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Advanced Play

Submitted: 11 years ago (01.31.2009) | Views: 3,320


This guide is about the advanced styles and tactics that are widely being used now in the higher levels of GunZ.


Table of Contents:
I: Introduction
II: Styles
III: Advanced Play Fundamentals
IV: K-Style
*IV Part A: K-Style Basics
*IV Part B: Advanced K-Style Moves
*IV Part C: Half-Step Variation
*IV Part D: Equipment for K-Stylers
*IV Part E: Controls
*IV Part F: Afterword
V: E-Style
*V Part A: E-Style Basics
*V Part B: Advanced E-Style
*V Part C: Equipment for E-Stylers

I: Introduction

This guide is to give new GunZ players and old GunZ players alike a resource to learn about the advanced styles and tactics that are widely being used now in the higher levels of GunZ.

II: Styles

In GunZ, you will find 3 Styles of players, "Korean", "Euro", and Hybrid styled players.


You've probably heard of "Korean"-style players or "Slashshooters" somewhere in GunZ. If you haven't, a "Korean"-styled player/"Slashshooter" is a player that:
-Often is seen with a Shotgun/Revolver/Rocket.
-Uses "Korean" moves, such as the slash-shot, half-step, flash-step, wall-cancellations, and the such.
-Rarely seen with automatics.

"Korean"-Style was supposedly introduced by a well-known player by the name or "Korean", or "Kraise". This is how the style got it's name. He was the one who originally kicked off the idea of slashshooting to IGunZ players.


"Euro"-Style players are entirely different than the "Korean"-Style players. They are players that:
-Often is seen with a Revolver/Rifle/MG
-Does not use any of the "Korean" moves, instead they usually dive to get around.

Many people think that "Euro"-style is the lesser of the 2 styles, although this is generally untrue. E-Style simply looks unimpressive compared to the K-Style, but fares very well against K-Styled players if used well.


Hybrid style is the combination of both fighting styles. A hybrid player excels in both K-Style and E-Style, and this ultimately makes them the most versatile type of player. They can use Shotguns and Rockets as well as they can use Rifles and MGs. They know all the K-Style moves and use them frequently. Hybrid players are rare, anyone who takes the time to learn K-Style will usually use K-Style 100%.

III: Advanced Play Fundamentals
GunZ has fundamentals that every player must be familiarized with before they start playing at the higher levels.

These are just some of the major points that makes a player good:

Physical Stamina - If you are K-Styled, GunZ becomes a very physical game. You'll be averaging 7 keys a second at higher levels of play, which tires many people out very fast. Many K-Styles often overlook their physical limitation and tire out mid-fight.

Knowing your Enemy - By studying the players on the opposite team, you can learn several things about them. You will find out :
-The Armor/Equipment the player is carrying
-The style the player uses
-How fluent he/she is with that style
-The patterns he/she uses
-The ping that that player has (Useful for Leading shots)
After you know a little bit more about your enemy, you can attack in ways that gives you the upper-hand. (Such as aiming at the central point (Where half-step begins and ends) of a K-Styler that half-steps in one direction, getting up close to a E-Styler that uses long range weapons only, Keeping distances from rocket users)

Equipping for the Battle ahead - Fighting rocket users? Pack a long-range weapon. GunZ has a sort of an RPS system of a sort when it comes to weapons, it's important to be able to counter a kind of weapon when it is used.

Keeping Basic Thought in fights - Not SSing near blocking players, Starting combos when someone is block-spamming, fleeing and chasing at the right times)

Fleeing - Running will keep you alive. You should always have an escape plan when entering a fight with another team.

Management of Resources - Keeping your ammo above 0, medding at the right times, also depriving others of the chance to gain Ammo/Health/Armor pickups.

Being an Opportunst - Killing others with their back turned, intruding in on a 1v1 in a TDM, chasing someone who is trying to med, Killing typers, Camping the ammo spawn when an enemy needs it. Even though this seems negative, tactics like this cripples the other team and wins you games.

Playing Smart in Odd Situations - An example of this is when you and an enemy meet in close quarters. You should always be prepared for a meeting like this when running through them, and have a plan of action ready to execute when the time comes necessary.

Adaptation to Circumstance - The change of state of mind when a rush occurs, when a Xv1 occurs, or when you are rushing. The style of your play will change depending on the current circumstance, so the lesser the time taken to adapt to it, the better off you are.

Aiming & Leading Shots - Anyone can pull off a half step perfectly, but can they aim while doing so? I see many slashshooters with terrible aim, mainly because they are solely concentrated on pulling off the combo rather than actually hitting the player. LOOKING IMPRESSIVE IS LESS IMPORTANT THAN WINNING. Remember this =] Leading shots is sadly a factor in GunZ play. Leading shots is when you predict where a player is going to be due to lag. If the player's ping is ~100, you should aim a second ahead. If the players ping is ~50, aim 1/2 seconds agead, you get the idea. An easy way to get around having to lead shots is to line your shot up in a way that the enemy is moving vertical to your character, and not horizontally.

Combo Accuracy & Succession - Being able to pull off advanced combos with a high accuracy rate, and being able to run combos together.

Map Memorization - Once you know where everything is to the point where you don't have to think about it, a map will become very easy to play with. Knowing where to be able to flee too even when faced in the opposite direction is a valuable skill in survival.

Teamwork & Tactics - In Scrims and Clan Wars, you'll be going nowhere without proper teamwork and tactics. Even though one player may be better than all of the rest, he can easily get rushed by the opposite team. You'll have to start working with the team/clan you are with so that you give yourself and eachother the advantage over the opposite team.

Relationships with other players - Often overlooked, depending on the relationship that you have with the opposite player can give you an advantage. You can easily drive fear into an opposite player by saying the right things, or by just achieving a certain level of fame. A battle can be won before it has begun in some kind of sense, if the relationship is right.

IV: K-Style
I personally specialize in K-Style, so the K-Style sections in this guide are going to be very detailed. =]

Note: All the moves in this guide will use the SWORD as the melee weapon.

IV Part A: K-Style Basics

Before starting K-Style, you should familiarize yourself with these basic moves.


To do a Wall-Cancel, Stand perpindicular to a wall. Have melee active. Run at the wall, jump, jump off the wall, slash, dash at the wall, jump off the wall, slash, dash at the wall, jump off the wall, repeat. This is a basic move to keeping yourself in the air.

Multiple-Wall Run

This is a harder move, due to the small angle-of-approach used for a wall-run. I've taken a picture of the proper angle of approach for a wall-run.

As you can see, you can't approach from a large span. So when doing this move, keep this angle in mind.

To do a Multiple Wall-Run, start a Wall run on a wall. When you near the end of the wall/run, jump off, slash, turn 180 degrees, dash at wall, and double-tap space bar. This is a tough move to get down. You can turn this into a continuous wall-run by not doing a 180 degree turn. I've taken replays of both to give you a better understanding of what to do.

Replay: Multiple Wall Run
Continuous Wall-Run

Light Step

This will train your fingers for the half-step and flash-step. It's a pretty useless move, all it does it let you dash twice in midair.

To Light-Step, jump, dash, slash, and dash.

Here's a Replay: Light-Step


A fundamental of swordfighting.

To Butterfly-Step, Jump, Dash, Slash, and Block right after the slash.

Replay:Butterfly Step

The Slash-Shot

Yeah, now you'll learn how to do the famed slash-shot =]

To Slash-Shot, Jump, Dash, Slash(HOLD), Change to a Gun, Gun will shoot.

Replay: SlashShot

IV Part B: Advanced K-Style

Now onto the advanced moves, these are what makes a K-Styler so good =]


Once you get this move down, chances are you wont use the Slash-Shot anymore.

To Half-Step: Jump, Dash, Slash(HOLD), Change, Dash(RIGHT AFTER CHANGE), Gun will shoot.

Replay: Half-Step


Apparently this is not the half-half, but it sure works hella better.

Another Variation of Half-Step, with 3 Dashes.

To Half-Half Step: Jump, Dash, Slash(HOLD), Change, Dash(RIGHT AFTER CHANGE), Jump, Dash, Gun will shoot.

The timing on this move is very difficult, heres a replay: HalfHalfStep


A Move that lets you slash twice in one jump. This is a very versatile move.

To Flash-Step: Jump, Slash, Change to gun, Change to melee, Slash

You can switch up this move by throwing in dashes and the such.

Replay or a Flash-Step (With variations thrown in): Flash Step

Replay of a Flash-Step combo (Thanks to JargonJohnny for being the test-dummy): Flash Step Combo

Unblockable Massive

An unblockable massive strike. Simply turn around 180* when you encounter a blocker with a massive strike. They will get hurt by the massive, but they will still be in block mode, so you must aim the feet.

Replay:Unblockable Massive


The "Instant-Kill" is a move that uses the alternate swing of the sword to do. What you do is knock the enemy in the air, then aim at the apex of the knock, and fire. You can either then take this move separate ways:

Butterfly near landing point -> Knock
Shoot near landing point -> Knock
Knock and repeat.

Replay of an "Instant-Kill": Insta-Kill


The Wall-Post is a move that I started to use. Basically a Wall-Post is a Half-Step off of a wall instead of the ground.

To Wall-Post: Jump, Dash at wall, Slash(HOLD), Jump, Change, Dash away from wall, Fire

Replay: Wall-Post


This can only be done in certain points of maps. It's basically sustaining yourself in the air while you reload, so you can keep yourself safe and/or get away at the same time, while reloading your gun.

Replay: Air-Reload


Quickmedding is a basic skill that allows you to drop meds twice as fast.


To Quickmed, keep running at a wall, ttake out the first set of meds, and drop it (HOLD DROP). Change to second set of meds, it will drop, then change back to first set, it will drop, then change to second set. Do this for how long you need to.


A rarely-used move, but sometimes helpful. It's just like a slashshot, but with a MedKit/RepairKit in the hand. In this move, you hold Fire till you hit the ground, at which the medkit will drop. After this, you should light step over the medkit to ensure you picking the medkit up. Remember that the medkit will drop in the direction you are moving, so make sure to plan your pickup in the way the medkit is going to move to.

Replay: Slashmedding


A stealthjump is the best way to move through GunZ without making noise. Tumbling works too, but occasionally makes noises if not done in perfect succession. You can do whatever you want in a stealthjump, and you can't in a tumble, so that's why I prefer stealthjumps.

To stealthjump, just jump and hold right click (Wall-Grab) And keep moving in a direction. You will not make noise when you land.

This is mainly used to just sneak up on people to get a closer shot. As we all know, dashes are the most noticable sound in the game (WHOOOOSH!) So this is the easiest way to suprise someone. =]

IV Part C: Half Step Variation
This section is on Half-Step variations. If you have Half-Step down pat, you'll have noticed that you can Half-Step in 10 Variations. I'll be discussing all 10 variations and their purposes.

Left-Right/Right-Left Half-Step

This is the variation that almost everyone that can halfstep will use 100% of the time. Many players do not know there is a problem with the Left-Right variaton, if shoot is held after the change, your bullets will shoot from an awkward angle, making your shot inaccurate. This can be seen by LR-Half-Stepping from a corner.

Anyways, The use of the LR/RL Half-Step is to stun your target in the first dash, then come back on the second dash with a shotgun/revolver hit. The automatic timing on the shot is almost perfect to the point where you dont need to move your mouse to hit the enemy with the shot.

Another use of the LR/RL Half-Step is to dodge a rocket/bullets/juke the enemy.

It can also be used to multiple-wall-post. A great use of this would be in town, in the alleys. One of my strategies is to constantly wall-post off of the walls in the alleys, everything is MUCH harder to hit in the air. Just hitting a person wall-cancelling constantly is very hard, so half-stepping off of walls in town should prove to be a lot harder =]

Left-Up/Left-Down/Right-Up/Right-Down Half-Step

These 4 Variations are generally used in getting around corners, and setting up perpindicular shots.

Using a forward dash on the second dash GREATLY decreases distance between you and an enemy, even though it may not look like it. It also keeps your Intertia up, making the shotgun shot more concentrated, and it allows you to Circle-Strafe-Hop at a very fast pace.

Using a backward dash on the second dash is generally used in an escape around a corner, although my general use is to get around block-whores. It gives you enough distance between the two that the massive they are going to throw right after you perform this move will just miss you, and you will have a free shot on them (Aim for the legs =] )

A backward dash on the second dash will increase SG spread, so make sure you aren't trying to hit to win when using this.

Rush Step (Up-Up)

This is technically a half step, but since it has none of the same physical attributes, I named this step the Rush Step.

A Rush-Step can only be performed one way. Jump - FORWARD DASH - Slash - Change - FORWARD DASH - Shoot

May not look like much, but here are some of the benefits:

-It looks like you are only dashing once, when you are really dashing twice. The distance of this is very great, so players will be easily confused when you jump from a while away and are at them in no time.

-Shotgun spread is decreased. Revolver accuracy is increased.

-Again, sets up inertia for you to keep moving with a hop. You can rush step past someone and hop and turn, and set up a combo from there.

-Decreases ground between the target.

Fade Step (Down-Down)

Fade step again is technically a half-step, but it has a good number of uses too.

A Fade-Step can only be performed one way. Jump - BACKWARD DASH - Slash - Change - BACKWARD DASH - Shoot


-Again, Looks like one dash. People will be confused.

-Decreases ground between your target at a fast rate. Reduces spray damage due to increased ground.

-AUGMENTS Shotgun spread, making your shot spread over a wider area at close range. This can actually be useful to hit a group of people / get lucky hits on someone.

Extended Slash-Shot (Left-Left/Right-Right)

This variate is just an extended dash to the left twice/right twice. Again, looks like one dash, and will confuse people.


That wraps up the variates of the Half-Step. You can make other variates such as D/L, D/R, U/L, U/R. Every combo has some use =]

IV Part D: Equipment for K-Stylers
So, wondering about what equipment you should be carrying? There are many good combinations for K-Stylers, here are some below. I'm rating the combinations from 1 Star (*) up to 5 stars (*****) as I see it in my opinion.

Shotgun - Shotgun : The most common combination seen, and arguably the easiest to use, and most powerful. Shotguns do good damages at medium range, but when it comes to long-range fighting, you'll have to get closer to deal some damage. (*****)

Shotgun - Revolver : Another good combination. This gives you the ability to do damage at both long ranges and short ranges. (*****)

Revolver - Revolver : A tougher combination to use, since at closer ranges you will lose the ability for a spread hit and unconcentrated damage. Also, revolvers tend to be pretty accurate, and lag may become an issue on your accuracy. (***)

Shotgun - Rocket : Another good combination, although the rocket will not work at long ranges. (****)

Revolver - Rocket : Good damages at long range and short, although I'd prefer a shotty over a rocket anyday. (****)

Rocket - Rocket: A tough combination to use, but if used correctly can be very formidable. You lose any hope of damaging at long ranges, so any Rifle/Revolver users out there will tear Rocket/Rocket users up. (**)

Rifle - Shotgun: You now only have one "SS"-able weapon now, so you'll be going hybrid now. This is a very unexpected combo as most players don't expect a SG user to whip out a rifle at any given point. (****)

Rifle - Revolver : Meh. Another long-ranged base set, I'd prefer going Revolver/Revolver for the concentrated damages. (**)

IV Part E: Controls
Many newer and older K-Stylers are still trying to get in a comfortable stance on the keyboard to play K-Style. There is a right stance for every person, and it takes some time to get used to newer stances. There are 2 Basic Stances, If anyone has some that they would like me to add, please reply.

Default Stance - Using the games default controls. I use this, I've never had any problems. Many people say that reaching 1 2 and 3 is too hard for them, although I have to problems getting to them. Pinky on Shift, Thumb on Space, Ring for W A S 1, Middle for W S D 1 2 3, Pointer for W A S D 2 3 4 5.
Fingers in this stance will change roles on certain keys a lot, Example: During a Flash step my middle and ring go up to 2 and 1 respectively, while my pointer dashes on WASD.

QEF Stance - Changing 1,2 and 3 to Q, E, and F respectively. People with smaller hands will like this better than the Default Stance. This makes 4 and 5 hard to access, and makes slashmedding virtually useless.

IV Part F: Afterword

Yeah, you can now half-half and flash step combo like no other. But can you put all of the hard work and training to use in a real fight? Don't worry, many people have trouble at this step too. I hear that it's 10 times harder to use these moves effectively in-game. Why? I personally never experienced this myself, so I can't really say. All I can say though, is that there is a time to use every move, and a possible varied use for each move. Half-Half-Step can be used to reload; It can keep momentum up for the time you are reloading, an example of using this would be to give you enough momentum to bunny-hop into an alley for cover, while reloading. K-Style moves are not for just attacking, they can be used defensively too. To truly master this style, you must learn to transform the moves to your own preference.

V: E-Style
Euro-Style is, in a way, a style based on how a player would play and think in any other FPS. Euro-Stylers are rarely seen using any K-Style moves, although some may use basic moves such as Butterfly and Wall-Cancels.

This section was written by Tsuteto.

V Part A*The Basics*

Believe it or not, there are many things to an E-Styler than you think. When to dash around and when to roll. When to use your sword and when to use your gun. Also, I tend to think of E-stylers as a very basic form of a Hybrid. Let's start out with the movements.


This is mainly used if you are in a fight, or just trying to avoid quickly from someone but don't switch to your sword. This is NOT to be used to get around. The only downfall with rolling is that once you start it, you can't stop. You're pretty vulnerable, like someone who lunges with a dagger. In this sense, you must be aware of your surroundings. You don't want to roll right into a wall, because then you're a sitting duck.


Used effectively when you are trying to run, or get somewhere fast. You will most likely be on the ground when this is happening, or if you're in the air, you'll be going around there. Learning to keep the dash moving and not breaking, however, is the main key. If you're over a pit of doom, knowing how close you are to that point of death is essential.


This is tricky. For example, if you're sniping someone with revolvers, then you don't want to be holding the mouse button down, yet you would for something like a Rifle. Knowing where your opponent will be is also essential, seeing as you must predict their movements. If you've only got a small window of oppurtunity to shoot someone before they grab health, predicting that moment is key to taking down your enemy.


Not something I'm too big on, but still, this can be key. You would not want to waste a grenade on just one person out in the open. Use it when there are groups of people out in the open. Also, these can be essential to root someone out of their hiding spot, or just to damage them if they persist to stay.

V Part B - Advanced E-Style

Now comes the fun part. Tactics. Knowing your enemy. Listening to your surroundings. Everything is an advanced part of any style, but most specifically of the E-stylers.

Wall Canceling

A basic move for those K-stylers, yet an advanced part of E-Stylers. In that sense, please refer to earlier in the guide as to how to accomplish this. For a sense of feeling, try moving around on the walls above the pits in Island. Albeit, after you've learned how to do it on a basic wall.


This is probably the MOST essential part of playing. You cannot be afraid to use things that are "noobish" and what not. If they're typing, kill them. If they're afk, kill them. If they're coming around the corner, have a massive ready, stun them, then waste them away with your guns. Essentially, be prepared for whatever is coming for you. Grabbing health when you don't need it, and possibly someone on your team needs it, but the enemy also needs it. In that sense, you are 'somewhat' of a freelancer, but it is for the essentials of the team.

The Enemy

You can't go in knowing nothing. If you refer to Recu's part of knowing your enemy, that's good to know. Also, you must know if you're enemy will go around, or if they'll come charging in. Knowing if they have long range and short range is good. You must outwit your opponent, surprising them at every chance.


This is probably a harder aspect than it seems. You will have troubles at first most likely, but you may get used to it. Sniping doesn't mean just distance. It also means close range. Predictions upon where your opponent will be within half a second. Recognition of the usual movement they do. Reacting to when they move unexpectedly. Shooting a specific part of their body depending on if they have a sword out or not.


Yes, this is advanced. Just rushing into somewhere while guarding will get you killed. Consequentially, guarding the whole time while someone is butterflying you will get you killed. You must raise your guard at the last possible moment, thus knocking your opponent off guard. It doesn't end there. If you've got a stun, turn around 180, stun, turn back, and then SHOOT. Do NOT slash. Using a gun is the most effective thing.


You're probably thinking I'm talking about K-Styling with all this sword talk. Believe it or not, E-Stylers must use their sword just about equally as much as they use their gun. Anyways, back to slashing. If you charge an opponent, and they're a K-styler, slashing on the ground is a BAD idea. Instead, jump and slash. This will give you the quick recovery rate to pull out your gun, turn around, and shoot them. If the person is another E-Styler, then slash once while on the ground, then slash once again, and again, and again. If you combo your moves, then that leaves you open for attack. Also, slashing the initial slash only is, in my opinion, faster.

V Part C - Equipment

There are too many combinations of weapons, so I will simply go through basic ones, and maybe a few combos.

Revolvers - This is good for distance, as well as, once in awhile, close combat. Packing quite a punch, you should be able to take someone down anywhere from 3-6 shots, depending on where you hit, and how powerful the gun is. Howerver, trying to hit someone who lags is next to impossible with these.

Pistols - These can actually be quite effective. Their rate of fire is fast, and are quite accurate. They can also be used to keep someone in check behind their wall while an ally goes around and gets them from behind. Once again, bad for laggers.

Shotguns - Not one of my faves, but if you can use them right, they're good. They deal more damage than the revolvers, but only if you're close. Pretty good against people who lag too. If you like being in the fight, yet want to do damage, this is the gun for you.

SMGs - These are effective too. You must burst them, not spray them though. With their quick rate of fire, you will be able to soak up someones AP in not time, thus leaving them prey to another weapon of yours, or just your sword. These should not be used in both slots of weapons though, EVER.

Rifles - Highly accurate, and pretty fast. Someone who uses these will most definitely be a sniper. Keep your distance, and shoot away. Pretty good against laggers, and if you can't trace a K-Styler, good for you! Spray.

Rockets - God these are painful. They are effective in combat as well as to root someone out. They are ineffective against people with high armor though, so beware. And laggers should beware. These will most likely hit you.

MGs - These are quite tactical, and highly effective. Use it against groups of people, or in narrow alleys. They pack quite a punch, so use them. They should be good against laggers too.

Rev-Rev - A good distance and close range combo. It's what I use personally. Your enemies will fear you if you keep hitting with these.

Rev-Rifle - A more of a long range combo. Even then, using your rifle to soak up AP so all damage from your revs goes straight to their health. With a 30 or so damage pistol, you can take an enemy down in three shots once you've wiped their AP (and some HP) with your rifle.

SG-Rev - Another power combo. Perfect for those who end up in a close range battle, yet still can snipe.

MG-Rifle - Pick one. You don't need both.

Pistol-Rev - Pistols to quickly hit someone, then finish them off with your Revs. I like, but I'd probably go with Rev-Rev.

SG-SG - I think you'd be better off with just one of them. I doubt you'd need two, unless you're going K-Style. Traitor.

Does this still work?
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Credits for Advanced Play

recursive - For writing this guide. =]
Tsuteto - For writing the E-Style Portion of the guide.
JargonJohnny - For Test-Dummying some of my moves. XD *Get better soon!*
Code-Killer - For being dumb and urging that this guide was going to be stupid.