for as well as the price you are willing to offer for it. The orders then become visible to other players when they check the advanced market listings for that particular item.

Before you can sell anything on the market it must first be moved from your ship's cargo hold to your station hangar. Once there you can now sell whatever you have. Like buying, selling also works on the basis of orders. A sell order is when you are placing products on sale for a period of time; a day, week, or year.

Both the buying and selling of items in EVE is dependant mostly on two things and those are supply and demand. If there is no supply at your current area then you cannot buy it and if there is no demand, as in buy orders, then you cannot expect to sell it. This will be further explained in the next section covering trade routes and the advanced market.

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