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Tips And Tricks

Submitted: 11 years ago (09.02.2008) | Views: 8,802


In this FAQ I will introduce some common tips and tricks for FlyFF such as how to use windowed mode, bypass the patcher and more.


Windowed Mode

To get FlyFF to run in windowed mode you can do 2 things. The easiest method is to go to your flyff folder (C:\Program Files\GPotato\FlyFF\) and open the file “Neuz.ini” in Notepad.exe. Once it is open you need to scroll down until you see a line like this;

Fullscreen 1
Change that to;
Fullscreen 0
The next time you start FlyFF it will run in windowed mode. (It will run in windowed mode at the last resolution you set it at.)

Windowed Mode¹

Start FlyFF and login. Once logged in go to the start menu and click on Options. In the options menu go to the “Game” tab. Check the box that says “Run In Windowed Mode” and restart FlyFF. It will start in windowed mode.

Bypass The Patcher

Go to your FlyFF folder and open notepad. In notepad type the following;

@echo off
Neuz.exe Sunkist

Save it in your FlyFF folder as a .bat file with any name (ie. FlyFF.bat). Run the .bat file to run FlyFF without the patcher.

Bypass The Patcher

Go to your FlyFF folder and right-click on Neuz.exe. Click on “Send To” then click on “Send Shortcut To Desktop”. Right click on the shortcut and click “Properties”. In the Target field it should look like;

“C:\Program Files\Gpotato\FlyFF\Neuz.exe” –sunkist

Start FlyFF with the shortcut and it will run without the patcher.

Fixing The “Gamehack Found” Error

To fix this error you have to uninstall Realmedia Player or any Realmedia related software. If that doesn’t fix the problem you must then search your C:\ drive for any realmedia codecs and/or media splitters (.ax) files. Delete them and then try starting FlyFF. (This works 99% of the time.

Dual Logging

Start your first instance of FlyFF. Log in until you get to the game world, then log out and back in to the character selection screen. At that screen you should start up your second instance, either using the Sunkist method or Integrity Bypass. Login with your second instance and get to the character selection screen. Switch over to your first instance, which should also still be at the character selections screen and login with any character. Go to the second instance and log in with the second character.

I will add pictures, and maybe even a video, to this part of the guide soon.

Flying In a No-Fly Zone

To fly in a no-fly zone start by filling your inventory. Get the to outer reaches of the no-fly zone, just far away enough where you can get on your board, doing so will free 1 spot in your inventory. Once on your board unequip a piece of equipment so your inventory is full. Enter the no fly zone. Now a message saying “Your Inventory Is Full” should flash and you will stay on your board while in the no-fly zone.

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