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Walkthrough for HKO

Submitted: 9 years ago (08.20.2010) | Thanks: 1 | Views: 4,494


hopefully this will help some people out in the game.


There are 24 quests to complete sanrio harbor and you should be completed around lvl 4 or so. There are lots of things you will need from here to complete the quests in florapolis. don't forget to do all of the quests here before moving on and there are 2 mini games to play. Tuxedo Sam is the house you will be unlocking here and he will also be the last mini game you will play. Both mini games here are very easy to play.

In florapolis there are 50 quests here.

You will need to make:
5 umbrellas, 7 simple chains,6 sweat-free handles, 10 polish sticks, 5 wooden frames, 12 slick stones, 22 basic doughnuts, 2 double stitch t-shirts, 2 worker pants, 2 red sleeping caps, 2 starter tees, 2 start shorts, and 5 chocolate milk.

Just for the things you need to make these are the amounts of things you will need to get: 12 needles (buy them at the clothing npc), 112 water (buy from food npc), 5 chocolate, 45 milk, 40 egg, 96 sugar, 24 flour (buy all these at food npc), 18 mulberry, 12 small blue pebbles, 30 clay, 100 bolts of simple cloth (204 boxpig's comforts, 102 pinbee's frills), 30 bolts of light cloth (30 simple cloth, 30 chainworm bandages), 30 chainworm bandages, 6 wooden buttons (buy in london), 112 simple thread (115 damaged cobwebs), 96 fragmented branches, 14 novice thread (buy in london), 7 yellow dye (buy in london), 56 shells, 22 short rattan, 10 strong ivory wood, 82 gravel, and 80 slime.

you will need to get: 20 boxpig comforts, 20 grain, 50 mulberry, 20 sage, 20 precious honey, 55 shell, 30 pearl,13 strong wood, 35 fragmented branches, 15 long curvy vine, 30 dandelions,  15 sage, 18 spring water, 20 pinbee's frills, 10 chainworm bandages, 10 damaged webs, 25 clay, 15 caterpillars, 10 glue, 60 ivory wood, 10 stone fragments, 20 short rattan, 10 long rattan, 5 pinfee's fury, 10 strong ivory wood, 10 boxpig's appetite, 10 beetil's defense, and 10 armidillon bandages.

You need to wake up: purin, CoroCoro Kuririn, and cho-cho.

purin is the last house you unlock here with a hard mini game where you need to make 12 cups of coffee for him in the time frame you have. You will need to consentrate hard to figure out when the ball with land in the centre of the tube and the dial in the next part will be inside the star area and then the + will be inside the circle for the last part. It may sound simple but it gets faster and faster as you get high in cups of coffee so don't say I didn't warn you.

You will get some of the books to make the items from the NPC's but some you will have to buy. You will also learn to farm and have to hand in some items after farming. Do not plan all five seeds at one time only plant about 2-3 plants and save the rest of the seeds for later. You will be here until about lvl 11 or so then you will move on to London.

I am only in lvl 11 so here it ends for now. Good luck and hope this helped a bit. Don't forget you have a warehouse in your farm so store extra things you will need there if you don't have inventory room. press a to see the area map, i for inventory, s for skills, c for character, p for production, q for quest, f for friends list, and g for guild; these are short cuts to the things you will need to get to most often in the game rather than clicking on the side bar. 

If you are looking at getting a pet card it is a rare random drop and the best way to get one is to continue to keep the same mob of animals until one drops. I do not have one but need when HKO was in beta. Good Luck at hoped that this has helped at least one person to get the quests done that much faster.

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