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Methods of Making 30k + Gil an Hour

Submitted: 11 years ago (07.19.2008) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 4,541


This is a comprehensive guide to earning gil in Vanadiel. I have been able to make 15k gil from 1 hour's work, easily, and on some days I was able to make about 20-25k. It all depends on your luck. Occasionally, with the top listed method, you'll even be able to make 50-70k in a single hour if you're lucky. Listed below are all of my methods, some of which you can use, and leave running while you're out adventuring, or using the other methods! The strategies are listed in order of how profitable they are. The top strategies will earn you the most gil, while the bottom ones will earn less, but are still fairly profitable ways to make some extra cash.


#1: MINING...
This can be done by any character, of any level. The only catch is you have to be in Bastok. On the Bahamut server, Darksteel ore sells for 7-8k gil. This will be your primary money-maker. Iron ore sells for 600-700 gil each, so you will also be saving up those pieces of iron, as they are far more common than darksteel, and can make you almost as much money by sheer amount of iron you mine compared to the relatively low amout of darksteel you will mine. Zinc sells for 300-500 gil, so if you are hard-up for money you can also sell that. There are other types of ore such as copper, tin, and silver, but they are not as profitable, and in about an hour's time, you can have your inventory completely full of iron, and should have 1-3 pieces of darksteel as well.

Here is the exact way to do it:

First, you need to have at least 200 gil to get you started, preferably about 1000 to 7000 gil.

Completely clear out your inventory, including weapons and armor. You won't be needing them in the mines, and this makes room for your mining finds. There is a small shop in the Bastok mines district of town, aside from the weapon shop and the armor shop. It's a goods/items shop. The owner's name starts with a "B" I think, but I may be wrong. It's easy to find. You just look for the armor and weapon shops and it's the only store in the area that has the little potion icon. You can find it on the map easily. Next you go into the store, head for the back room, and buy mining picks from the guy there. He's got tons of them at 200 gil each. You're going to need about 36 of them to most efficiently mine, but you can do it with as many as 1-2. They break
sometimes after you mine with them, so the first few times you go mining, if you only have a few picks, don't get discouraged... you'll just need to buy a few more picks when you get some money saved up from your finds. Just sell whatever metals you get in the Auction House, and use the profit you make to buy even more mining picks, until you can finally afford 36.

The next step is to head into the mines. On the far left side of the map is a small circle drawn with what looks like a pencil. This is the entrance to the Zeruhn mines. You simply enter the mines and follow the left wall. Once you're in, you need to keep following the left wall, until you go down to a lower level where the walls change to rock instead of bricks. We'll call this mining home point.

Now what you're going to need to do, is follow the left or right wall until you get back to mining home base, all the while searching for something called a "mining point" The mining point is a targetable spot on the wall, which is hard to find just by clicking alone. You're going to need to use the TAB key. What I do, is follow the right hand wall while repeatedly pressing the tab key until I get a mining point in my crosshairs. When I find it, I mine it until it disappears, then continue following the right wall until I get back to mining home point.

Then I start all over, until I'm either out of mining picks, or my inventory is full.Once you find a mining point, walk up to it as close as you can. Open your "items" menu and click on your mining pick, then click "use". Once you have clicked "use" a small blue arrow should pop up over the mining point, provided you have the mining point in your field of view on the screen. You'll see your pick-axe swing, and you'll get a piece of rare metal. Normally, I would say just throw everything away except for iron and darksteel, because these are the most profitable metals to sell, and you can fill up your inventory AND your bank with iron in less than a couple hour's mining effort. You can fill your inventory in less than an hour every time. However, if you're just starting out as a miner, and had very little money for mining picks, I'd recommend you take everything you mine to the auction house and sell it. Every little mining pick helps.

That was the hard part. Now is the easy part... selling your goods in the auction house. You should have about 30-50 pieces of iron and 1-3 pieces of darksteel after about an hour or two's work. The iron pieces on Bahamut server sell for 600 gil to 700 gil easily, and the darksteel pieces sell for about 7000 to 8000. Doing the math, that looks like about 30k gil for an hour's work. The only thing you have to worry about now is finding a way to list all of your metals in the auction house with only 7 sales slots. I highly recommend you buy another playonline content ID from the Playonline viewer. It only costs an extra dollar per month, but you can use it to make a new character on your server to help you sell.

I call this an auction mule. Also with this mule, you can scout Winhurst and San'Doria and find out which city has the best prices for the darksteel and iron! Did you know that there is an NPC outside every auction house that will deliver items for you to any other character in the game's mog house? You simply click on the NPC, type the recipient's name into the field and click OK, then you put the item you wish to trade in the slot and click OK again to have it sent to him.

Using this NPC, you can send your entire stock of iron to another city where the ores are more profitable. On Bahamut server, the ore sold the best from San'Doria, so I recommend you send the money to a mule character in San'Doria for the selling, and if you REALLY want to step up the sales, you can buy 2 extra content ID's for a small 2 dollars per month, and have 2 auction mules. Just scout the other cities, find out where the ores
are selling the best, and sell there. If you REALLY want to get stuff sold fast you can sell from Bastok too, since the price shouldn't be too much different from San'Doria or Winhurst, and you'll have plenty to supply them with anyway... which leads me to another point. If you sell the ores for lower than the average sale price, you're going to kill the market for it. I highly suggest you sell for the same price as everyone else,
using the "price history" button, or you risk ruining the ore sales for yourself and everyone else. Besides, it sells very fast. You shouldn't have to worry about anything.

Well, that's about it for the mining aspect of the guide. You can easily make 15-30k
per hour doing this, and I have had many times when I filled up my 7 auction house
slots with iron ore for 650 gil each, and then logged over to my auction mule to list 7
more, and by the time I got back over to my main character all 7 pieces of the ore were
sold and I had to repeat the whole process! Darksteel is pretty easy to get and very
profitable, also. I was able to get 2 pieces of darksteel in under an hour, and those
alone are worth 7-8k gil each! Good luck with the mining! I wish you only the best of
luck from now on, because you're on your own, and no longer need my help!

With this method you can make about 5-10k gil per hour depending on your server.
You can only do this once per character, so you'll need to make a mule for this specific
purpose. You need to give your new character about 1k gil with which to purchase
some slime oil from the auction house, then you take the slime oil to an NPC named
"Unlucky Rat" in the Metalworks district of Bastok. You then give him the oil in exchange for a warp scroll, which sells in the auction house for 7-10k gil. However, to do this quest you have to have a certain amount of fame built up. You must run around town doing low level missions to get your fame increased until you have enough fame
for him to take your slime oil. This is the part that takes about an hour to complete.
Once you get the warp scroll, you simply send it to your main character, delete the quest mule, and make another new quest mule and start all over. If you do this for 10 hours, you can earn up to 100k gil, depending on your server.
There are multitudes of websites right now with final fantasy strategies and information. You can use these to find out which quests you need to complete to get high enough fame to complete this quest, simply by going to your favorite search
engine and typing, "Final Fantasy xi strategies quests" in the search field. This is a pretty good way to make money too, although not as good as mining.

The justice badge quest is in Winhurst. All it needs is 1 rarab tail. You can buy a stack of rarab tails in the auction house for about 50-100 gil. In Winhurst Ports area in Winhurst, find an NPC named Kolo Lakolo and talk to him to get the quest, then give him the tail. In return you get the justice badge. Badges sell in the auction house for anywhere from 500-4000 gil from what I hear. Once you get the justice badge, give 4
wild onions to the same quest giver, and supposedly you'll get a scroll that sells in the
auction house for 5k on some servers!!! You can only do this quest one time per character, so it's best to do it with an alternate, or "mule" character, so you can do it over and over again, and just buy the wild onions and rarab tails with your main character to send to your new characters. You can make almost as much money doing this method as with the mining method. :)

This is a very simple method, which can prove extremely profitable. It's easy to do.
All you do is make 1 auction mule in each of the 3 major cities. Next you compare prices on items in that city with prices in the other cities. If the prices are lower, you buy the item and send it to your character in the other city. You then sell the item from the more profitable city, and BAM you have profit. Very easy, very simple.

There are two ways to farm fire crystals. You can do it as low as level 4, but I recommend you get to level 7-10. It's fairly simple. You get signet cast on you at your local town gates, then head out to north gusterburg where there are a lot of vultures. You kill the vultures, and nothing but the vultures, until you have a stack of fire
crystals. Stacks of fire crystals sell in the auction house for about 2500-3000 gil. Very
good money and you can get a stack and a half of fire crystals in about an hour. The other way is to actually FARM the fire crystals. LOL. You buy a brass flower pot in the auction house, several vegetable seeds and some water crystals. You plant the flower pot in your mog house, and put in the vegetable seeds. You feed it water
crystals now and then, and after 1-3 days you will have 17 fire crystals come out of it! I
have heard rumors that you won't always get fire crystals, but you can have I think 6-8 flower pots per house, so if you use an auction mule to garden as well, you can make some really good money... 20-30k every 2-3 days for each account, minus the cost of the seeds and the water crystals. Also, I think that all gardening combinations yield something that can be sold, so you may find a combination that gives something even better than fire crystals! Just experiment! A flower pot is a very cheap investment, and
if you are disappointed with the result, you're not losing much money anyway!

In the area right outside Winhurst, Sarataruba I think it's called, you will find crawlers. They look like big caterpillars. They have a chance to drop silks which sell in the auction house for 1k each on some servers.

I was told by a high level Japanese player to hunt Fungaurs in the La Thiene plateau area. If you have signet these drop dark crystals which are, on some servers, as valuable as Fire Crystals.

If you are level 15+, you can kill the Quadavs in Palbrough mines solo. I was able to earn about 5-10k per hour doing this by selling the back plates and fetich items they drop in the auction house, along with the occasional spell they drop.

At about level 10, give or take a few levels, you can kill any giant wasp you see, and take their honeycombs. Once you get several of them, you can combine them together to make beeswax, which sells in the auction house for a lot of money. On Bahamut not long ago beeswax was selling for 15k, if I'm not mistaken, but you might want to check
the auction house and see how much they're selling for before persuing this method. If
they really are worth 15k each, you can make some SERIOUS money using this method!

In many areas of the game, from Bastok to San'Doria to WInhurst, there are goblins afoot. They all (If I'm not mistaken) drop goblin armor. This sells for a good bit in the auction house, to the tune of 400-1000 gil each piece, and they drop pretty often when you kill them. Combined with the fire crystals they give you if you have signet cast on yourself, you can easily make 5k-10k per hour doing this method, and if you're a thief with treasure hunter, you can do REALLY well doing this.

As soon as you leave Bastok through the south gate, I believe you come to an area I believe called south Gusterburg. Go west as far as you can go until you see an area on the edge of the map called the Fumaroles. You can't miss the Fumaroles if you're heading to the Valkurm Dunes area from Bastok. Anyway, to the west of the Fumaroles is a big cave in the wall, leading to a set of mines. Inside are goblins and other
monsters that are hard to kill unless you're about level 15. The goblins drop goblin armor and fire crystals, which both sell well, but there's a little monster in a secluded area called... I think it's called a "pincushion". It's a little blob looking thing that you can miss pretty easily. On the floor of the room they're in there should be 2-3 pincushions. They all have a pretty good chance to drop an item called fiend's blood that sells for 500-1000 gil if I remember correctly. I killed about 5-7 of them and got 3-4 bloods, so I guess it's a 50% chance to get one. I believe these sell well in the auction house if you want to try it out. Check there before you leave to try this method to see how much
they're worth. Combined with the money you can make from the goblin armor and fire crystals, this method is slightly better than the other goblin areas for loot drops! Also, there's a treasure chest somewhere in the area that sometimes contains valuable items! I think you have to find a key to get into the chest, and the key is usually dropped from monsters in the area. If I remember correctly I got it off a goblin that was casting spells. It might have been a shaman. I can't remember which one. You might be
able to get the key from any of the goblins in the area, or even the other monesters.
I'm not sure. Try it out, you might get lucky and get a tropical shield, 500 gil, or even better!

Go to your local carpentry guild, and buy as many stacks of lumber as are available. I have heard reports that as soon as the guild opens, many or all of the lumber is bought out, so you'll have to work at it to get them. The good news: They cost about 70 gil per stack I am told, and sell for 2000+ gil in the Auction House on many servers!

Money is really great if you just group and level up, and HAVE FUN!!!! Just thought I'd throw that in for the sake of not taking the game too seriously. ;)

Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 3000 gil.
Gil Required: 1000 gil.

Go to the Woodworking shop in Sand'oria and buy a stack of Ash Logs. There's only one catch: High-level Japanese players know this tip well, so you have to be fast. The moment it hits 6:00 the shop opens, and you can buy them. It should cost about 1000 gil. No worries though, after you've completed that task, sell them in the Auction House for 3000 gil. Mission accomplished.

Recommended Level: 1 - 10.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: Varies.
Gil Required: None.
Now, you're probably already familiar with the fact that crystals can go for big bucks at the Auction House. But, with this strategy, you'll be getting crystals like no tomorrow. First, if you're past level 10 already, switch your job to something you've never played as. You see, at level 10 and under, crystal drops are nearly triple the amount they are at higher levels. Thus, whenever you get past that point, it is
recommended that you start another job to solely find them. You'll mostly want to try and get Fire Crystals from Goblins, if possible. However, there's no shame in some of the cheaper crystals either ;-). Here's a general guide to how much crystals sell for at the Auction House:
Light Crystal - Very rare and unlikely to find. Don't count on it. Sells for 6000-7000 gil a stack at auction.
Fire Crystal - The ideal find. Sells for 2000-2500 gil a stack at auction.
Dark Crystal - Good, but fairly rare. Sells for 1500-2000 gil a stack at auction
Lightning Crystal - Another good find. Sells for 1000-1200 gil a stack at auction.
Wind Crystal - Still very good. Sells for 1000 gil a stack at auction.
Water Crystal - Not bad. Sells for 600 gil a stack at auction.
Ice Crystal - The same going rate as Water Crystals, although rarer. 600 gil a stack at auction.
Earth Crystals - The lowliest and most common crystal. Sells for 300-400 gil a stack at auction.
Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 300-500 gil.
Gil Required: 70 gil.

This little trick takes advantage of those too impatient to check the shops, rather than the auction house. Buy a scroll (or two, or three) of Cure at your local Spell Shop. Then proceed to the nearest Auction House and sell it for 300-500 gil. A super easy, very successful way to make a quick buck.
Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 4000 gil per stack.
Gil Required: 1800-2200 gil.
Fishing in my opinion is the most profitable job of all. You're going to want to buy a Glass Fiber Fishing Rod from the Auction House and several stacks of Little Worms. Here is where this depends on your location or if you are willing to make another character. In Windurst, the Fishing Guild (located at C-8) sells Little Worms for 3-9 gil each, but everywhere else they go for about 200 gil for a stack in the Auction House. If
you are located in Windurst, MAKE SURE you buy your Little Worms from the Fishing Guild in Port
Windurst. If you aren't located in Windurst and you don't mind paying an extra dollar a month, you can make a character in Windurst and transfer little worms over to your main character. As you level your fishing and get more and more gil, buy fishing equipment from the Auction House. The price varies from server to server, but there are four pieces of fishing equipment that bring your skill up +1. There's Fisherman's Boots, Fisherman's Tunic, Fisherman's Hose, and Fisherman's Gloves. Make sure wherever
you are, that you aren't fishing in salt water. Salt water is usually in the ports of cities. You want to fish inside the town inside the "Moat" which all major towns have. A stack of Moat Carp sell for approximately 4000 gil in the Auction House. Any other fish caught while fishing should usually be sold to the NPC, however be sure to check the Auction House to see if they're worth anything.
Recommended Level: Leathercrafting 10.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 6000-8000 gil per item synthesized.
Gil Required: 1000-1500.
First of all you're going to need a little experience in Leathercraft, no less than level 10, or your chances of success will be fairly low. Once you've accomplished that, you'll be raking in the cash. You see, not many
people know it, but Fisherman's Boots and Fisherman's Gloves are made with Leather synthesis (probably because it's one of the least popular guilds, which remains a mystery to me). They are extremely popular at the auction house, as they add to your fishing skill by +1. When you're ready, head to the nearest auction house and purchase the following (depending on the recipe you're attempting):
1 Earth Crystal + 2 Lizard Skin + 1 Cotton Cloth = Fisherman's Gloves
1 Earth Crystal + 2 Lizard Skin + 1 Bronze Scale + 1 Grass Cloth = Fisherman's Boots

The former should cost you more than the latter, so check which sells for more on your server before making a decision. They should be worth around 6000-8000 a piece, so crank out as many as possible.
VI. FIREWORKS *Only works around Christmas*
Recommended Level: No Requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 2000-10000 gil.
Gil Required: None.
Christmas time in Vana'diel is pretty nice if you know the little secrets that go with it ;-). By the fountains in all three major towns (Bastok, Sand'oria, Windurst) is a moogle who will give you free fireworks once a day! He gives you the following kinds (what one you get is random):
Air Riders - Worth up to 6000-10,000 gil in a stack if you sell them in Jeuno ;-).
Sparkling Hands - Sell for 2000-4000 gil in a stack.
Brilliant Snow - Sells for 2000-4000 gil in a stack.
Pop Stars - Sells for 2000-4000 gil in a stack.
Now, this is the BEST part. I have figured out a way to control the kinds of fireworks the moogle gives you! Keep talking to the moogle until he gives you an Air Rider (only takes about 1-4 tries, not hard). Once you get one, COMPLETELY fill your inventory with whatever manner of items you can find. Make sure every space is full, with one spot occupied by the Air Riders (and NO OTHER kinds of fireworks). Now, talk to the moogle until he gives you an Air Rider. It'll automatically stack on top of your current Air Riders. This is NOT COMMONLY known by people, trust me. I found it myself and I have only shared it with one of my friends. But I want this guide to be complete, so now you know too :-)!
VII. GOBLIN GEAR Recommended Level: 10 - 15.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: Varies.
Gil Required: None.

Outside of Bastok, in South Gustaberg, climb up Vomp Hill until you encounter goblins (shouldn't take long). Slay any goblins you see. A lot of the time they will drop Goblin Armor or Goblin Masks which sell for 300-700 gil a piece in the auction house. A very basic strategy, but it's nice for netting gil at lower levels.
TIP: There is a small, hiddin hill on K-9/K-10 which has two goblins which constantly spawn every couple of minutes following their deaths, no searching required .
Recommended Level: 17 and up.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 4000 OR 300,000 gil (dependent on item dropped).
Gil Required: None

Hoo Mjuu is becoming the new craze in Notorious Monsters. He drops some fantastic pieces of
equipment, notably Zealot's Mittens and the Bard weapon, Monster Signa. You can find him in H-10 in Giddeus, just outside of West Sarutabaruta. To make him appear, simply kill as many of the Yagudo around as possible. Be careful though, as you can easily get swarmed by groups of them, and with no place to zone, you're likely a goner. Also be wary of your fellow players; They'll attack Hoo Mjuu the moment they see him. Zealot's Mittens are worth 4000 gil, while the ultra-rare, and incredibly good Monster Signa is worth 300,000 gil.

Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 12,000 - 15,000 gil.
Gil Required: Varies.

For this quest you will *NEED* a world pass, one character, and one EMPTY character slot. Buy 12 Rarab Tails from the Auction House with your main character. The price for Rarab Tails varies from city to city, and server to server, so there is no fixed price. But they are quite cheap. World Pass a new character onto your server and set them in Windurst. Switch to your main character and send 1 Rarab Tail to the one you just made. Go on your new character, get the rarab tail, and go to Port Windurst and go behind the warehouses in G-5 and talk to Kohlo-Lakolo. He'll ask if you want to join the Star Onion Brigade, click yes,
wait for the cut scene to end, then trade him the Rarab Tail. You will get a Justice Badge in return. Send this Justice Badge to your main character, delete the new Windurst character you made, and do it all again =). Do this 5 times (the amount of times a world pass may be used). Justice Badge should be sold in the Auction House, where it will usually go for 2000-3000 gil.
Recommended Level: 12 and up.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 150,000 - 300,000 gil.
Gil Required: None.

In F-8 in South Gustaburg (right outside Bastok) there is a monster that appears named Leaping Lizzy which only appears if you kill a certain amount of Rock Lizards in that location. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours; It's just the luck of the draw. She looks exactly like all the other Rock Lizards but will have a different title. The reason killing Leap Lizzy is so profitable is because there is about a 1 in
20 chance that she will drop "Leaping Boots" which sell for about 150,000 gil - 300,000 gil in the Auction House. If you find these, you should be EXTREMELY HAPPY, because you're rich ;-). Make sure you sell them in Jeuno!

Recommended Level: No Requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 200-300 gil per stack.
Gil Required: 36-108 gil.

In Windurst, the Fishing Guild (located at C-8) sells Little Worms for 3-9 gil each. You want to buy AS MANY of these as you can, and then sell them in the Auction House (works best in Bastok). Most of the time it only costs 36 gil a stack, and they go for about 300 gil in Auction Houses usually. This would probably be easier if you had a Windurst and a Bastok character. If you don't and you're not willing to make a new one,
and you are from Windurst, you can sell them in your local Auction House for about 200-250 gil. Not as much as selling in Bastok, but hey! It works ;-).
Recommended Level: No Requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: Varies widely.
Gil Required: 2200 gil.
Mining is available to all citizens of Vana'diel, and there are no guilds or anything of the kind to join. Buy a stack of pickaxes from one of the following NPCs:
-Boytz (Bastok Mines)
-Mille (Windurst Waters)
-Numa (Bastok Port)
-Ostalie (South Sand'oria)
Once you've got them, head to the Zeruhn Mines, just inside Bastok Mines. Gusgen and Palborough are also possible places, and while they yield much better results, the level requirements are also much higher. Once there, walk around the main "circular" area and constantly hit F8. It may take a short while to appear, but eventually you'll target a "Mining Point". "Trade" a pickaxe with that spot, and your character will mine. After a few tries, you'll likely yield some results, and the Mining Point will disappear.
Keep circling the area waiting for another Mining Point to spawn, and when you find one, repeat the
process until you're out of pickaxes. Now, what have you turned up? Here's a list of possible finds:
Darksteel Ore - Worth the most. If you get this, consider yourself extremely lucky. 6000-8000 gil at auction.
Iron Ore - Very good. These sell for 500-600 gil at auction, and are bought almost instantly.
Copper Ore - Fair. Worth about 100 gil at auction.
Tin Ore - Junk. Sell it to the NPC.
Pebbles - Also junk, but sometimes useful for practicing your accuracy as a Ranger. Use them up, or sell
them to the NPC.
Remember that you can also buy Field Boots, Field Gloves, Field Tunica, and Field Hose to help with your mining results. Be warned, they are very, very expensive.
Recommended Level: Any.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: Varies.
Gil Required: 1 .
Lots of people who list their items in the auction house try to undercut the competition by putting 1 gil as the list price. Insane? I quite agree, but it's not that rare of an occurance. Bid 1 gil on ANYTHING you can get your hands on in the auction house, then resell it for the average going rate. One of the most basic
strategys in the book, and it takes advantage of those lazy high level characters.
Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 110 gil per shield.
Gil Required: 10-50 gil.
Shell shields sell in the Auction House sometimes for 10-50 gil each, when in actuality, they sell in
STORES for 110 gil each. Buy ALL THE SHELL SHIELDS YOU CAN for 10-50 gil, and sell them to any NPC.
Very basic, but it works.
Recommended Level: 10 and up.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 10,000-12,000 gil per stack.
Gil Required: None.

Outside of Windurst in East and West Sarutabaruta, there are yellow caterpillar like monsters called "Crawlers". Crawlers drop an item called "Spool of Silk Thread" which sells for up to 12,000 gil in a stack at the Auction House. This is a gil making strategy that works VERY WELL, so be aware that there might be others trying to do the same thing. Make sure you sell the silk in the Auction House for the current
going rate (which will always be 10,000-12,000 a stack, depending on the city).

Recommended Level: 12.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 500-760 gil per clock.
Gil Required: 1000-2000 gil.

You must be in Bastok to do this quest. Go to the Auction House and buy a stack of Quus (fish) which cost 1000-2000 gil. Now go into South Gustaburg and run on over to the light house in M-10. Behind the light house is a targetable bush (press F8 to find it). "Trade" the bush a single Quus and out will come a crab
by the name of Bubbly Bernie, a notorious crab monster. He should be a piece of cake of you're level 12 and up. Once you've slain him, you'll get a Steam Clock, maybe a water crystal or two, and (if you're lucky) a slice of land crap meat which you should sell to an NPC for about 270 gil. Return to town and head over to the Bastok Mines. Give the Steam Clock to Malene (who is located in the house next to Sororo's Notary
Shop) and she'll give you 500 gil PLUS a dab of fame :-). What could be better than fame AND gil?

Recommended Level: 19 and up.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 5000 for Mary's Milk and 30,000-100,000 for Mary's Horn (depending on
your server).
Gil Required: None.

Stray Mary is yet another notorious monster, found in F-8 in the Konschtat Highlands. Kill any and all sheep around the area until she appears. She's one of the lesser camped notorious monsters, but keep on the look out for anyone trying to steal her away from you. If she drops milk, you can give it to Paouala in Sandoria in the "Sleepless Nights" quest. If she drops the horn, well... Sell it in Jeuno for some major

Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: Varies.
Gil Required: Varies.

This tip, although obvious to some people, is a very good way to make gil. In order for this to work you really have to have 3-4 characters. So if you're not willing to pay for the extra content IDs, this strategy is going to be alot tougher to pull off. But with the new teleport service (if your server was successful in
slaying the Treants) it makes it easier on you. The key here is price and demand. For instance, you can buy Paralyze scrolls in Windurst scroll shop and sell them in Sand'oria Auction House for MUCH, much more (since you can't buy it in any shops there). There are many items you can do this with, and it's much to extensive to list. Check scroll shops, item shops, armor, weapons, etc., and see what they go for in other town Auction Houses. Here are a few to get you started:

Travelers Hat from Bastok to Sand'oria.
Curaga scroll from Sand'oria to Bastok.
Brass Pots from Bastok to Sand'oria
All kinds of Ore from Windurst to Bastok.

Recommended Level: 25 and up.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 6000 gil per Tree Cutting.
Gil Required: None.

This one's farily straight-forward, but incredibly effective. Basically, you're going to want to hunt any and all kinds of Goobbues. You'll likely want to go to the Pashhow Marshlands, as they're easiest to kill there.
You can also head to Rolanberry, but keep in mind that you should only do so if you're level 40+. A single Tree Cutting sells for 6000 gil, while a stack of 12 goes for 60,000 gil and up.

Recommended Level: No requirement.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: 5000-10,000 gil.
Gil Required: Varies.

You've seen all those other guides on Ebay right? The ones labeled "100,000 gil a day!" or similar claims. THIS is the quest that they are talking about, and if done correctly, you can make fair amounts gil. HOWEVER, it is very time consuming and you need two characters to do it. I personally think that the ones I have previously listed are much more reliable, but, here it is for you enjoyment. You basically get a World
Pass and create a Hume Red Mage in Bastok. With this new character you must get 10 Fame and then
purchase a Slime Oil. Take the Slime Oil to Unlucky Rat, (located in Bastok Metal works at G-7), and "Trade" it to him. In return you get a Warp Scroll. Transfer this scroll to your main character, delete the character, and repeat the process. It's your choice how you want to get your fame, many players have different preferences on how to do it. You may want to do individual quests, you may want to do
repeatable. See what works for you. MAKE SURE you sell your Warp Scroll in Jeuno. You probably want to do this about five times to use up the World Pass. Not my favourite strategy, but if you're willing to put the time into it, it'll work.
Recommended Level: 25 and up.
Approximate Gil Upon Completion: Varies.
Gil Required: 600 gil for the Giddeus map, sold via the map merchant in Windurst Woods, by the central fountain.
Inside Giddeus (accessed through West Sarutabaruta) are three kinds of Yagudo that drop excessive amounts of various equipment which you can sell at the auction house. Once inside Giddeus, head to H-7 where you will find a hole. Jump into it, then head to H-14. There you will find Yagudo Priests, Yagudo Votaries, and Yagudo Theologists. These particular mobs drop an abnormal amount of armor-related items, which is why they're ideal for hunting. After a while of killing these particular types, you should
have a fair amount of equipment, which you should sell at the local auction house for whatever price they fetch on average. Make sure to be careful, as Yagudo gang up.

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