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How Not To Get Scammed

Submitted: 12 years ago (09.02.2008) | Views: 4,567


Ok, this is for all the n00bs out there who keep getting scammed and for some weird reason don't know why.


Party Stealing
Most of you ( if you have a brain ) will make an adv. party or join one and end up being the leader. You fill the party and get tonnes of exp but you dont want to sell it just yet, you want more points and more lvl to make it OMGWTFBBQ. Suddenly someone in your party whom you dont know asks you for the lead, (if you have no brain than you'll hand it over). What you need to do is ask him "Why?" - if he says to invite a friend tell him to tell you his friends name, if he just says "oh nvm" or something like that..he tried to steal your party, do what you want with him.

Plvling People
Some n00b comes up to you and says "hey pl0x plvl me, ill give you tonnes of cash shop suits, spros and 10mil for one lvl." ( if your brain is replaced by an old decaying rat then you will do it no questions or nothing) if not then trade him, tell him to give you half of it, see what he says. if he says "NO NOOB I DON'T TRUST YOU" then you know for sure that you cannot trust him, if however he says their in my bank..then you know hes gonna scam you. or just if he says ill pay you after he obviously won't.

Stack Scams in shop
Have you ever walked around Darkon or Saint Morning and noticed in a shop that someone writes ~ZOMG 20K FOR 99 STAR CANDY~ - you go into the shop and it says Star Candy 99 and under it is written 20,000. remember n00blings, the price is for one, don't be stupid altogether if you buy them you will waste 1,980,000 penya. THE PRICE WRITTEN IS FOR ONE NOT ALL!

One 0 To little
You get awesome CS set, or a really kick-butt item and someone says to you "hey ill give you (e.g) 100mil for your kick-butt item", you trade with him because you know it only cost you like 30mil or so. then after the trade you open your inventory and HUH ZOMFGNOWAYZINHELLZ you got 10mil, not 100. this is because some people with a severe case of rotting brain cells do not count the zero's. COUNT THE ZEROS!!

Weres Are The Guild Possesions?!? o.0
If you start a guild ( like many people have ) you will know that on server 1 there is always a guild bank, many people put valuable possessions into them and hope nothing will happen. suddenly some guy says ~ "Please give me bank access, I've helped you sooo much with the guild n stuffz" - ask him what he needs- if its a cape then take the rares out, give him the access then put the rares back in, if you don't then chances are your guild will be skint because some dumbo has stolen all your guild rares 'n' cash.

Its All The Lag!!!
If you ever trade with someone for a large amount of money and you count the zeros and theres one missing, or there is no item and the tradee says "oh no its all there, i see it on my screen its just lag for you" - CANCEL THE TRADE. so many people get this done to them, they all complain and shout "ZOMGBBQ HES A NOOB SCAMMER!" - yes he is a n00b but you are more n00by for believing in some nonsense.

Can I Try On Your ~&*!%&%(~ ( ~&*!%&%(~ = item)
If your training a pet or selling something and someone goes up to you and says, "can i try it on and see how it looks?" - DON'T GIVE IT OVER, they are just gonna take it and run, don't be stupid, if they want it tell them to give you a deposit of how much the item is worth, if they don't and just beg, tell them to get lost.

Don't believe it, its all just [email protected]*!% if you know a bit about them then just play with them about countries, that kinda stuff- if not then just say - " oh yea? what country do you live in?- if he/she says like Norway then obviously hes an idiot, if he says USA make up some nonsense like the live in Russia or something, something to make them stfu, if you want to learn about them then just read this - gPotato Game Portal

Friends VS Foe
Some People sell thing for a price which is completely mental and shouts C/O- 50mil ( for a 5mil item) you see another shop selling it for like 30mil and you buy it, go the first guy but he says he already bought it, that way you know the person lied and he was working with a friend.

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