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Level a Necro To 30 In 4 Hours Of Play Time.

Submitted: 11 years ago (08.30.2008) | Views: 10,382


How to "Auto-Level" a Necromancer in EQ2 to level 30. During this progess, there is NO need to buy and armor, or ANY spells. Only using what the game gives you is the only requirement. After you have done it once, it can actually < 3 hours of game play to do it. Here is the primer.


Get to know your dude 1-10: (Approx 30-45 mins)

Begin in Darkflight Woods or where ever you wish. I'm sure any nooby zone will work, thats just the one I choose.

Level manually 1 up to 10, set up hot keys, move your UI around, if you know what your doing this dosn't take long.

Experiment of concept 11-14: (1 day afk 95% of the time, with minor failures while experimenting)

Play around with the idea of AFK-leveling. Do that for the next 4 levels. Set your guy up on what you think is a static spawn, get him placed and walk away for an hour. Come back and view progress, make adjustments... I found several good places right off the bat, and leveled to 14 in a day just half paying attention.

I have found the best success rate is slow and steady with a single spawn camp. In some situations I would mess around with a wandering camp, but they have to be picked out carefully to make sure you don't get to many mobs on you at once.

At level 11 you get Aggression, this is the only pet buff you use for a while. At level 12 you get

Summon Servant, He'll be your friend for a while. To increase your success rate, you can get adept III or master of either/both of these you will not die as often. But I did it with the App 1 versions.

The only advice at first I would give when doing your experimenting up to level 14, is to keep a close eye on agro range, and mobs that spawn by trees or large rocks. Mobs work on line of sight. Even if you are 2 feet from him, if there is a tree between you and him, he will not agro you.

Start the AFK Leveling:

At character level 14-15 Using Lvl 12 Summon Servant + Lvl 11 Aggression Pet buff + self Buffs as you get them. You of course could start this sooner in your nooby area, in places you found while experementing. But I didn't document them because this tutorial isn't race specific.


LEVEL Location (General Area LOC) [Raiting]
11-12 Hound Pup near dog pond (-1030,0,-220) ***
13-14 In front of wailing caves (200,0,-900) ***
15-16 Lumberjacks (0,-50,550) ****
16-17 ruins (420,-50, 300) *
16-17 Derv Camp (1411,-19,290) ***
17-18 Lions (970,-40 -440) *****

Level 24 Undying Adhernt (I used adept III & adept I as it was cheep but not required)
I had other guys at the same camp were still naked using the level 12 pet and they were able to do it.

(money note: if you have your dude running on another machine, keep looking over and loot anything

Attunable/or adept I. Transmuting this stuff will sell for 9G for the powders, and to this point I have aquired 12 powders, while paying minimal attention.)


LEVEL Location (General Area LOC) [Rating]
19-20 Mushrooms (-70,0,280) ****
24 owlbears (-587,50,170) ***
26-27 Outside Ruins of Varsoon *****
30-31 Orc Grunts (617,-40,1Cool ****

From here, just experiment and work your way up to what ever level you wish

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