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Fast level guide

Submitted: 10 years ago (07.31.2009) | Views: 73,144

This is probably not THEY fastest leveling guide. However, it is pretty fast.

I noticed most of the posts on this forum is a ton of drivel or useless information in the grand scheme of things. So here is a guide for leveling quickly.

This is only valid for leveling in CB DO NOT FOLLOW THIS FOR OB.


You can get God's Blessing Every day once.
Do not Waste your cash shop gold on trivial things like smiely faces or outfits. Use your money to buy revivant orbs and its mana counter.
Remember to always leave your character botting with his esper when you are afk.

Do the following Daily quests every day.
- You can view daily quests and other events by clicking the yellow !located near the mini map in game. It is called event summary.

    * Crisis
    * Dispel the Curse
    * Astral Tales

Also remember DO NOT log off when you have the God Blessing buffs. These will go away when you log off or dc.

To avoid getting pked when you are afk botting after lvl 30. Go to the higher numbered relams just pick one at random. Usually there are a lot less people up in the higher realms thus reducing your chance to be pked while afk. Aslo set your bot to put your revivant orb on a 1 sec cooldown.

so if someone does try to pk you. They will have to be way higher lvl then you or have friends to get the job done.

This can be done easily in 2-3 hours.

When you first start the game there will be an old guy on the stairs in front of you. Talk to him and get the mandatory quest to get all the beginning armor. Do this quest first. There will also be another mandatory quest to kill 10 boars to get your first esper do this as well.

Then Buy One Revivant orb and one of its mana counter from the cash shop. You want to put this on your hotbar till your esper can bot. Then put it on the esper hot bar and just have him use them.

Go back to the same guy and then get the Gods Blessing? quest. Then run to the portal that goes to Jadeon. Remember to activate your two crystal buffs by clicking them in your inventory. you got these from the God's Blessing quest. Kill the harpies till your about lvl 6 or 7.

By this time your esper should have enough energy to be able to go into bot mode. You do this by clicking the glowing sword icon on your esper bar. Then go through the portal and kill the mobs near the entrance till your about lvl 10.

Go a little east and south of crystal hall and kill snoutnose mobs till your lvl 15. Then go back to town pick up your new class and do the assoicated quest with that. Also pick up your new gear. At this point depending on the time of day you can do the Crisis Daily quest.

At this point you want to continue to grind Snoutnose till you can handle blade slaves at a decent rate up at blade manor. You kill these two groups till your around lvl 25.

Level 25-45

Remember when you have the God's Blessing buffs you can go to even harder things then you can normally kill for even more experience!

You want to step into skysong now. You will want to grind the first set of mobs. Breakbeak and ruinous bruin till you are about 27ish.

Once 27 and dependent on your class and gear move up near the doombog portal and farm the mobs there till 35-40. You are going to want to adjust this depending on your gear and class.

-In addition, you can now do the Astral Tales quest. The first version of this is located in Skysong. You can do this quest as many times as you can kill the 7 bosses in 2 hours. Once you kill the bosses and are done go back to the starting town and turn in all the boss tokens.

After this move up After glow and farm their till you are 45.

Once you are 45 you will get an automatic quest pop. You need to do this to be able to use lvl 45 gear and to get into your tier 2 skills.

Level 45-54

At lvl 45 you can now do the second version of Astral Tales which 7 boss kills gives 1,080,000xp a round!!!

Go to the Billows and farm the Crabs south of town till you are about 50+ or have good enough gear or enough defense to move to doombog and kill aligators. There is a good spawn of gators moving in a circle north of town near some water gowing east to west. There is some female mobs in that spawn to that can hit rather hard when you are taking 2. However, this is a great spawn to xp grind.

Once 54ish and you have the God's Blessing go to wildlands. Farm Savage slithers. If you can manage to kill three a minute its 1,086,480 xp an hour.

and so fourth......................................

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